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Ablashi, D; Chatlynne, L; Cooper, H; Thomas, D; Yadav, M; Norhanom, AW; Chandana, AK; (1999) Seroprevalence of human herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8) in countries of Southeast Asia compared to the USA, the Caribbean and Africa. BRIT J CANCER , 81 (5) 893 - 897.

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Anthony, A; Sim, R; Dhillon, AP; Guillaume, JL; Strosberg, AD; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (1999) Beta(3)-adrenoceptors co-localise with somatostatin-positive D-cells in human pancreatic islets and duodenal neuroendocrine cells. GUT , 44 A48 - A48.

Anthony, A; Sim, R; Dhillon, AP; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; (1999) Granulomatous vasculitis in Crohn's disease: An association with the extramural mesenteric vasculature. GUT , 44 A43 - A43.


Bates, AW; (1999) Ethics of human reproductive cloning. J ROY SOC MED , 92 (3) 157 - 158.

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Brett, BT; Khan, K; Savage, K; Michaeli, D; Grimes, S; Pounder, RE; Dhillon, AP; (1999) The effect of antibodies raised against Gastrimmune (TM) on the proliferation of human pancreatic carcinoma cell lines. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 116 (4) A382 - A382.

Brett, BT; Savage, K; Khan, K; Michaeli, D; Grimes, S; Dhillon, AP; Pounder, RE; (1999) Expression of the CCKB gastrin receptor (CCK-BR) in human lymphomas and non neoplastic lymphnodes. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 116 (4) A382 - A382.

Brett, BT; Savage, K; Khan, K; Michaeli, D; Grimes, S; Williams, M; Dhillon, AP; (1999) Expression of CCKB gastrin receptor(CCK-BR)in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells(PBMCS-)from healthy subjects with known H-pylori (HP) status. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 116 (4) A594 - A594.


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Chitolie, A; Mackie, IJ; Lawrie, AS; Donohue, S; Cohen, H; Machin, SJ; (1999) Evidence of ongoing thrombin generation in patients with prothrombin G -> A 20210 mutation. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS 551 - 552.

Cox, S; Marsh, SGE; Scott, I; Clayton, J; Arguello, JR; McWhinnie, AJ; Prokupek, B; (1999) HLA-A, -B, -Cw polymorphism in a UK Ashkenazi potential bone marrow donor population. Tissue Antigens , 53 pp. 41-50.

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DeMartini, JC; Halsey, W; Boshoff, C; York, D; Howell, MD; (1999) Comparison of a maedi-visna virus CA-TM fusion protein ELISA with other assays for detecting sheep infected with North American ovine lentivirus strains. VET IMMUNOL IMMUNOP , 71 (1) 29 - 40.

Dupin, N; Fisher, C; Kellam, P; Ariad, S; Tulliez, M; Franck, N; van Marck, E; (1999) Distribution of human herpesvirus-8 latently infected cells in Kaposi's sarcoma, multicentric Castleman's disease, and primary effusion lymphoma. P NATL ACAD SCI USA , 96 (8) 4546 - 4551.

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Falzetti, D; Vermeesch, JR; Hood, TL; Nacheva, EP; Matteucci, C; Martelli, MF; Van den Berghe, H; (1999) Identification of multiple copies of a 20q-chromosome in a case of myelodysplastic syndrome: a FISH study. LEUKEMIA RES , 23 (4) 407 - 413.

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Ghazal-Aswad, S; Tilby, MJ; Lind, M; Baily, N; Sinha, DP; Calvert, AH; Newell, DR; (1999) Pharmacokinetically guided dose escalation of carboplatin in epithelial ovarian cancer: Effect on drug-plasma AUC and peripheral blood drug-DNA adduct levels. ANN ONCOL , 10 (3) 329 - 334.

Gribble, S; Andrews, K; Williams, D; Grace, CD; Green, AR; Nacheva, EP; (1999) Two telomeres detected by FISH in the short arm of a marker derived from chromosome 16 in an infant with thrombocytopenia. CYTOGENET CELL GENET , 85 (1-2) 37 - 37.

Gribble, SM; Roberts, I; Grace, C; Green, AR; Nacheva, EP; (1999) M-FISH and CGH analysis of 10 CML derived cell lines; identification of a common region of amplification on the long arm of chromosome 8. CYTOGENET CELL GENET , 85 (1-2) 38 - 38.

Gribble, SM; Sinclair, PB; Grace, C; Green, AR; Nacheva, EP; (1999) Comparative analysis of G-banding, chromosome painting, locus-specific fluorescence in situ hybridization, and comparative genomic hybridization in chronic myeloid leukemia blast crisis. In: CANCER GENET CYTOGEN. (pp. 7 - 17). ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC


Heppell-Parton, AC; Nacheva, E; Carter, NP; Bergh, J; Ogilvie, D; Rabbitts, PH; (1999) Elucidation of the mechanism of homozygous deletion of 3p12-13 in the U2020 cell line reveals the unexpected involvement of other chromosomes. Cancer Genet Cytogenet , 111 (2) pp. 105-110.

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Lawrie, AS; Mackie, IJ; Purdy, G; Machin, SJ; (1999) The sensitivity and specificity of commercial reagents for the detection of lupus anticoagulant show marked differences in performance between photo-optical and mechanical coagulometers. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS , 81 (5) 758 - 762.

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Lindh, M; Savage, K; Rees, J; Garwood, L; Horal, P; Norkrans, G; Dhillon, AP; (1999) HBeAg immunostaining of liver tissue in various stages of chronic hepatitis B. LIVER , 19 (4) 294 - 298.


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Savage, K; Khan, K; Dhillon, AP; Grimes, S; Michaeli, D; Bret, BT; Pounder, RE; (1999) Trafficking of CCK-B/gastrin receptor in tumour cells using confocal microscopy. GUT , 44 A85 - A85.

Savage, K; Khan, K; Dhillon, AP; Grimes, S; Michaeli, D; Brett, BT; Pounder, RE; (1999) Trafficking of CCK-B/gastrin receptor in tumour cells using confocal microscopy. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 116 (4) A642 - A642.

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