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Abdulla, S; Alderton, RP; Glynne, RJ; Gut, IG; Hosking, LK; Jackson, A; Kelly, A; ... Beck, S; + view all (1996) DNA sequencing of the MHC class II region and the chromosome 6 sequencing effort at the Sanger Centre. DNA SEQUENCE , 7 (1) 5 - 7.

Abdulla, S; Beck, S; Belich, M; Jackson, A; Nakamura, T; Trowsdale, J; (1996) Divergent intron arrangement in the MB1/LMP7 proteasome gene pair. IMMUNOGENETICS , 44 (4) 254 - 258.

Al-Mufti, RAM; Pedley, RB; Marshall, RB; Begent, RHJ; Winslet, MCAH; K, EF; (1996) In vitro assessment of Lipiodol targeted radiotherapy for primary and metastatic liver cancers. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings BACR, Br J Cancer. (pp. 20-).

Anderson, R; Macdonald, I; Corbett, T; Lowdell, M; Prentice, HG; (1996) Interleukin 12 (IL-12) and CD80 co-expression from an adeno-associated virus vector. In: (pp. p. 593). BLACKWELL SCIENCE LTD

Anlezark, GM; Cook, R; Melton, RG; Freemantle, P; Pedley, RB; Boden, J; Knox, RJ; (1996) Biodistribution of A5B7 F(ab')2: E coli B nitroreductase conjugate in nude mice with human xenografts. In: (Proceedings) Proceedings BACR, Br J Cancer. (pp. 40-).

Anthony, A; Bahl, AK; Oakley, IG; Spraggs, CF; Dhillon, AP; Trevethick, MA; Piasecki, C; ... Wakefield, AJ; + view all (1996) The beta(3)-adrenoceptor agonist CL316243 prevents indomethacin-induced jejunal ulceration in the rat by reversing early villous shortening. J PATHOL , 179 (3) 340 - 346.

Anthony, A; Sim, R; Pounder, RE; Wakefield, AJ; Dhillon, AP; (1996) Gastric mucosal contraction and vascular injury induced by indomethacin precede neutrophil infiltration in the rat. GASTROENTEROLOGY , 110 (4) A51 - A51.

Arnett, KL; Moses, JH; Williams, F; Marsh, SGE; Bodmer, JG; Parham, P; Middleton, D; (1996) HLA-A*2607: sequence of a novel A*26 subtype predicted by DNA typing which shares the MA2.1 epitope with A*02, B*57 and B*58. Tissue Antigens , 47 pp. 422-425.

Arris, CE; Bleasdale, C; Boyle, FT; Calvert, AH; Curtin, NJ; Dalby, C; Golding, BT; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1996) Mechanism-based inhibition of O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S , 212 99 - TOXI.

Asimakopoulos, FA; Holloway, TL; Nacheva, EP; Scott, MA; Fenaux, P; Green, AR; (1996) Detection of chromosome 20q deletions in bone marrow metaphases but not peripheral blood granulocytes in patients with myeloproliferative disorders or myelodysplastic syndromes. In: BLOOD. (pp. 1561 - 1570). W B SAUNDERS CO


Battini, JL; Rodrigues, P; Müller, R; Danos, O; Heard, JM; (1996) Receptor-binding properties of a purified fragment of the 4070A amphotropic murine leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein. J Virol , 70 (7) pp. 4387-4393.

Beck, S; Belich, M; Gruneberg, U; Jackson, A; Kelly, A; Sanseau, P; Sanderson, F; ... VanHam, M; + view all (1996) Organisation and functions of class II genes and molecules. DNA SEQUENCE , 7 (1) 21 - 23.

Beck, S; Trowsdale, J; (1996) Meeting report. DNA SEQUENCE , 7 (1) 1 - 3.

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Begent, RHJ; Verhaar, MJ; Chester, KA; Casey, JL; Green, AJ; Napier, MP; Hopstone, LD; ... Robson, L; + view all (1996) Clinical evidence of efficient tumor targeting based on single-chain Fv antibody selected from a combinatorial library. Nature Medicine , 2 (9) pp. 979-984.

Ben-Ari, Z; Dhillon, AP; Moqbel, R; Garwood, L; Booth, D; Rolles, K; Davidson, B; (1996) Monoclonal antibodies against eosinophils in liver allograft rejection. Liver Transpl Surg , 2 (1) pp. 46-51.

BenAri, Z; Dhillon, AP; Garwood, L; Rolles, K; Davidson, B; Burroughs, AK; (1996) Prognostic value of eosinophils for therapeutic response in severe acute hepatic allograft rejection. TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS , 28 (6) 3624 - 3628.

BennettGuerrero, E; Sorohan, JG; Ayuso, L; Cardigan, RA; Newman, MF; Mackie, IJ; Mythen, MG; (1996) Effect of long-cardiopulmonary bypass duration on serum aprotinin pharmacokinetics using a high dose regimen. ANESTH ANALG , 82 (4) SCA10 - SCA10.

BennettGuerrero, E; Sorohan, JG; Howell, ST; Ayuso, L; Cardigan, RA; Newman, MF; Mackie, IJ; ... Mythen, MG; + view all (1996) Maintenance of therapeutic: Plasma aprotinin levels during prolonged cardiopulmonary bypass using a large-dose regimen. ANESTH ANALG , 83 (6) 1189 - 1192.

Bernard, T; Evans, JPM; Sullivan, AM; Gale, RE; Linch, DC; (1996) Mutations of the granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptor in Kostmann's syndrome may be transient and may not herald leukaemic transformation. BLOOD , 88 (10) 2177 - 2177.

Bingham, JP; Hartley, JA; Souhami, RL; Grimaldi, KA; (1996) Strand-specific measurement of cisplatin-induced DNA damage and repair using quantitative PCR. NUCLEIC ACIDS RES , 24 (5) 987 - 989. Gold open access

Blakey, DC; Burke, PJ; Davies, DH; Dowell, RI; East, SJ; Eckersley, KP; Fitton, JE; ... Springer, CJ; + view all (1996) ZD2767, an improved system for antibody-directed enzyme prodrug therapy that results in tumor regressions in colorectal tumor xenografts. CANCER RESEARCH , 56 (14) pp. 3287-3292.

Borthwick, NJ; Akbar, AN; MacCormac, LP; Salmon, M; Yong, KL; (1996) Selective migration of highly differentiation primed T cells across human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). IMMUNOLOGY , 89 T204-T204.

Bunce, M; Barnardo, MCNM; Proctor, J; Marsh, SGE; Vilches, C; Welsh, KI; (1996) High resolution HLA-C typing by PCR-SSP: identification of allelic frequencies and linkage disequilibrium in 604 consecutive unrelated random UK Caucasians and a comparison with serology. Tissue Antigens , 48 pp. 680-691.

Butler, J; Spanswick, VJ; Cummings, J; (1996) The autoxidation of the reduced forms of EO9. FREE RADICAL RES , 25 (2) 141 - 148.


Caplin, ME; Khan, K; Michaeli, D; Pounder, RE; Dhillon, AP; (1996) The effect of gastrin-17 and glycine-extended gastrin-17 on the proliferation of liver embryo and hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines. HEPATOLOGY , 24 (4) 1464 - 1464.

Caplin, ME; Morris, T; Pounder, RE; Dhillon, AP; Watson, SA; (1996) Liver resection promotes the growth of distant tumour in the rat. HEPATOLOGY , 24 (4) 923 - 923.

Cardigan, RA; HamiltonDavies, C; McDonald, S; Purdy, G; Mackie, IJ; Webb, AR; Machin, SJ; (1996) Haemostatic changes in the pulmonary blood during cardiopulmonary bypass. BLOOD COAGUL FIBRIN , 7 (5) 567 - 577.

Carney, DN; Bunn, PA; Belani, CP; Giaccone, ; Shepherd, FA; Calvert, AH; Comis, RL; ... Glantz, MJ; + view all (1996) Discussion: Lung cancer. SEMIN ONCOL , 23 (6) 140 - 147.

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Champseix, C; Maréchal, V; Khazaal, I; Schwartz, O; Fournier, S; Schlegel, N; Dranoff, G; ... Lehn, P; + view all (1996) A cell surface marker gene transferred with a retroviral vector into CD34+ cord blood cells is expressed by their T-cell progeny in the SCID-hu thymus. Blood , 88 (1) pp. 107-113.

Chang, Y; Ziegler, J; Wabinga, H; KatangoleMbidde, E; Boshoff, C; Schulz, T; Whitby, D; ... DeCock, K; + view all (1996) Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and Kaposi's sarcoma in Africa. ARCH INTERN MED , 156 (2) 202 - 204.

Charlton, PA; Faint, RW; Bent, F; Bryans, J; ChicarelliRobinson, I; Mackie, I; Machin, S; (1996) Evaluation of a low molecular weight modulator of human plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 activity. THROMB HAEMOSTASIS , 75 (5) 808 - 815.

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Corbett, T; Lowdell, M; Macdonald, I; Anderson, R; Prentice, HG; (1996) B7.1 is superior to B7.2 in providing costimulation for the generation of cytotoxic effectors. In: (pp. p. 360). CARDEN JENNINGS PUBL CO LTD

Cullen, M; Noble, J; Erlich, H; Thorpe, K; Beck, S; Trowsdale, J; Carrington, M; (1996) Mapping recombination sites in the HLA class II region. HUM IMMUNOL , 47 (1-2) O02 - O02.


Devereux, S; Wheadon, H; Khwaja, A; Linch, DC; (1996) An insertion in the extracellular domain of the human GM-CSF receptor alpha subunit reduces surface expression by a post-translational mechanism. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 93 12 - 12.

Dominguez, E; Lowdell, MW; Perez, I; Madrigal, A; Cohen, SBA; (1996) Natural killer cell function is altered by freezing in DMSO. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 E52 - E52.

Durosinmi, MA; Matutes, E; Ryan, K; Nathwani, A; Hedges, M; Catovsky, D; (1996) Royal Marsden teaching cases. An elderly man with weight loss and anaemia. LEUKEMIA LYMPHOMA , 23 (1-2) 181 - &.


EnoAmooquaye, EA; Searle, F; Boden, JA; Sharma, SK; Burke, PJ; (1996) Altered biodistribution of an antibody-enzyme conjugate modified with polyethylene glycol. BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER , 73 (11) pp. 1323-1327. 10.1038/bjc.1996.253.


Fidler, C; Mills, KI; Frodsham, PM; Kusec, R; Gaiger, A; Gale, RE; Linch, DC; ... Wainscoat, JS; + view all (1996) Amplification of mitochondrial DNA in CGL in transformation. BLOOD , 88 (10) 925 - 925.

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Flores, NA; Botchway, A; Cohen, H; Fry, CH; Sheridan, DJ; (1996) Electrophysiological changes in isolated guineapig ventricular myocytes following exposure to products of the platelet release reaction. In: J PHYSIOL-LONDON. (pp. P55 - P55). CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS

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Funabiki, H; Yamano, H; Kumada, K; Nagao, K; Hunt, T; Yanagida, M; (1996) Cut2 proteolysis required for sister-chromatid seperation in fission yeast. Nature , 381 (6581) pp. 438-441.


Gale, RE; Bunch, C; Moir, DJ; Patterson, KG; Goldstone, AH; Linch, DC; (1996) Demonstration of developing myelodysplasia acute myeloid leukaemia in haematologically normal patients after high-dose chemotherapy and autologous bone marrow transplantation using X-chromosome inactivation patterns. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 93 (1) 53 - 58.

Gale, RE; Bunch, C; Moir, DJ; Patterson, KG; Goldstone, AH; Linch, DC; (1996) Demonstration of developing myelodysplasia/acute myeloid leukaemia in haematologically normal patients after high-dose chemotherapy and autologous bone marrow transplantation using X-chromosome inactivation patterns. British Journal of Haematology , 93 (1) pp. 53-58. 10.1046/j.1365-2141.1996.4751014.x.

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Gardiner, C; Mackie, IJ; MAchin, SJ; (1996) An ELISA for free protein S using monoclonal antibodies. BRIT J HAEMATOL , 93 124 - 124.

Germanò, A; Salpietro, FM; Cacciola, F; Alafaci, C; Marafioti, T; Cardia, E; (1996) Peritumoral subarachnoid hemorrhage in microsurgical transitional interface type meningioma: may the interface play a role? J Neurosurg Sci , 40 (3-4) pp. 227-233.

GhazalAswad, S; Hogarth, L; Hall, AG; George, M; Sinha, DP; Lind, M; Calvert, AH; ... Newell, DR; + view all (1996) The relationship between tumour glutathione concentration, glutathione S-transferase isoenzyme expression and response to single agent carboplatin in epithelial ovarian cancer patients. BRIT J CANCER , 74 (3) 468 - 473.

Gombert, W; Borthwick, NJ; Wallace, DL; Hyde, H; Bofill, M; Pilling, D; Beverley, PCL; ... Akbar, AN; + view all (1996) Fibroblasts prevent apoptosis of IL-2-deprived T cells without inducing proliferation: A selective effect on Bcl-x(L) expression. IMMUNOLOGY , 89 (3) 397 - 404.


Hacein-Bey, H; Cavazzana-Calvo, M; Le Deist, F; Dautry-Varsat, A; Hivroz, C; Rivière, I; Danos, O; ... De Saint Basile, G; + view all (1996) gamma-c gene transfer into SCID X1 patients' B-cell lines restores normal high-affinity interleukin-2 receptor expression and function. Blood , 87 (8) pp. 3108-3116.

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