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Barry, SM; Lipman, MC; Bannister, B; Johnson, MA; Janossy, G; (2003) Purified protein derivative-activated type 1 cytokine-producing CD4+ T lymphocytes in the lung: a characteristic feature of active pulmonary and nonpulmonary tuberculosis. J Infect Dis , 187 (2) pp. 243-250. 10.1086/346112.

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Chambers, RC; Leoni, P; Kaminski, N; Laurent, GJ; Heller, RA; (2003) Global expression profiling of fibroblast responses to transforming growth factor-beta(1) reveals the induction of inhibitor of differentiation-1 and provides evidence of smooth muscle cell phenotypic switching. AM J PATHOL , 162 (2) 533 - 546.


Dik, WA; McAnulty, RJ; Versnel, MA; Naber, BAE; Zimmermann, LJI; Laurent, GJ; Mutsaers, SE; (2003) Short course dexamethasone treatment following injury inhibits bleomycin induced fibrosis in rats. THORAX , 58 (9) 765 - 771.


Goldsack, NR; Allen, S; Lipman, MCI; (2003) Adult respiratory distress syndrome as a severe immune reconstitution disease following the commencement of highly active antiretroviral therapy. Sexually Transmitted Infections , 79 (4) 337 - 338. 10.1136/sti.79.4.337.


Hodges, RJ; Jenkins, RG; Bottoms, SE; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; (2003) Reduced expression of COX-2 results in limited induction of PGE(2) and an enhanced fibrotic response following bleomycin-induced lung injury. In: EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL. (pp. 50S - 51S). EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOC JOURNALS LTD

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Irving, JA; Cabrita, LD; Rossjohn, J; Pike, RN; Bottomley, SP; Whisstock, JC; (2003) The 1.5 angstrom crystal structure of a prokaryote serpin: Controlling conformational change in a heated environment. STRUCTURE , 11 (4) pp. 387-397. 10.1016/S0969-2126(03)00057-1.

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Jenkins, RG; McAnulty, RJ; Hart, SL; Laurent, GJ; (2003) Pulmonary Gene Therapy. Realistic hope for the future, or false dawn in the promised land? Monaldi Arch Chest Dis , 59 (1) pp. 21-28.

Jenkins, RG; McAnulty, RJ; Hart, SL; Laurent, GJ; (2003) Pulmonary gene therapy. Realistic hope for the future, or false dawn in the promised land? Monaldi Arch Chest Dis , 59 (1) pp. 17-24.

Jenkins, RG; Meng, QHH; Hodges, RJ; Lee, LK; Bottoms, SEW; Laurent, GJ; Willis, D; ... Hart, SL; + view all (2003) Formation of LID vector complexes in water alters physicochemical properties and enhances pulmonary gene expression in vivo. GENE THER , 10 (12) 1026 - 1034. 10.1038/sj.gt.3301963.


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Lampe, FC; Johnson, MA; Lipman, M; Loveday, C; Youle, M; Ransom, D; Sabin, CA; ... Phillips, AN; + view all (2003) Viral breakthrough after suppression with highly active antiretroviral therapy: experience from 233 individuals with viral loads of less than 50 copies/ml followed for up to 4 years. AIDS , 17 (5) 768 - 770. 10.1097/01.aids.0000050876.71999.11.

Law, RHP; Smooker, PM; Irving, JA; Piedrafita, D; Ponting, R; Kennedy, NJ; Whisstock, JC; ... Spithill, TW; + view all (2003) Cloning and expression of the major secreted cathepsin B-Like protein from juvenile Fasciola hepatica and analysis of immunogenicity following liver fluke infection. INFECTION AND IMMUNITY , 71 (12) pp. 6921-6932. 10.1128/IAI.71.12.6921-6932.2003.

Lee, LK; Siapati, E; Jenkins, RG; McAnulty, RJ; Hart, SL; Shamlou, PA; (2003) Biophysical characterization of an integrin-targeted non-viral vector. MEDICAL SCIENCE MONITOR , 9 (1) BR54-BR61.


Moodley, Y; Rigby, P; Bundell, C; Bunt, S; Hayashi, H; Misso, N; McAnulty, R; ... Knight, D; + view all (2003) Macrophage recognition and phagocytosis of apoptotic fibroblasts is critically dependent on fibroblast-derived thrombospondin 1 and CD36. AM J PATHOL , 162 (3) 771 - 779.

Moodley, YP; Misso, NLA; Scaffidi, AK; Fogel-Petrovic, M; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; Thompson, PJ; (2003) Inverse effects of interleukin-6 on apoptosis of fibroblasts from pulmonary fibrosis and normal lungs. AM J RESP CELL MOL , 29 (4) 490 - 498.

Moodley, YP; Scaffidi, AK; Misso, NL; Keerthisingam, C; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; Mutsaers, SE; ... Knight, DA; + view all (2003) Fibroblasts isolated from normal lungs and those with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis differ in interleukin-6/gp130-mediated cell signaling and proliferation. AM J PATHOL , 163 (1) 345 - 354.


Reinhardt, AK; Bottoms, SE; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; (2003) Evidence of a direct role for TGF-beta 1 in sub-epithelial airway remodelling. In: THORAX. (pp. 5 - 5). B M J PUBLISHING GROUP

Reinhardt, AK; Bottoms, SE; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; (2003) Quantitative assessment of subepithelial collagen deposition in the airways of mice following ovalbumin sensitization and intratracheal challenge. In: CHEST. (pp. 428S - 428S). AMER COLL CHEST PHYSICIANS


Sabin, CA; Lampe, FC; Chaloner, C; Madge, SJ; Lipman, MCI; Youle, M; Phillips, AN; (2003) An audit of antiretroviral treatment use in HIV-infected patients in a London clinic: the limitations of observational databases when auditing antiretroviral treatment use. HIV Med , 4 (2) pp. 87-93.

Sattelle, DB; Bai, D; Chen, HH; Skeer, JM; Buckingham, SD; Rauh, JJ; (2003) Bicuculline-insensitive GABA-gated Cl- channels in the larval nervous system of the moth Manduca sexta. Invert Neurosci , 5 (1) pp. 37-43. 10.1007/s10158-003-0026-0.

Smith, A; Bracke, M; Leitinger, B; Porter, JC; Hogg, N; (2003) LFA-1-induced T cell migration on ICAM-1 involves regulation of MLCK-mediated attachment and ROCK-dependent detachment. J CELL SCI , 116 (15) 3123 - 3133.


Welss, T; Sun, JR; Irving, JA; Blum, R; Smith, AI; Whisstock, JC; Pike, RN; ... Abts, HF; + view all (2003) Hurpin is a selective inhibitor of lysosomal cathepsin L and protects keratinocytes from ultraviolet-induced apoptosis. BIOCHEMISTRY , 42 (24) pp. 7381-7389. 10.1021/bi027307q.

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