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Ainsworth, JG; Clarke, J; Lipman, M; Mitchell, D; Taylor-Robinson, D; (2000) Detection of Mycoplasma fermentans in broncho-alveolar lavage fluid specimens from AIDS patients with lower respiratory tract infection. HIV Med , 1 (4) pp. 219-223.

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Akers, IA; Parsons, M; Hill, MR; Hollenberg, MD; Sanjar, S; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; (2000) Mast cell tryptase stimulates human lung fibroblast proliferation via protease-activated receptor-2. AM J PHYSIOL-LUNG C , 278 (1) L193 - L201.

Alison, MR; Poulsom, R; Jeffery, R; Dhillon, AP; Quaglia, A; Jacob, J; Novelli, M; ... Wright, NA; + view all (2000) Cell differentiation - Hepatocytes from nonhepatic adult stem cells. NATURE , 406 (6793) 257 - 257.

Alison, MR; Poulsom, R; Jeffery, R; Dhillon, AP; Quaglia, A; Jacob, J; Novelli, M; ... Wright, NA; + view all (2000) Hepatocytes from non-hepatic adult stem cells. Nature , 406 (6793) 257-. 10.1038/35018642.

Ashley, EA; Johnson, MA; Lipman, MC; (2000) Human immunodeficiency virus and respiratory infection. Curr Opin Pulm Med , 6 (3) pp. 240-245.

Ashley, EA; Johnson, MA; Lipman, MCI; (2000) Human immunodeficiency virus and respiratory. Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine , 6 (3) pp. 240-245. 10.1097/00063198-200005000-00013.

Ashley, EA; Johnson, MA; Lipman, MCI; (2000) Respiratory infections in HIV. Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine , 6 pp. 240-245.


Breen, RAM; Lipman, MCI; Johnson, MA; (2000) Increased incidence of peripheral neuropathy with co-administration of stavudine and isoniazid in HIV-infected individuals. AIDS , 14 (5) 615 - 615.

Brown, JS; Aufauvre-Brown, A; Brown, J; Jennings, JM; Arst, H; Holden, DW; (2000) Signature-tagged and directed mutagenesis identify PABA synthetase as essential for Aspergillus fumigatus pathogenicity. Mol Microbiol , 36 (6) pp. 1371-1380. 10.1046/j.1365-2958.2000.01953.x.


Chambers, RC; (2000) Role of Thrombin in Acute Lung Injury. In: Bellingan, GJ and Laurent, GJ, (eds.) Mechanisms of Acute Lung Injury. (pp. 115-128). IOS Press: Amsterdam.

Chambers, RC; Leoni, P; Blanc-Brude, OP; Wembridge, DE; Laurent, GJ; (2000) Thrombin is a potent inducer of connective tissue growth factor production via proteolytic activation of protease-activated receptor-1. J BIOL CHEM , 275 (45) 35584 - 35591. Gold open access


Goldsack, NR; Allen, S; Chiu, C; Dart, S; Zumla, A; Johnson, MA; Lipman, MCI; (2000) The changing incidence of mycobacterial infections in an HIV plus VE population. THORAX , 55 A82 - A82.


Howell, DCJ; Laurent, GJ; Considine, MG; Chambers, RC; (2000) Abrogation of bleomycin-induced lung collagen accumulation by direct thrombin inhibition, is preceded by a reduction in alpha(2)(I) procollagen and CTGF mRNA levels. THORAX , 55 A14 - A14.


Illsley, MC; Peacock, JH; McAnulty, RJ; Yarnold, JR; (2000) Increased collagen production in fibroblasts cultured from irradiated skin and effect of TGF beta(1) - clinical study. BRIT J CANCER , 83 (5) 650 - 654.

Irving, JA; Pike, RN; Lesk, AM; Whisstock, JC; (2000) Phylogeny of the serpin superfamily: Implications of patterns of amino acid conservation for structure and function. GENOME RESEARCH , 10 (12) pp. 1845-1864. 10.1101/gr.GR-1478R.


Jenkins, RG; Hart, SL; Meng, QH; Kinnon, C; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; (2000) Optimising lid vector complex preparation leads to enhanced gene expression in the lung. In: THORAX. (pp. A4 - A4). BRITISH MED JOURNAL PUBL GROUP

Jenkins, RG; Herrick, SE; Meng, QH; Kinnon, C; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; Hart, SL; (2000) An integrin-targeted non-viral vector for pulmonary gene therapy. GENE THER , 7 (5) 393 - 400.


Lipman, MCI; (2000) HIV & respiratory disease: new frontiers. Respiratory Care Matters , 5 pp. 8-9.

Lipman, MCI; Ainscough, S; Deery, ARS; Griffiths, PD; Johnson, MA; Kibbler, CC; (2000) Infrequency of pulmonary microbial colonisation prior to respiratory disease in HIV-infected individuals. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY & INFECTIOUS DISEASES , 19 (9) pp. 699-703. 10.1007/s100960000355.

Luke, C; Schick, C; Tsu, C; Whisstock, JC; Irving, JA; Bromme, D; Juliano, L; ... Silverman, GA; + view all (2000) Simple modifications of the serpin reactive site loop convert SCCA2 into a cysteine proteinase inhibitor: A critical role for the P3 ' proline in facilitating RSL cleavage. BIOCHEMISTRY , 39 (24) pp. 7081-7091. 10.1021/bi000050g.


Madge, S; Mocroft, A; Wilson, D; Youle, M; Lipman, MC; Phillips, A; Tyrer, M; ... Johnson, MA; + view all (2000) Participation in clinical studies among patients infected with HIV-1 in a single treatment centre over 12 years. HIV Med , 1 (4) pp. 212-218.

Marshall, RP; Bellingan, G; Webb, S; Puddicombe, A; Goldsack, N; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; (2000) Fibroproliferation occurs early in the acute respiratory distress syndrome and impacts on outcome. AM J RESP CRIT CARE , 162 (5) 1783 - 1788.

Marshall, RP; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; (2000) Angiotensin II is mitogenic for human lung fibroblasts via activation of the type 1 receptor. AM J RESP CRIT CARE , 161 (6) 1999 - 2004.


Porter, JC; Spiro, SG; (2000) Detection of early lung cancer. Thorax , 55 (SUPPL. 1)

Porter, JC; Spiro, SG; (2000) Detection of early lung cancer. Thorax , 55 Sup S56-S62. 10.1136/thorax.55.suppl_1.s56.


Reynolds, SD; Giangreco, A; Power, JHT; Stripp, BR; (2000) Neuroepithelial bodies of pulmonary airways serve as a reservoir of progenitor cells capable of epithelial regeneration. AM J PATHOL , 156 (1) 269 - 278.

Reynolds, SD; Hong, KU; Giangreco, A; Mango, GW; Guron, C; Morimoto, Y; Stripp, BR; (2000) Conditional Clara cell ablation reveals a self-renewing progenitor function of pulmonary neuroendocrine cells. AM J PHYSIOL-LUNG C , 278 (6) L1256 - L1263.


Smooker, PM; Whisstock, JC; Irving, JA; Siyaguna, S; Spithill, TW; Pike, RN; (2000) A single amino acid substitution affects substrate specificity in cysteine proteinases from Fasciola hepatica. PROTEIN SCIENCE , 9 (12) pp. 2567-2572. 10.1110/ps.9.12.2567.

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