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Akers, IA; Laurent, GJ; Sanjar, S; McAnulty, RJ; (1999) Characterisation of the interaction of mast cell tryptase with protease activated receptor-2 (PAR-2) on human lung fibroblasts. In: THORAX. (pp. A80 - A80). BRITISH MED JOURNAL PUBL GROUP


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Chambers, RC; Allard, J; Lock, C; Van Wart, H; Laurent, GJ; Wembridge, DE; Heller, RA; (1999) Profiling changes in fibroblast gene expression induced by TGF beta(1) using oligonucleotide gene-chips. AM J RESP CRIT CARE , 159 (3) A928 - A928.


Goldsack, NR; Howell, DCJ; Marshall, RP; Gray, AJ; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; Chambers, RC; (1999) A thrombin proteolytic inhibitor reduces lung collagen accumulation in bleomycin induced pulmonary fibrosis. In: AM J RESP CRIT CARE. (pp. A73 - A73). AMER LUNG ASSOC


Hong, KU; Reynolds, SD; Giangreco, A; Guron, CG; Murimoto, Y; Mango, GW; Stripp, BR; (1999) CCSP-HSVtk transgenic mice for delineation of airway stem cell heirarchy. AM J RESP CRIT CARE , 159 (3) A507 - A507.

Howell, DCJ; Goldsack, NR; Marshall, RP; Gray, AJ; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; Chambers, RC; (1999) Direct thrombin inhibition attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis. In: THORAX. (pp. A16 - A16). BRITISH MED JOURNAL PUBL GROUP


Jenkins, RG; Hart, SL; Chambers, RC; Herrick, SE; Kinnon, C; Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; (1999) Enhanced gene delivery to the lung using a novel integrin mediated vector. In: AM J RESP CRIT CARE. (pp. A435 - A435). AMER LUNG ASSOC


Laurent, GJ; McAnulty, RJ; Chambers, R; Keerthisingam, CB; (1999) Regulation of procollagen genes. From forces to factors. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INDIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES-CHEMICAL SCIENCES , 111 (1) 291 - 299. Gold open access

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Lipman, MCI; du, BRM; (1999) Clinical experience with lymphangioleiomyomatosis in the United Kingdom. In: LAM & Other Diseases Characterised by Smooth Muscle Proliferation. Marcel Dekker


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Marshall, RP; Goldsack, NR; Mutsaers, SE; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; (1999) An ACE inhibitor (Ramipril) inhibits collagen deposition in bleomycin treated rat lung. In: AM J RESP CRIT CARE. (pp. A73 - A73). AMER LUNG ASSOC

Marshall, RP; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; (1999) Angiotensin II stimulates procollagen synthesis by human lung fibroblasts via the type 1 receptor. In: AM J RESP CRIT CARE. (pp. A195 - A195). AMER LUNG ASSOC

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Mocroft, A; Sabin, CA; Youle, M; Madge, S; Tyrer, M; Devereux, H; Deayton, J; ... Johnson, MA; + view all (1999) Changes in AIDS-defining illnesses in a London clinic, 1987-1998. J ACQ IMMUN DEF SYND , 21 (5) 401 - 407.


Ramsey, MC; Peacock, JH; McAnulty, RJ; Yarnold, JR; (1999) Increased collagen synthesis in cultured dermal fibroblasts from irradiated skin - Controlled study. In: BRIT J CANCER. (pp. 38 - 38). CHURCHILL LIVINGSTONE

Reynolds, SD; Giangreco, A; Power, JHT; Stripp, BR; (1999) Two spatially related stem cell populations participate in regeneration of the airway following Clara cell ablation. AM J RESP CRIT CARE , 159 (3) A439 - A439.

Romanska, HM; Bishop, AE; Marshall, RP; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; Polak, JM; (1999) Expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis in rat. In: J PATHOL. (pp. 37A - 37A). JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

Romanska, HM; Bishop, AE; Marshall, RP; McAnulty, RJ; Laurent, GJ; Polak, JM; (1999) Inducible nitric oxide synthase expression is increased during the development of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis and parallels changes in collagen deposition. In: AM J RESP CRIT CARE. (pp. A70 - A70). AMER LUNG ASSOC


Scott, FL; Eyre, HJ; Lioumi, M; Ragoussis, J; Irving, JA; Sutherland, GA; Bird, PI; (1999) Human ovalbumin serpin evolution: Phylogenic analysis, gene organization, and identification of new PI8-related genes suggest that two interchromosomal and several intrachromosomal duplications generated the gene clusters at 18q21-q23 and 6p25. GENOMICS , 62 (3) pp. 490-499. 10.1006/geno.1999.6021.

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Taggart, SCO; Breen, RAM; Sabin, CA; Lipman, MCI; Johnson, MA; (1999) Continued utility of bronchoscopy in an HIV infected population. In: THORAX. (pp. A24 - A24). BRITISH MED JOURNAL PUBL GROUP


Whisstock, JC; Irving, JA; Bottomley, SP; Pike, RN; Lesk, AM; (1999) Serpins in the Caenorhabditis elegans genome. PROTEINS-STRUCTURE FUNCTION AND BIOINFORMATICS , 36 (1) pp. 31-41. 10.1002/(SICI)1097-0134(19990701)36:1<31::AID-PROT3>3.0.CO;2-Q.

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