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Albano, L; Champenois, I; Cassuto-Vignier, E; Gigante, M; Amiel, J; Unwin, RJ; Robertson, WG; (2004) Nephrolithiasis in kidney transplant patients (KTP): the chicken and egg story revisited. In: Gohel, MDI and Au, DWT, (eds.) Kidney Stones: Inside or Out. (pp. 207-208). Hong Kong Polytechnic University Press: Kowloon.


Beo, J; Varghese, Z; Ruan, X; Rajananthanan, P; Zwart, I; Navarrete, R; Navarrete, C; (2004) Mesenchymal stem cells cultured from human umbilical cord blood express the intermediate filament protein Nestin and Von Willebrand factor and differentiate into adipocyte and neural cell lineages. In: BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION. (pp. S83 - S83). NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP


Clarkson, MR; Salama, AD; Mueller, T; Fernandes, S; Harmon, WE; Sayegh, MH; Najafian, N; (2004) Regulatory phenotype is enriched in the CD25 'high' sub-population of CD4(+)CD25(+) cells expanded from renal transplant recipients. In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPLANTATION. (pp. 277 - 277). BLACKWELL MUNKSGAARD

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Ferrari, J; (2004) A comparison of male and female foot structure: is the female foot predisposed to hallux abductovalgus? Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Gluck, TA; Wagg, AS; Fry, CH; Malone-Lee, JG; (2004) Effects of biochemical changes to filling media during urodynamic testing in women with lower urinary tract symptoms. SCAND J UROL NEPHROL , 38 58 - 62. 10.1080/03008880410015200.


Hillman, K.A.; (2004) P2X7 in normal and cystic kidney development. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


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Simeoni, M; Boyde, A; Shirley, DG; Capasso, G; Unwin, RJ; (2004) Application of red laser video-rate scanning confocal microscopy to in vivo assessment of tubular function in the rat: selective action of diuretics on tubular diameter. EXP PHYSIOL , 89 (2) 181 - 185. 10.1113/expphysiol.2003.002643.

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Turner, CM; Tam, FWK; Lai, PC; Tarzi, RM; Burnstock, G; Pusey, CD; Cook, HT; (2004) Glomerular expression of the ATP-sensitive P2X<sub>7</sub> receptor is increased in proliferative glomerulonephritis. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


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Wildman, SS; Shirley, DG; King, BF; Unwin, RJ; (2004) Indirect evidence for regulation of sodium reabsorption in sodium-restricted rats by an ATP-gated heteromeric P2X receptor. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Wildman, SS; Shirley, DG; King, BF; Unwin, RJ; (2004) Potential regulation of Na+ reabsorption in Na+-restricted rats by an ATP-gated P2X4/6 receptor:pharmacological evidence. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Yuan, XL; Clarkson, MR; Schmitt, I; Salama, AD; Auchincloss, H; Glimcher, LH; Sayegh, MH; (2004) T-bet deficient recipients exhibit a Th2 phenotype, develop accelerated acute and chronic humoral vascularized allograft rejection, and are resistant to immunosuppression and tolerance. In: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPLANTATION. (pp. 537 - 537). BLACKWELL MUNKSGAARD

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