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Ansari, MJI; Salama, AD; Auchincloss, H; Sayegh, MH; (2002) Regulation of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice: Critical role for the PD-1 : PD-L1 costimulatory pathway. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 345A - 345A.


Brealey, D.; Brand, M.; Hargreaves, I.; Heales, S.; Land, J.; Smolenski, R.; Davies, N.A.; ... Singer, M.; + view all (2002) Association between mitochondrial dysfunction and severity and outcome of septic shock. The Lancet , 360 (9328) pp. 219-223. 10.1016/S0140-6736(02)09459-X.


Cetinkaya, I; Schlatter, E; Hirsch, JR; Herter, P; Harms, E; Kleta, R; (2002) Inhibition of Na+-dependent transporters in cystine-loaded human renal cells: Electrophysiological studies on the Fanconi syndrome of cystinosis. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 (8) 2085 - 2093. 10.1097/01.ASN.0000023681.13865.25.

Chitnis, T; Benou, C; Najafian, N; Salama, AD; Grusby, MJ; Sayegh, MH; Khoury, SJ; (2002) Blockade of T-cell costimulatory pathways protects from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Th2 deficient mice. NEUROLOGY , 58 (7) A418 - A419.


Dougan, T; Levy, JB; Salama, A; George, AJT; Pusey, CD; (2002) Characterization of autoantibodies from patients with Goodpasture's disease using a resonant mirror biosensor. CLIN EXP IMMUNOL , 128 (3) 555 - 561.


Ferrari, J; Malone-Lee, J; (2002) Relationship between proximal articular set angle and hallux abducto valgus. J Am Podiatr Med Assoc , 92 (6) pp. 331-335.

Ferrari, J; Malone-Lee, J; (2002) The shape of the metatarsal head and its relationship to hallux abductovalgus. Foot and Ankle International , 23 (3) pp. 236-242.

Ferrari, J; Malone-Lee, J; (2002) The shape of the metatarsal head as a cause of hallux abductovalgus. Foot Ankle Int , 23 (3) pp. 236-242. 10.1177/107110070202300308.

Fine, LG; Norman, JT; (2002) The breathing kidney. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 (7) 1974 - 1976. 10.1097/01/ASN.0000024380.91444.C8.

Fragopoulou, E; Latrou, C; Demopoulos, CA; Ruan, XZ; Fernando, RL; Powis, S; Moorhead, JF; (2002) Platelet-activating factor (PAF) increases the expression of LDL and scavenger receptors and activates NF-kappa B in human mesangial cells (HMC). Journal of the American Society of Nephrology , 13 84A-.


Godovac-Zimmermann, J; (2002) Application of proteomics to the study of phosphorylation cascades. BRIT J PHARMACOL , 135 ? - ?.

Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Brown, LR; (2002) Towards targeting signalling networks by functional phosphoproteomics. TARGETS , 1 (5) 169 - 176. 10.1016/S1477-3627(02)02217-1.


Harris, KPG; Wheeler, DC; Chong, CC; Atorvastatin CAPD Study Investigat, ; (2002) A placebo-controlled trial examining atorvastatin in dyslipidemic patients undergoing CAPD. KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL , 61 (4) 1469 - 1474.


Liberatori, S; Bini, L; Canas, B; Godovac-Zimmerman, J; Mishra, OP; Delivoria-Papadopoulos, M; Buonocore, G; ... Pallini, V; + view all (2002) Proteomic approach to the identification of VDACs isoforms in brain synaptosomes. PEDIATR RES , 51 (4) 445A - 445A.


Marshall, R.P.; Webb, S.; Bellingan, G.J.; Montgomery, H.E.; Chaudhari, B.; McAnulty, R.J.; Humphries, S.E.; ... Laurent, G.J.; + view all (2002) Angiotensin converting enzyme insertion/deletion polymorphism is associated with susceptibility and outcome in acute respiratory distress syndrome. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine , 166 (5) pp. 646-650. 10.1164/rccm.2108086.


Najafian, N; Salama, AD; Harmon, WE; Sayegh, MH; (2002) The role of CD25+regulatory T cells as modulators of the indirect alloimmune response in stable human renal transplant recipients. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 356A - 356A.


Ruan, XZ; Varghese, Z; Powis, SH; Moorhead, JF; (2002) Inflammation modifies lipid-mediated renal injury. Nephrol Dial Transplant , 17 pp. 1-16.


Salama, AD; (2002) Acute renal failure in practice. In: Glynne, P and Allen, A and Pusey, C, (eds.) Acute renal failure in practice. Imperial College Pr

Salama, AD; Chaudhry, A; Sayegh, MH; Lechler, RI; Pusey, CD; Lightstone, L; (2002) The role of CD25+regulatory cells in restoring tolerance in autoimmune anti-GBM (Goodpasture's) disease. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 664A - 664A.

Salama, AD; Pusey, CD; (2002) Immunology of anti-glomerular basement membrane disease. Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens , 11 (3) pp. 279-286.

Salama, AD; Yuan, XL; Uede, T; Chandraker, A; Sayegh, MH; (2002) Interactions between the ICOS-B7H and the CD28-B7 costimulatory pathways in regulating alloimmune responses in vivo. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 13A - 13A.

Sayegh, MH; Sandner, S; Salama, A; Langmuir, P; Palmer, E; Turka, LA; (2002) A novel transgenic model for tracking alloreactive CD4+T cell responses and investigating the mechanisms of tolerance in vivo. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 13 54A - 54A.


Thompson, BC; Kingdon, EJ; Watkinson, AJ; Wheeler, DC; (2002) The use of transjugular renal biopsy in high risk patients. In: J AM SOC NEPHROL. (pp. 446A - 446A). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

Thompson, BC; Kingdon, EJ; Watkinson, AJ; Wheeler, DC; (2002) The use of transjugular renal biopsy in high risk patients. In: J AM SOC NEPHROL. (pp. 446A - 446A). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS


Yuan, X; Dong, VM; Coito, AJ; Waaga, A; Salama, AD; Benjamin, CD; Sayegh, MH; (2002) Effects of CD40/CD154 blockade on allograft rejection. AM J KIDNEY DIS , 39 (4) A34 - A34.

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