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Abrams, P; Malone-Lee, J; Jacquetin, B; Wyndaele, JJ; Tammela, T; Jonas, U; Wein, A; (2001) Twelve-month treatment of overactive bladder: efficacy and tolerability of tolterodine. Drugs Aging , 18 (7) pp. 551-560.

Anikster, Y; Kleta, R; Shaag, A; Gahl, WA; Elpeleg, O; (2001) Type III 3-methylglutaconic aciduria (optic atrophy plus syndrome, or Costeff optic atrophy syndrome): Identification of the OPA3 gene and its founder mutation in Iraqi Jews. AM J HUM GENET , 69 (6) 1218 - 1224.


Brodsky, S; Chen, J; Lee, A; Akassoglou, K; Norman, J; Goligorsky, MS; (2001) Plasmin-dependent and -independent effects of plasminogen activators and inhibitor-1 on ex vivo angiogenesis. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGY , 281 (4) H1784-H1792.


Chen, J; Brodsky, S; Li, H; Hampel, DJ; Miyata, T; Weinstein, T; Gafter, U; ... Goligorsky, MS; + view all (2001) Delayed branching of endothelial capillary-like cords in glycated collagen I is mediated by early induction of PAI-1. AM J PHYSIOL-RENAL , 281 (1) F71 - F80.

Chitnis, T; Najafian, N; Benou, C; Salama, AD; Grusby, MJ; Sayegh, MH; Khoury, SJ; (2001) Effect of targeted disruption of STAT4 and STAT6 on the induction of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. J CLIN INVEST , 108 (5) 739 - 747.


Fader, M; Moore, KN; Cottenden, AM; Pettersson, L; Brooks, R; Malone-Lee, J; (2001) Coated catheters for intermittent catheterization: smooth or sticky? BJU INT , 88 (4) 373 - 377.

Fader, M; Pettersson, L; Dean, G; Brooks, R; Cottenden, AM; Malone-Lee, J; (2001) Sheaths for urinary incontinence: a randomized crossover trial. BJU INT , 88 (4) 367 - 372.


Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Brown, LR; (2001) Perspectives for mass spectrometry and functional proteomics. Mass Spectrometry Reviews , 20 (1) 1 - 57. 10.1002/1098-2787(2001)20:1<1::AID-MAS1001>3.0.CO;2-J.


Holdaas, H; Jardine, AG; Wheeler, DC; Brekke, IB; Conlon, PJ; Fellstrom, B; Hammad, A; ... Ostraat, O; + view all (2001) Effect of fluvastatin on acute renal allograft rejection: A randomized multicenter trial. KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL , 60 (5) 1990 - 1997.


Kleta, R; Anikster, Y; Lucero, C; Shotelersuk, V; Huizing, M; Bernardini, I; Park, M; ... Gahl, WA; + view all (2001) CTNS mutations in African American patients with cystinosis. MOL GENET METAB , 74 (3) 332 - 337. 10.1006/mgme.2001.3218.

Kuwertz-Broking, E; Frund, S; Bulla, M; Kleta, R; August, C; Kisters, K; (2001) Familial hypomagnesemia-hypercalciuria in 2 siblings. CLIN NEPHROL , 56 (2) 155 - 161.


Landray, MJ; Thambyrajah, J; McGlynn, FJ; Jones, HJ; Baigent, C; Kendall, MJ; Townend, JN; (2001) Epidemiological evaluation of known and suspected cardiovascular risk factors in chronic renal impairment. AM J KIDNEY DIS , 38 (3) 537 - 546.

Liu, BC; Ma, KL; Ye, YY; Liu, NF; Ruan, XZ; (2001) Effect of L-arginine on the proliferation of human mesangial cell and production of extracellular matrix components. Acta Pharmacologica Sinica , 22 pp. 756-760.

Lopez-Lluch, G; Bird, WM; Canas, B; Godovac-Zimmerman, J; Ridley, A; Segal, AW; Dekker, LV; (2001) Protein kinase C-delta C2-like domain is a binding site for actin and enables actin redistribution in neutrophils. BIOCHEM J , 357 39 - 47.

Lopez-Luch, G; Bird, MM; Canas, B; Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Ridley, A; Segal, AW; Dekker, LV; (2001) The PKC-d C2-like domain is a binding site for actin and enables PKC-d-induced actin remodelling in neutrophils. Biochemical Journal , 357 pp. 39-47.

López-Lluch, G; Bird, MM; Canas, B; Godovac-Zimmerman, J; Ridley, A; Segal, AW; Dekker, LV; (2001) Protein kinase C-delta C2-like domain is a binding site for actin and enables actin redistribution in neutrophils. Biochem J , 357 (Pt 1) pp. 39-47.


Malone-Lee, J; Shaffu, B; Anand, C; Powell, C; (2001) Tolterodine: superior tolerability than and comparable efficacy to oxybutynin in individuals 50 years old or older with overactive bladder: a randomized controlled trial. The Journal of Urology , 165 (5) pp. 1452-1456.

Malone-Lee, JG; Walsh, JB; Maugourd, MF; Tolterodine Elderly Study Grp, ; (2001) Tolterodine: A safe and effective treatment for older patients with overactive bladder. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN GERIATRICS SOCIETY , 49 (6) 700 - 705.

Moore, KN; Murray, S; Malone-Lee, J; Wagg, A; (2001) Rapid urinalysis assays for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection. Br J Nurs , 10 (15) pp. 995-1001. 10.12968/bjon.2001.10.15.5264.


Norman, JT; Lindahl, GE; Shakib, K; En-Nia, A; Yilmaz, E; Mertens, PR; (2001) The Y-box binding protein YB-1 suppresses collagen alpha 1(I) gene transcription via an evolutionarily conserved regulatory element in the proximal promoter. J BIOL CHEM , 276 (32) 29880 - 29890. Gold open access

Nuttall, SL; Kendall, MJ; Townend, JN; Wheeler, DC; (2001) Vitamin E supplementation. LANCET , 357 (9256) 631 - 631.


Quaranta, S; Giuffrida, MG; Cavaletto, M; Giunta, C; Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Canas, B; Fabris, C; ... Conti, A; + view all (2001) Human proteome enhancement: High-recovery method and improved two-dimensional map of colostral fat globule membrane proteins. ELECTROPHORESIS , 22 (9) 1810 - 1818.


Ruan, XZ; Varghese, Z; Powis, SH; Moorhead, JF; (2001) Dysregulation of LDL receptor under the influence of inflammatory cytokines: A new pathway for foam cell formation. KIDNEY INT , 60 (5) 1716 - 1725.


Salama, AD; Chaudhry, AN; Ryan, JJ; Eren, E; Levy, JB; Pusey, CD; Lightstone, L; (2001) In Goodpasture's disease, CD4(+) T cells escape thymic deletion and are reactive with the autoantigen alpha 3(IV)NC1. J AM SOC NEPHROL , 12 (9) 1908 - 1915.

Salama, AD; Delikouras, A; Pusey, CD; Cook, HT; Bhangal, G; Lechler, RI; Dorling, A; (2001) Transolant accommodation in highly sensitized patients: A potential role for Bcl-xL and alloantibody. AM J TRANSPLANT , 1 (3) 260 - 269.

Salama, AD; Levy, JB; Lightstone, L; Pusey, CD; (2001) Goodpasture's disease. LANCET , 358 (9285) 917 - 920.

Salama, AD; Pusey, CD; (2001) Rheumatology and the kidney Tubulointerstitial nephritis. In: Adu, D and Emery, P and Madaio, MP, (eds.) Rheumatology and the kidney. Oxford University Press, USA

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Salama, AD; Sayegh, MH; (2001) Achieving clinical transplant tolerance: What are the hurdles? In: TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 3038 - 3040). ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC

Schafer, HJ; Coskun, U; Eger, O; Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Wieczorek, H; Kagawa, Y; Gruber, G; (2001) 8-N-3-3 '-biotnyl-ATP, a novel monofunctional reagent: Differences in the F-1- and V-1-ATPases by means of the ATP analogue. BIOCHEM BIOPH RES CO , 286 (5) 1218 - 1227. 10.1006/bbrc.2001.5502.

Schäfer, HJ; Coskun, U; Eger, O; Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Wieczorek, H; Kagawa, Y; Grüber, G; (2001) Erratum: "8-N<inf>3</inf>-3′-biotinyl-ATP, a novel monofunctional reagent: Differences in the F<inf>1</inf>- and V<inf>1</inf>-ATPases by means of the ATP analogue" (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2001) 286: 5 (1218-1227)). Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications , 288 (2) pp. 490-492. 10.1006/bbrc.2001.5770.

Sho, M; Salama, AD; Yamada, A; Najafian, N; Sayegh, MH; (2001) Physiologic regulation of alloimmune responses in vivo: The role of CTLA4 and Th1/Th2 cytokines. TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS , 33 (7-8) 3826 - 3828.

Soskic, V; Godovac-Zimmermann, J; (2001) Improvement of an in-gel tryptic digestion method for matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry peptide mapping by use of volatile solubilizing agents. PROTEOMICS , 1 (11) 1364 - 1367.


Thambyrajah, J; Landray, MJ; Jones, HJ; McGlynn, FJ; Wheeler, DC; Townend, JN; (2001) A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of the effect of homocysteine-lowering therapy with folic acid on endothelial function in patients with coronary artery disease. J AM COLL CARDIOL , 37 (7) 1858 - 1863.


Wheeler, DC; (2001) Lipid abnormalities in the nephrotic syndrome: the therapeutic role of statins. JOURNAL OF NEPHROLOGY , 14 S70 - S75.


Yamada, A; Kishimoto, K; Dong, VM; Sho, M; Salama, AD; Anosova, NG; Benichou, G; ... Sayegh, MH; + view all (2001) CD28-independent costimulation of T cells in alloimmune responses. J IMMUNOL , 167 (1) 140 - 146.

Yamada, A; Salama, AD; Najafian, N; Auchincloss, H; Sayegh, MH; (2001) TNF : TNF-R T-Cell costimulatory pathways in transplantation. TRANSPLANTATION PROCEEDINGS , 33 (7-8) 3070 - 3071.


Zehnder, D; Bland, R; Wheeler, DC; Stewart, PM; Hewison, M; (2001) Synthesis of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D-3 by human endothelial cells is regulated by inflammatory cytokines: A novel autocrine determinant of vascular cell adhesion. J BONE MINER RES , 16 S310 - S310.

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