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Chana, RS; Milford, DV; Pawluczyk, IZA; Wheeler, DC; (1997) Tacrolimus inhibits cytokine-mediated fibronectin production by mesangial cells. In: J AM SOC NEPHROL. (pp. A2383 - A2383). WILLIAMS & WILKINS

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Giuffrida, MG; Cavaletto, M; Giunta, C; Neuteboom, B; Cantisani, A; Napolitano, L; Calderone, V; ... Conti, A; + view all (1997) The unusual amino acid triplet Asn-IIe-Cys is a glycosylation consensus site in human α-lactalbumin. Journal of Protein Chemistry , 16 (8) pp. 747-753. 10.1023/A:1026359715821.

Giuffrida, MG; Cavaletto, M; Giunta, C; Neuteboom, B; Cantisani, A; Napolitano, L; Calderone, V; ... Conti, A; + view all (1997) The unusual amino acid triplet Asn-Ile-Cys is a glycosylation consensus site in human alpha-lactalbumin. J PROTEIN CHEM , 16 (8) 747 - 753.

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Hirsch, JR; Cermak, R; Forssmann, WG; Kleta, R; Kruhoffer, M; Kuhn, M; Schafer, JA; ... Schlatter, E; + view all (1997) Effects of sodium nitroprusside in the rat cortical collecting duct are independent of the NO pathway. KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL , 51 (2) 473 - 476.


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Wheeler, DC; (1997) Should hyperlipidaemia in dialysis patients be treated? NEPHROL DIAL TRANSPL , 12 (1) 19 - 21.

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