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Abd El Mohsen, M; Marks, J; Kuhnle, G; Rice-Evans, C; Moore, K; Gibson, G; Debnam, E; (2004) The differential tissue distribution of the citrus flavanone naringenin following gastric instillation. FREE RADICAL RES , 38 (12) 1329 - 1340. 10.1080/10715760400017293.

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Bogdanos, D-P; Baum, H; Grasso, A; Okamoto, M; Butler, P; Ma, Y; Rigopoulou, E; ... Vergani, D; + view all (2004) Microbial mimics are major targets of crossreactivity with human pyruvate dehydrogenase in primary biliary cirrhosis. J Hepatol , 40 (1) pp. 31-39.

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