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Coker, AR; Purvis, A; Baker, D; Pepys, MB; Wood, SP; (2000) Molecular chaperone properties of serum amyloid P component. FEBS LETT , 473 (2) 199 - 202.


De Lorenzi, E; Galbusera, C; Bellotti, V; Mangione, P; Massolini, G; Tabolotti, E; Andreola, A; (2000) Affinity capillary electrophoresis is a powerful tool to identify transthyretin binding drugs for potential therapeutic use in amyloidosis. Electrophoresis , 21 (15) pp. 3280-3289. 10.1002/1522-2683(20000901)21:15<3280::AID-ELPS3280>3.0.CO;2-L.

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Giles, I; Isenberg, DA; (2000) Sjogren`s patients with fatigue: is there a link with the Fibromyalgia syndrome? Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases , 59 (11) pp. 875-878.


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Isenberg, DA; (2000) Lupus-molecular and cellular pathogenesis. Ann Rheum Dis , 59 (3) 172A-1172.


Lachmann, HJ; Booth, DR; Bybee, A; Hawkins, PN; (2000) Transthyretin Ala97Ser is associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy in a Chinese-Taiwanese family. Hum Mutat , 16 (2) 180-. 10.1002/1098-1004(200008)16:2<180::AID-HUMU19>3.0.CO;2-A.

Loesch, A; Burnstock, G; (2000) Ultrastructural localisation of ATP-gated P2X(2) receptor immunoreactivity in vascular endothelial cells in rat brain. ENDOTHELIUM-JOURNAL OF ENDOTHELIAL CELL RESEARCH , 7 (2) pp. 93-98. 10.3109/10623320009072204.

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Loesch, A; Miah, S; Burnstock, G; (2000) Electron-immunoreactivity for P2X<sub>2</sub> receptors in the rat neurosecretory system. In: (pp. 82-).

Lydyard, PM; Youinou, PY; Isenberg, DA; (2000) Apoptosis and autoimmune diseases. In: Ruffolo, RR and Walsh, F, (eds.) Apoptosis in health and disease. (pp. 17-31). Harwood Academic Publishers


Marinova-Mutafchieva, L; Williams, RO; Mauri, C; Mason, LJ; Walmsley, MJ; Taylor, PC; Feldmann, M; (2000) A comparative study into the mechanisms of action of anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha, anti-CD4, and combined anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha/anti-CD4 treatment in early collagen-induced arthritis. ARTHRITIS RHEUM , 43 (3) 638 - 644.

Massa, M; Mangione, P; Pignatti, P; Stoppini, M; Zanotti, G; Arcidiaco, P; Merlini, G; ... Bellotti*, V; + view all (2000) Conformational dynamics of the β2-microglobulin C terminal in the cell-membrane-anchored major histocompatibility complex type I. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences , 57 (4) pp. 675-683. 10.1007/PL00000727.

Mauri, C; Mars, LT; Londei, M; (2000) Therapeutic activity of agonistic anti-CD40 mAb in a chronic autoimmune inflammatory process. FASEB J , 14 (6) A1101 - A1101.

McDermott, MF; Aganna, E; Hitman, GA; Ogunkolade, BW; Booth, DR; Hawkins, PN; (2000) An autosomal dominant periodic fever associated with AA amyloidosis in a north Indian family maps to distal chromosome 1q (vol 43, pg 2034, 2000). ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM , 43 (10) p. 2379.

McDermott, MF; Aganna, E; Hitman, GA; Ogunkolade, BW; Booth, DR; Hawkins, PN; (2000) An autosomal dominant periodic fever associated with AA amyloidosis in a north Indian family maps to distal chromosome 1q. ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM , 43 (9) pp. 2034-2040. 10.1002/1529-0131(200009)43:9<2034::AID-ANR14>3.0.CO;2-J.

Milner, P; Loesch, A; Burnstock, G; (2000) Endothelin immunoreactivity and mRNA expression in sensory and sympathetic neurons following selective denervation. In: (pp. 48-).

Milner, P; Loesch, A; Burnstock, G; (2000) Neural endothelin in hypertension: Increased expression in ganglia and nerves to cerebral arteries of the spontaneously hypertensive rat. JOURNAL OF VASCULAR RESEARCH , 37 (1) pp. 39-49. 10.1159/000025712.


Neuberger, MS; Sale, JE; Cumbers, SJ; Jolly, CJ; Bemark, MP; Ehrenstein, MR; Lanoue, A; ... Williams, GT; + view all (2000) Diversification and selection mechanisms for the production of protein repertoires - Lessons from the immune system. APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY , 83 (1-3) 53 - 60.


Stangou, AJ; Lachmann, H; O'Grady, JG; Alexander, G; Millson, CE; Pepys, MB; Hawkins, PN; (2000) Liver transplantation for end stage hepatic amyloidosis. In: (pp. S139-S139). LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

Stangou, AJ; Lachmann, H; OʼGrady, JG; Alexander, G; Millson, CE; Pepys, MB; Hawkins, PN; (2000) LIVER TRANSPLANTATION FOR END STAGE HEPATIC AMYLOIDOSIS. Transplantation , 69 (Suppleme) S139-S139. 10.1097/00007890-200004271-00105.

Stoppini, MS; Arcidiaco, P; Mangione, P; Giorgetti, S; Brancaccio, D; Bellotti, V; (2000) Detection of fragments of beta2-microglobulin in amyloid fibrils. Kidney Int , 57 (1) pp. 349-350. 10.1046/j.1523-1755.2000.00851.x.

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