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ARSTAD, E; SKATTEBOL, LS; (2003) Bis-phosphonate compounds.

Ala, A; Brown, D; Stubbs, M; Jacobs, R; Hodgson, H; (2003) Mucosal cell adhesion molecule (MAdCAM-1) expression in chronic liver disease and development of an in vitro model to investigate therapeutic modulation. In: (pp. 1020-).

Ala, A; Stubbs, M; Coward, S; Brown, D; Hodgson, HJ; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Characterisation of mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule (MAdCAM-1) in inflammatory bowel disease.

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Anderson, CJ; Ashcroft, M; Keith, WN; (2003) Hypoxic regulation of telomerase gene expression. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Batchelor, PG; Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; Calamante, F; Connelly, A; (2003) The Effect on DT-MRI of Increased Number of Directions: Further Advances on Icosahedral Schemes. Presented at: ISMRM.

Batchelor, PG; Calamante, F; Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; Blyth, R; Connelly, A; (2003) Classification of White Matter Tract Shapes from DTI Without Registration. Presented at: MIUA.

Batchelor, PG; Calamante, F; Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; Blyth, R; Connelly, A; (2003) Classification of bundles of white matter tract from DTI without registration. Presented at: ESMRMB.

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Bressan, RA; Erlandsson, K; Flanagan, RJ; Ell, PJ; Pilowsky, LS; (2003) Hyperprolactinemia is uncoupled from D2/D3 dopamine receptor occupancy in long-term amisulpride treated patients. SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH , 60 (1) p. 239. 10.1016/S0920-9964(03)81239-2.

Bressan, RA; Erlandsson, K; Jones, HM; Mulligan, RS; Ell, J; Pilowsky, PJ; (2003) Selective D2/D3 dopamine receptor occupancy is sufficient for atypical antipsychotic effect. An in vivo quantitative [123I] epidepride single photon emission tomography (SPET) study of amisulpride treated patients. American Journal of Psychiatry , 160 pp. 1413-1420.

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Bárdos, JI; Chau, NM; Ashcroft, M; (2003) Oncogenic pathways regulating HIF-1. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


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Chau, NM; Rogers, P; Aherne, W; Workman, P; Ashcroft, M; (2003) Development and characterisation of a cell-based system for identification of novel HIF-1 inhibitors. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Copley, SJ; Wells, AU; Sivakumaran, P; Rubens, MB; Lee, YCG; Desai, SR; MacDonald, SLS; (2003) A comparison of the thin-section CT features in asbestosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Radiology (229) pp. 731-736.

Costa, DC; Fontes, GF; Ashton, JP; Gacinovic, S; (2003) Clinical audit of the impact of DaTSCANTMin the management of patients with movement disorders. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Costa, DC; Fontes, GF; Gacinovic, S; Ashton, JP; (2003) Movement disorders clinics: An audit study. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Cutillas, PR; Marks, J; Cramer, R; Unwin, RJ; (2003) Proteomic analysis of renal cortical brush border membrane preparations: towards characterizing the proximal tubular cell apical membrane proteome. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


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Erlandsson, K; Fujita, M; Innis, RB; Ell, J; Pilowsky, PJ; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: 'Improved estimation of metabolite rate constants for [123I]epidepride by simultaneous modelling'. In IEEE Medical Imaging Conference, Portland Oregon, 19-25 October.

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