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Abu-Amara, M; Yang, SY; Seifalian, AM; Fuller, B; Davidson, BR; (2011) Remote Ischemic Preconditioning by Hindlimb Occlusion Prevents Liver Ischemic/Reperfusion Injury. ANN SURG , 254 (1) 178 - 180. 10.1097/SLA.0b013e318221ff34.

Abu-Amara, M.; (2011) The role of nitric oxide in hindlimb remote ischaemic preconditioning of the liver. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Ahmed, H; Emberton, M; Cathcart, P; McCartan, N; (2011) Determinants of failure in men undergoing salvage high intensity focused ultrasound (sonoblate 500TM) following failed external beam radiotherapy for primary prostate cancer. In: (pp. E9-E9).

Alagaratnam, S; Lind, GE; Kraggerud, SM; Lothe, RA; Skotheim, RI; (2011) The testicular germ cell tumour transcriptome. INT J ANDROL , 34 (4) E133 - E151. 10.1111/j.1365-2605.2011.01169.x.

Anagnostis, P; Selalmatzidou, D; Polyzos, SA; Panagiotou, A; Slavakis, A; Panagiotidou, A; Athyros, VG; (2011) Comparative effects of rosuvastatin and atorvastatin on glucose metabolism and adipokine levels in non-diabetic patients with dyslipidaemia: a prospective randomised open-label study. INT J CLIN PRACT , 65 (6) 679 - 683. 10.1111/j.1742-1241.2011.02655.x.

Arya, M; Ahmed, HU; Scardino, P; Emberton, M; (2011) Interventional Techniques in Uro-oncology. [Book]. Wiley-Blackwell

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Bartnik, A; Yang, SY; Miah, A; Chen, YW; Winslet, M; (2011) Autophagy protects colon cancer cells against stress-induced death. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. 12 - 12). WILEY-BLACKWELL

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Blanc, V; Nariculam, J; Munson, P; Freeman, A; Masters, JRW; Williamson, M; (2011) A role for Class 3 semaphorins in prostate cancer. Prostate , 71 pp. 649-658.

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Carlson, T; Monnard, G; Leeb, R; Millan, JDR; (2011) Evaluation of proportional and discrete shared control paradigms for low resolution user inputs. In: (pp. pp. 1044-1049).

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Caygill, CPJ; Royston, C; Charlett, A; Wall, CM; Gatenby, PAC; Ramus, JR; Watson, A; (2011) Barrett's, blood groups and progression to oesophageal cancer: is nitric oxide the link? EUR J GASTROEN HEPAT , 23 (9) 801 - 806. 10.1097/MEG.0b013e3283489dcf.

Chai, YC; Roberts, SJ; Schrooten, J; Luyten, FP; (2011) Probing the Osteoinductive Effect of Calcium Phosphate by Using an In Vitro Biomimetic Model. Tissue Engineering Part A , 17 (7-8) pp. 1083-1097. 10.1089/ten.tea.2010.0160.

Chan, YW; Miah, A; Bartnik, O; Fuller, B; Winslet, M; Yang, SY; (2011) The role of P38 MAPK pathway in human colon cancer cell resistance to 5-fluorouracil. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. 12 - 12). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Cheema, U; (2011) Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering- Cells and biomaterials. [Book]. INTECH: Croatia.


Dashwood, MR; Dooley, A; Shi-Wen, X; Abraham, DJ; Dreifaldt, M; Souza, DS; (2011) Perivascular fat-derived leptin: a potential role in improved vein graft performance in coronary artery bypass surgery. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg , 12 (2) pp. 170-173. 10.1510/icvts.2010.247874.

De Mel, A; Rafiei, Y; Cousins, BG; Seifalian, AM; (2011) Modifying biomaterial surfaces to optimise interactions with blood. pp. 255-283. 10.1016/B978-1-84569-640-5.50010-5.

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Desai, M; Bakhshi, R; Darbyshire, A; Ahmed, M; Eaton-Evans, J; Zhou, X; You, Z; (2011) Durability of a sutureless endovascular stent-graft based on nitinol stents bonded to a nanocomposite polymer. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. 32 - 33). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Desai, M; Bakhshi, R; You, Z; Seifalian, A; Hamilton, G; (2011) Thermo-mechanical resistance of a nanocomposite polymer exposed to simulated in vivo fatigue in the development of an endovascular stent-graft. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. 52 - 53). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Desai, M; Gurusamy, K; Ghanbari, H; Seifalian, A; Hamilton, G; (2011) Remote ischaemic preconditioning does not improve outcomes following open or endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: a meta-analysis. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. 206 - 206). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Desai, MY; Bakhshi, R; Darbyshire, A; Ahmed, M; Eaton-Evans, J; Zhou, X; You, Z; (2011) Thermo-Mechanical Resistance of a Nanocomposite Polymer Exposed to Simulated in Vivo Hydrodynamic Fatigue for Ten Years in Developement of a Sutureless Endovascular Stent Graft. In: JOURNAL OF VASCULAR SURGERY. (pp. 86S - 87S). MOSBY-ELSEVIER

Dickinson, CL; Ahmed, HU; Freeman, A; Allen, C; Emberton, M; (2011) Combined PCA3 and pre-biopsy multi-parametric MRI in men with a raised PSA. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. E9 - E9). WILEY-BLACKWELL

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Elliott, KE; Thin, NN; Tsui, JC; Davis, M; (2011) Unusual cause of neurological symptoms in a young man. JRSM Short Rep , 2 (3) 14-. 10.1258/shorts.2011.010129. Gold open access

Ertemi, H; Mumtaz, FH; Howie, AJ; Mikhailidis, DP; Thompson, CS; (2011) Effect of Angiotensin II and its Receptor Antagonists on Human Corpus Cavernous Contractility and Oxidative Stress: Modulation of Nitric Oxide Mediated Relaxation. J UROLOGY , 185 (6) 2414 - 2420. 10.1016/j.juro.2011.02.2645.


Faroug, R; McCarthy, ID; Meswania, J; Janna, S; Wilson, D; Taylor, SJG; (2011) Strain response of an instrumented intramedullary nail to three-point bending. J Medical Engineering and Technology , 35 (5) pp. 275-282. 10.3109/03091902.2011.582227.

Florentin, M; Liberopoulos, EN; Kei, A; Mikhailidis, DP; Elisaf, MS; (2011) Pleiotropic Effects of Nicotinic Acid: Beyond High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Elevation. CURR VASC PHARMACOL , 9 (4) 385 - 400.

Florentin, M; Liberopoulos, EN; Mikhailidis, DP; Elisaf, MS; (2011) Emerging options in the treatment of dyslipidemias: a bright future? EXPERT OPIN EMERG DR , 16 (2) 247 - 270. 10.1517/14728214.2011.554395.


Gadde, S; Brisson, M; O'Donnell, P; (2011) Sub-pubic cartilaginous cyst-diagnostic utility of CT-guided contrast injection. SKELETAL RADIOL , 40 (8) pp. 1095-1098. 10.1007/s00256-011-1155-x.

Gatenby, PA; Caygill, CP; Wall, C; Bhatacharjee, S; Ramus, JR; Watson, A; Winslet, MC; (2011) Lifetime Risk of Esophageal Cancer and Endoscopic Surveillance Burden in UK Patients With Barrett's Esophagus. In: GASTROENTEROLOGY. (pp. S222 - S223). W B SAUNDERS CO-ELSEVIER INC

Germani, G; Garcovich, M; Gurusamy, K; Toso, C; Fede, G; Tsochatzis, E; Burra, P; (2011) Outcome of Liver Transplantation (LT) for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) According to Different Transplant Criteria: A Meta-Analysis. In: LIVER TRANSPLANTATION. (pp. S125 - S125). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Ghaderi, S; Ramesh, B; Seifalian, AM; Butler, P; (2011) Quantum dots provide new generation of imaging: application in plastic surgery. In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. E13 - E14). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Ghanbari Alanagh, H.; (2011) Development of a novel synthetic leaflet heart valve using a new nanocomposite material and stem cell technology. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Ghani, Y; Coathup, MJ; Hing, KA; Blunn, GW; (2011) Development of a hydroxyapatite coating containing silver for the prevention of peri-prosthetic infection. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 10.1002/jor.21543. (In press).

Ghosh, SK; Rahman, FZ; Bown, S; Harris, P; Fong, K; Langmead, L; (2011) Survival following Treatment of Aortoesophageal Fistula with Dual Esophageal and Aortic Intervention. Case Rep Gastroenterol , 5 (1) pp. 40-44. 10.1159/000323700.

Gor, RA; Woodhouse, CRJ; Schober, JM; (2011) Obstructive ejaculatory duct calculi in a patient with bladder augmentation and myelomeningocele. J PEDIATR UROL , 7 (2) 233 - 235. 10.1016/j.jpurol.2010.09.004.

Gupta, A.; (2011) Development and characterisation of silsesquioxane-polycaprolactone nanocomposite scaffolds for use in small intestinal tissue engineering. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

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Hackshaw, A; Baum, M; (2011) Importance of Long-Term Follow-Up of Women Receiving Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer in the Community Reply. J CLIN ONCOL , 29 (25) p. 3492. 10.1200/JCO.2011.37.2318.

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Haque, S; Loizidou, M; Shiwen, X; Abraham, D; Farooqui, N; Welch, H; Winslet, M; (2011) Characterisation of endothelin-1 binding sites in colorectal cancer and antagonistic action of the endothelin a receptor antagonist zibotentan(ZD4054). In: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY. (pp. 36 - 37). WILEY-BLACKWELL

Hart, AJ; Ilo, K; Underwood, R; Cann, P; Henckel, J; Lewis, A; Cobb, J; (2011) The relationship between the angle of version and rate of wear of retrieved metal-on-metal resurfacings: a prospective, CT-based study. J Bone Joint Surg Br , 93 (3) pp. 315-320. 10.1302/0301-620X.93B3.25545.

Hutchinson, J; Lentjes, M; Greenwood, D; Burley, V; Cade, J; Cleghorn, C; Threapleton, D; (2011) VITAMIN C INTAKE FROM DIARY RECORDINGS AND RISK OF BREAST CANCER IN THE UK DIETARY COHORT CONSORTIUM. J EPIDEMIOL COMMUN H , 65 A253 - A253. 10.1136/jech.2011.142976i.53.


Janssen, KPF; Knez, K; Pollet, J; Roberts, SJ; Schrooten, J; Lammertyn, J; (2011) Assay design considerations for use of affinity aptamer amplification in ultra-sensitive protein assays using capillary electrophoresis. Analytical Methods , 3 (9) p. 2156. 10.1039/c1ay05124e.


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Paraskevas, KI; Mikhailidis, DP; Veith, FJ; (2011) Letter by Paraskevas et al Regarding Article, "Guidelines for the Prevention of Stroke in Patients With Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack: A Guideline for Healthcare Professionals From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association". STROKE , 42 (6) E387 - E387. 10.1161/STROKEAHA.111.614347.

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