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Baker, D; (1994) Thoracic outlet syndrome. Surgery (Oxford) , 12 pp. 7-10.

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Baker, D; Jones, JA; Van-Tam, JN; Morris, DL; Bourke, JB; Steele, RCJ; Hardcastle, JD; (1994) Taurolidine peritoneal lavage as prophylaxis against postoperative infection in colorectal surgery. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Baker, D; Travers, JP; Southall, TR; Makin, GS; (1994) Succinate dehydrogenase activity in the muscle of varicosed and non-varicosed long saphenous vein. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Baker, D; Turnbull, NB; Pearson, JCG; Makin, GM; (1994) How successful is varicose vein surgery: a patient outcome study at 12 months. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Knoefel, WT; Rogiers, X; Malago, M; Sterneck, M; Gundlach, M; Hosch, SB; Broelsch, CE; (1994) [The status of liver transplantation in therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma]. Zentralbl Chir , 119 (11) pp. 772-776.


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