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Atkins, M; Strappe, P; Kaye, S; Loveday, C; McLaughlin, JE; Johnson, MA; Tedder, RS; (1998) Quantititative differences in the distribution of zidovudine resistance mutations in multiple post-mortem tissues from AIDS patients. Journal of Medical Virology , 55(2) (June) pp. 138-146.


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Tedder, RS; Kaye, S; Loveday, C; Weller, IVD; Jeffries, D; Norman, J; Weber, J; (1998) A comparison of culture and non-culture methods for the quantification of viral load and anti-retroviral drug resistance in patients on zidovudine monotherapy. Journal of Clinical Microbiology , 36 (4) pp. 1056-1063.

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Yerly, S; Rakik, A; Kinloch-de Loes, S; Hirschel, B; Descamps, D; Brun-Vezinet, F; Perrin, L; (1998) Switch to unusual amino acid at codon 215 of the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase gene in seroconverters infected with zidovudine resistant variants. Journal of Virology , 72 pp. 3520-3523.


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