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(2001) History of Twentieth Century Medicine Newsletter. History of Twentieth Century Medicine Newsletter (23)

(2001) Fluid therapy in septic shock (Review). Sepsis , 4 pp. 109-122.

(2001) What causes inefficient transmission of male-killing <i>Wolbachia</i> in <i>Drosophila</i>? Heredity , 87 pp. 220-226.

(2001) How many species are infected with <i>Wolbachia</i>? Cryptic sex ratio distorters revealed to be common by intensive sampling. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , 268 pp. 1123-1126.

(2001) Two male-killing <i>Wolbachia</i> strains coexist within a population of the butterfly <i>Acraea encedon</i>. Heredity , 86 pp. 161-166.

(2001) Recombination confounds interpretations of <i>Wolbachia</i> evolution. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , 268 pp. 1423-1428.

(2001) Holy Landscapes! (Review of "Epistasis and the Evolutionary Process", edited by Jason B.Wolf, Edmund D. Brodie III and Michael J. Wade). Science , 291 p. 602.

(2001) Pioneers, dandies and frauds: 300 years of British butterfly collectors (Review of "The Aurelian Legacy. British Butterflies and their Collectors", by Michael A. Salmon). Endeavour , 25 p. 135.

(2001) Taxonomy and the blues. (Review of "Nabokov's Blues" by Kurt Johnson and Steve Coates). Nature , 409 pp. 664-665.

(2001) Medicine in the Renaissance City, Renaissance Studies. Journal of the Society for Renaissance Studies , 15 (2) pp. 101-103.

(2001) Incidence of Male-Killing Rickettsia spp. (-Proteobacteria) in the Ten-Spot Ladybird Beetle <i>Adalia decempunctata L. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae</i>). Applied and Environmental Microbiology , 63 pp. 270-277.

(2001) MUC1 gene polymorphism in the gastric carcinogenesis pathway. European Journal of Human Genetics , 9 pp. 548-552.

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