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Beck, JM; Ma, WJ; Kiani, R; Hanks, T; Churchland, AK; Roitman, J; Shadlen, MN; ... Pouget, A; + view all (2008) Probabilistic population codes for Bayesian decision making. Neuron , 60 pp. 1142-1152.

Grabska-Barwinska, A; von der Malsburg, C; (2008) Establishment of a scaffold for orientation maps in primary visual cortex of higher mammals. J NEUROSCI , 28 (1) 249 - 257. 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.5514-06.2008.

Lucke, J; Keck, C; von der Malsburg, C; (2008) Rapid convergence to feature layer correspondences. NEURAL COMPUTATION , 20 (10) pp. 2441-2463. 10.1162/neco.2008.06-07-539.

Macke, JH; Maack, N; Gupta, R; Denk, W; Scholkopf, B; Borst, A; (2008) Contour-propagation algorithms for semi-automated reconstruction of neural processes. J NEUROSCI METH , 167 (2) 349 - 357. 10.1016/j.jneumeth.2007.07.021.

Moazzezi, R; Dayan, P; (2008) Change-based inference for invariant discrimination. NETWORK-COMP NEURAL , 19 (3) 236 - 252. 10.1080/09548980802314917.

Roudi, YAT; (2008) Representing Where along with What Information in a Model of a Cortical Patch. PLoS Computational Biology , 4 (3) 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000012. Green open access

Proceedings paper

Afshar, A; Yu, BM; Santhanam, G; Ryu, SI; Shenoy, KV; Sahani, M; (2008) Evidence for smooth and inertial dynamics in the evolution of neural state. In: (pp. 319.8-).

Ahrens, MB; Sahani, M; (2008) Timing based on stochastic neural and sensory processes. In: (pp. 112-).

Ahrens, MB; Sahani, M; (2008) A new framework for the perception of elapsed time replicates stimulus-driven expansion and contraction of apparent duration. In: (pp. 21.2-).

Borgwardt, K; Yan, X; Thoma, M; Cheng, H; Gretton, A; Song, L; Smola, A; ... Kriegel, H-P; + view all (2008) Combining near-optimal feature selection with gSpan. In:

Cunningham, JP; Shenoy, KV; Sahani, M; (2008) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) ICML ’08: Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Machine Learning. ACM: New York, NY.

Cunningham, JP; Yu, BM; Gilja, V; Ryu, SI; Shenoy, KV; Sahani, M; (2008) Toward Optimal Estimates of Neural Firing Rates from Spike Trains. In: (pp. 862.10-).

Fleming, S; Whiteley, LE; Hulme, OJ; Sahani, M; Dolan, R; (2008) Networks for integrating sensory evidence and value in the human brain. In: (pp. 875.18-).

Gael, JV; Saatci, Y; Teh, YW; Ghahramani, Z; (2008) Beam sampling for the infinite hidden Markov model. In: Cohen, WW and McCallum, A and Roweis, ST, (eds.) (pp. pp. 1088-1095). ACM

Gael, JV; Teh, YW; Ghahramani, Z; (2008) The Infinite Factorial Hidden Markov Model. In: Koller, D and Schuurmans, D and Bengio, Y and Bottou, L, (eds.) (pp. pp. 1697-1704). Curran Associates, Inc.

Gretton, A; Smola, A; Huang, J; Schmittfull, M; Borgwardt, K; Schoelkopf, B; (2008) Dataset Shift in Machine Learning. In: nonero-Candela, JQ and Sugiyama, M and Schwaighofer, A and Lawrence, N, (eds.) (pp. pp. 131-160). MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

Görür, D; Teh, YW; (2008) An Efficient Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithm for Coalescent Clustering. In: Koller, D and Schuurmans, D and Bengio, Y and Bottou, L, (eds.) (pp. pp. 521-528). Curran Associates, Inc.

Haruechaiyasak, C; Jitkrittum, W; Sangkeettrakarn, C; Damrongrat, C; (2008) Implementing news article category browsing based on text categorization technique. In: (pp. pp. 143-146).

Hehrmann, P; Dean, I; Ahrens, MB; Harper, NS; McAlpine, D; Sahani, M; (2008) Level-distribution-related changes in IC responses: adaptation or instantaneous non-linearity? In: (pp. 27 (I-19)-).

Hehrmann, P; Dean, I; Ahrens, MB; Harper, NS; McAlpine, D; Sahani, M; (2008) Separating the Impact of Non-Linearity and Parameter Change on Stimulus-Dependent Adaptation. In: (pp. 949-).

Mnih, A; Hinton, GE; (2008) A Scalable Hierarchical Distributed Language Model. In: Koller, D and Schuurmans, D and Bengio, Y and Bottou, L, (eds.) (pp. pp. 1081-1088). Curran Associates, Inc.

Petreska, B; Yovel, Y; (2008) A Neural Model of Demyelination of the Mouse Spinal Cord. In: (Proceedings) International Joint Conference on Neural Networks. (pp. 2538-+). IEEE

Pillow, JW; Latham, P; (2008) Neural characterization in partially observed populations of spiking neurons. In: (Proceedings) Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. MIT Press: Cambridge, MA.

Quon, G; Teh, YW; Chan, ET; Hughes, TR; Brudno, M; Morris, Q; (2008) A mixture model for the evolution of gene expression in non-homogeneous datasets. In: Koller, D and Schuurmans, D and Bengio, Y and Bottou, L, (eds.) (pp. pp. 1297-1304). Curran Associates, Inc.

Roy, DM; Teh, YW; (2008) The Mondrian Process. In: Koller, D and Schuurmans, D and Bengio, Y and Bottou, L, (eds.) (pp. pp. 1377-1384). Curran Associates, Inc.

Sahani, M; Ahrens, MB; Linden, JF; (2008) Contextual effects in neuronal responses to complex acoustic stimuli differ between areas A1 and AAF. In: (pp. 68.1-).

Salakhutdinov, R; Mnih, A; (2008) Bayesian probabilistic matrix factorization using Markov chain Monte Carlo. In: Cohen, WW and McCallum, A and Roweis, ST, (eds.) (pp. pp. 880-887). ACM

Turner, RE; Berkes, P; Sahani, M; (2008) Finding the optimal sparse, overcomplete model for natural images by model selection. In: (pp. 264 (III-3-).

Turner, RE; Sahani, M; (2008) Probabilistic auditory scene analysis from natural statistics. In: (pp. 140 (II-21-).

Welling, M; Teh, YW; Kappen, B; (2008) Hybrid Variational/Gibbs Collapsed Inference in Topic Models. In: McAllester, DA and Myllymäki, P, (eds.) (pp. pp. 587-594). AUAI Press

Whiteley, LE; Sahani, M; (2008) Attention resolves the effects of a computational bottleneck: modelling binding, precueing, and task-driven bias. In: (pp. 106 (I-98)-).

Yu, BM; Cunningham, JP; Santhanam, G; Ryu, SI; Shenoy, KV; Sahani, M; (2008) Gaussian process factor analysis for low-dimensional single-trial analysis of neural population activity. In: (pp. 319.9-).

Yu, BM; Cunningham, JP; Shenoy, KV; Sahani, M; (2008) Neural decoding of movements: From linear to nonlinear trajectory models. In: Ishikawa, M and Doya, K and Miyamoto, H and Yamakawa, T, (eds.) NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING, PART I. (pp. 586 - 595). SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN

Yuecheng, Z; Mnih, A; Hinton, GE; (2008) Improving a statistical language model by modulating the effects of context words. In: (pp. pp. 493-498).


Blaschko, M; Gretton, A; (2008) Taxonomy Inference Using Kernel Dependence Measures.

Gretton, A; Borgwardt, K; Rasch, M; Schoelkopf, B; Smola, A; (2008) A Kernel Method for the Two Sample Problem.

Conference item

Szabo, Z; Lőrincz, A; (2008) Towards Independent Subspace Analysis in Controlled Dynamical Systems. Presented at: ICA Research Network International Workshop (ICARN), Liverpool, U.K.. Green open access


Heller, K.A.; (2008) Efficient Bayesian methods for clustering. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access

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