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Aarts, H; Bijleveld, E; Custers, R; Dogge, M; Deelder, M; Schutter, D; van Haren, NEM; (2012) Positive priming and intentional binding: Eye-blink rate predicts reward information effects on the sense of agency. SOCIAL NEUROSCIENCE , 7 (1) pp. 105-112. 10.1080/17470919.2011.590602.

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Atkinson, J; (2012) Voices inside my head- Deaf people report ‘hearing voice-hallucinations’ but how can research find out what they experience? UNSPECIFIED

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Atkinson, J; Denmark, T; (2012) BSL cognitive tests and cognitive disorders clinic for deaf people. UNSPECIFIED, London.

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Atkinson, J; Denmark, T; Woll, B; Ferguson-Coleman, E; Rogers, K; Young, A; Keady, J; ... Marshall, J; + view all (2012) Creating services for Deaf people with dementia. UNSPECIFIED

Atkinson, J; Denmark, T; Woll, B; Marshall, J; Young, A; Ferguson-Coleman, E; Rogers, K; ... Burns, A; + view all (2012) Identifying cognitive disorder and dementia in users of sign languages - moving away from spoken language tests. Presented at: Experimental Psychology Society Workshop.

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