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Baruch, G; Gerber, A; Fearon, P; (1998) Adolescents who drop out of psychotherapy at a community-based psychotherapy centre: A preliminary investigation of the characteristics of early drop-outs, late drop-outs and those who continue treatment. BRITISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY , 71 pp. 233-245. 10.1111/j.2044-8341.1998.tb00988.x.

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Furnham, A; (1998) Creating the right impression. Human Resources

Furnham, A; (1998) Foreign correspondence. Mastering Management Review

Furnham, A; (1998) From the boardroom to the dog house. Human Resources

Furnham, A; (1998) High and low flyers. Mastering Management Review

Furnham, A; (1998) How high is your EQ? Mastering Management

Furnham, A; (1998) Impressionists display their true colours at job interviews. Sunday Telegraph

Furnham, A; (1998) Keep your head, there's an axeman on the job. Daily Mail

Furnham, A; (1998) Motivation. Daily Telegraph

Furnham, A; (1998) Music while you work. Mastering Management

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Furnham, A; (1998) So, who are more intelligent, men or women? Daily Telegraph

Furnham, A; (1998) What is your counselling style? Mastering Management

Furnham, A; (1998) When feedback turns sour. Human Resources

Furnham, A; (1998) When you just know who to send for. Daily Telegraph

Furnham, A; (1998) A change checklist. Mastering Management

Furnham, A; (1998) The good, the bad and the ugly. Human Resources

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