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Andrecka, J; Treutlein, B; Arcusa, MAI; Muschielok, A; Lewis, R; Cheung, ACM; Cramer, P; (2009) Nano positioning system reveals the course of upstream and nontemplate DNA within the RNA polymerase II elongation complex. Nucleic Acids Research , 37 (17) pp. 5803-5809. 10.1093/nar/gkp601. Gold open access

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Antico Arciuch, VG; Galli, S; Franco, MC; Lam, PY; Cadenas, E; Carreras, MC; Poderoso, JJ; (2009) Akt1 intramitochondrial cycling is a crucial step in the redox modulation of cell cycle progression. PLoS.One. , 4 (10) , Article e7523. 10.1371/journal.pone.0007523.

Auer, R; Neudecker, P; Muhandiram, DR; Lundström, P; Hansen, DF; Konrat, R; Kay, LE; (2009) Measuring the Signs of 1Halpha Chemical Shift Differences Between Ground and Excited Protein States by Off-Resonance Spin-Lock NMR Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society , 131 (31) pp. 10832-10833. 10.1021/ja904315m.

Bakiri, Y; Attwell, D; Karadottir, R; (2009) Electrical signalling properties of oligodendrocyte precursor cells. Neuron Glia Biology , 13 pp. 1-9.

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Bianco, IH; Wilson, SW; (2009) The habenular nuclei: a conserved asymmetric relay station in the vertebrate brain. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences , 364 (1519) pp. 1005-1020. 10.1098/rstb.2008.0213.

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Bonner, A; Almogren, A; Furtado, PB; Kerr, MA; Perkins, SJ; (2009) The non-planar secretory IgA2 and near-planar secretory IgA1 solution structures rationalize their different mucosal immune responses. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 284 pp. 5077-5087. 10.1074/jbc.M807529200. Gold open access

Borsuk-Bialynicka, M; Evans, SE; (2009) Cranial and mandibular osteology of the early Triassic archosauriform Osmolskina czatkowicensis from Poland. Palaeontologica Polonica , 65 pp. 235-281.

Borsuk-Bialynicka, M; Evans, SE; (2009) A new long necked diapsid reptile from the Early Triassic of Poland. Palaeontologica Polonica , 65 pp. 203-234.

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Bynum, N; Sterling, EJ; Weeks, B; Roosenburg, K; Gomez, A; Vintinner, E; Arengo, F; (2009) Systems approaches to biological and cultural diversity. Science Education and Civic Engagement , 2 pp. 38-55.


Chan, H-L; Chou, H-C; Durán, MC; Gruenewald, J; Waterfield, MD; Ridley, A; Timms, JF; (2009) Phosphoproteomic analysis of oxidative stress in epithelial cells: Major role of EGFR and Src kinases in promoting oxidative stress-dependent loss of adhesion and apoptosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry , Epub a Gold open access

Chatterjee, H; Vreeland, S; Noble, G; (2009) Museopathy: Exploring the Healing Potential of Handling Museum Objects. Museum and Society , 7 (3) pp. 164-177. Green open access

Chatterjee, HJ; (2009) Staying Essential: Articulating the Value of Object Based Learning. University Museums and Collections Journal

Chatterjee, HJ; Noble, G; (2009) Object Therapy: A Student-selected Component Exploring the Potential of Museum Object Handling as an Enrichment Activity for Patients in Hospital. Global Journal of Health Sciences , 1 (2) pp. 42-49.

Chatterjee, HJ; Root-Gutteridge, HAJ; (2009) Philippine Panay Island Bushy-Tailed Cloud Rat (Crateromys heaneyi): A Preliminary Behavioural Study of Captive Cloud Rats. International Journal of Biology , 1 (2) pp. 3-11.

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Colquhoun, D; (2009) Diet and health. What can you believe: or does bacon kill you? The Winnower 10.15200/winn.142934.47856.

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Hayward, RD; Hume, PJ; Humphreys, D; Phillips, N; Smith, K; Koronakis, V; (2009) Clustering transfers the translocated Escherichia coli receptor into lipid rafts to stimulate reversible activation of c-Fyn. Cell Microbiol , 11 (3) pp. 433-441. 10.1111/j.1462-5822.2008.01265.x.

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Book chapter

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Proceedings paper

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Conference item

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Journal (full / special issue)

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