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Abramov, AY; Jacobson, J; Wientjes, F; Hothersall, J; Canevari, L; Duchen, MR; (2005) Expression and modulation of an NADPH oxidase in mammalian astrocytes. J NEUROSCI , 25 (40) 9176 - 9184. 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1632-05.2005.

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Byrne, RD; Barona, TM; Garnier, M; Koster, G; Katan, M; Poccia, DL; Larijani, B; (2005) Nuclear envelope assembly is promoted by phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C with selective recruitment of phosphatidylinositol-enriched membranes. BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL , 387 pp. 393-400. 10.1042/BJ20040947.


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Celso, C.L.; (2005) Role of catenin signalling in adult epidermal cell fate specification. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access

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Foster, A.; (2005) A study of the action of inflammatory mediators on intracellular calcium in cultured rat sensory neurones. Doctoral thesis , University of London. Green open access


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Gorbe, A; Becker, DL; Dux, L; Stelkovics, E; Krenacs, L; Bagdi, E; Krenacs, T; (2005) Transient upregulation of connexin43 gap junctions and synchronized cell cycle control precede myoblast fusion in regenerating skeletal muscle in vivo. HISTOCHEM CELL BIOL , 123 (6) 573 - 583. 10.1007/s00418-004-0745-2.

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