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Abbracchio, MP; Boeynaems, JM; Barnard, EA; Boyer, JL; Kennedy, C; Miras-Portugal, MT; King, BF; ... Burnstock, G; + view all (2003) Characterization of the UDP-glucose receptor (re-named here the P2Y(14) receptor) adds diversity to the P2Y receptor family. TRENDS PHARMACOL SCI , 24 (2) 52 - 55.

Abel, ED; Kahn, BB; Shepherd, PR; (2003) Glucose transporters and pathophysiological states. In: Le Roith, O and Taylor, , (eds.) Diabetes Mellitus: A fundamental and clinical text. J.B.Lipincott: Philidelphia.

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Abramov, AY; Canevari, L; Duchen, MR; (2003) Changes in intracellular calcium and glutathione in astrocytes as the primary mechanism of amyloid neurotoxicity. J NEUROSCI , 23 (12) 5088 - 5095.

Abramov, AY; Duchen, MR; (2003) Actions of ionomycin, 4-BrA23187 and a novel electrogenic Ca2+ ionophore on mitochondria in intact cells. CELL CALCIUM , 33 (2) 101 - 112.

Ackerman, H; Usen, S; Mott, R; Richardson, A; Sisay-Joof, F; Katundu, P; Taylor, T; ... Kwiatkowski, DP; + view all (2003) Haplotypic analysis of the TNF locus by association efficiency and entropy. Genome Biol , 4 (4) R24-.

Ackerman, HC; Ribas, G; Jallow, M; Mott, R; Neville, M; Sisay-Joof, F; Pinder, M; ... Kwiatkowski, DP; + view all (2003) Complex haplotypic structure of the central MHC region flanking TNF in a West African population. Genes Immun , 4 (7) pp. 476-486. 10.1038/sj.gene.6364008.

Ackland, GL; Gourine, AV; Spyer, KM; (2003) Endotoxin impairs the hypoxic ventilatory response in anaesthetized adult rats. In: INTENSIVE CARE MEDICINE. (pp. S86 - S86). SPRINGER-VERLAG

Adinolfi, M; Barnett, D; Booth, C; Dehlanty, J; Edwards, J; Ferguson-Smith, M; Galton, D; ... Zallen, D; + view all (2003) RP402. In: Christie, DA and Tansey, EM, (eds.) (Proceedings) Genetic Testing.

Adinolfi, S; Ramos, A; Martin, SR; Dal Piaz, F; Pucci, P; Bardoni, B; Mandel, JL; (2003) The N-terminus of the fragile X mental retardation protein contains a novel domain involved in dimerization and RNA binding. Biochemistry , 42 (35) pp. 10437-10444. 10.1021/bi034909g.

Aerne, B; Stoker, A; Ish-Horowicz, D; (2003) Chick receptor tyrosine phosphatase Psi is dynamically expressed during somitogenesis. GENE EXPRESSION PATTERNS , 3 (3) pp. 325-329. 10.1016/S1567-133X(03)00038-3.

Aiyere, T; Strange, RN; (2003) Taxonomy and toxicity of Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes from tropical crops. 8th International Congress of Plant Pathology

Alexander, CM; Harrison, PJ; (2003) Do tasks requiring manual dexterity increase reflex gain of shoulder girdle muscles? In: (Proceedings) Proceedings of the 33rd Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. (pp. 186.7-). : New Orleans.

Alexander, CM; Harrison, PJ; (2003) Reflex connections from forearm and hand afferents to shoulder girdle muscles in humans. EXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH , 148 (3) pp. 277-282. 10.1007/s00221-002-1256-9.

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Alexander, CM; Stynes, S; Thomas, A; Lewis, J; Harrison, PJ; (2003) Does tape facilitate or inhibit the lower fibres of trapezius? MANUAL THERAPY , 8 (1) pp. 37-41. 10.1054/math.2002.0485.

Alic, N; Higgins, VJ; Breitenbach, M; Dawes, IW; (2003) Three protein-tyrosine phosphatase-like proteins are required for resistance to a lipid hydroperoxide. In: YEAST. (pp. S189 - S189). JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

Alic, N; Higgins, VJ; Pichova, A; Breitenbach, M; Dawes, IW; (2003) Lipid hydroperoxides activate the mitogen-activated protein kinase Mpk1p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J BIOL CHEM , 278 (43) 41849 - 41855. 10.1074/jbc.M307760200. Gold open access

Aliev, G; Smith, M; Perry, G; Burnstock, G; (2003) Atherosclerotic lesions are associated with increased immunoreactivity for inducible nitric oxide synthase (NOS2) and endothelin-1 (ET-1) in thoracic aortic intimal cells of hyperlipidemic Watanabe rabbits. In: (Proceedings) 8th International Conference on Endothelin, Tsukuba, November 2003.

Alifragis, P; Molnar, Z; Parnavelas, JG; (2003) Restricted expression of Slap-1 in the rodent cerebral cortex. GENE EXPR PATTERNS , 3 (4) 437 - 440. 10.1016/S1567-133X(03)00090-5.

Allen, JF; (2003) Why chloroplasts and mitdchondria contain genomes. COMPARATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS , 4 (1) pp. 31-36. 10.1002/cfg.245.

Allen, JF; (2003) The function of genomes in bioenergetic organelles. In: (Proceedings) Royal-Society Discussion Meeting. (pp. pp. 19-37). ROYAL SOC

Allen, JP; Hathway, GJ; Clarke, NJ; Jowett, MI; Topps, S; Kendrick, KM; Humphrey, PP; ... Emson, PC; + view all (2003) Somatostatin receptor 2 knockout/<i>lacZ</i> knockin mice show impaired motor coordination and reveal sites of somatostatin action within the striatum. European Journal of Neuroscience , 17 (9) pp. 1881-1895. 10.1046/j.1460-9568.2003.02629.x.

Aller, MI; Jones, A; Merlo, D; Paterlini, M; Meyer, AH; Amtmann, U; Brickley, S; ... Wisden, W; + view all (2003) Cerebellar granule cell Cre recombinase expression. Genesis , 36 (2) pp. 97-103. 10.1002/gene.10204.

Aller, MI; Jones, A; Merlo, D; Paterlini, M; Meyer, AH; Arntmann, U; Brickley, S; ... Wisden, W; + view all (2003) Cerebellar granule cell Cre recombinase expression. GENESIS , 36 (2) 97 - 103. 10.1002/gene.10204.

Altizer, S; Nunn, CL; Thrall, PH; Gittleman, JL; Antonovics, J; Cunningham, AA; Dobson, AP; ... Pulliam, JRC; + view all (2003) Social organization and parasite risk in mammals: Integrating theory and empirical studies. ANNUAL REVIEW OF ECOLOGY EVOLUTION AND SYSTEMATICS , 34 pp. 517-547. 10.1146/annurev.ecolsys.34.030102.151725.

Andreazzoli, M; Gestri, G; Cremisi, F; Casarosa, S; Dawid, IB; Barsacchi, G; (2003) Xrx1 controls proliferation and neurogenesis in Xenopus anterior neural plate. DEVELOPMENT , 130 (21) 5143 - 5154. 10.1242/dev.00665.

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Aybar, MJ; Nieto, A; Mayor, R; (2003) Snail precedes Slug in the genetic cascade required for the specification and migration of the Xenopus neural crest. Development , 130 pp. 483-494. 10.1242/10.1242/dev.00238.


Baccei, ML; Bardoni, R; Fitzgerald, M; (2003) Development of nociceptive synaptic inputs to the neonatal rat dorsal horn: glutamate release by capsaicin and menthol. JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON , 549 (1) pp. 231-242. 10.1113/jphysiol.2003.040451.

Baker, RH; Denniff, M; Futerman, P; Fowler, K; Pomiankowski, A; Chapman, T; (2003) Accessory gland size influences time to sexual maturity and mating frequency in the stalk-eyed fly, Cyrtodiopsis dalmanni. BEHAV ECOL , 14 (5) 607 - 611. 10.1093/beheco/arg053.

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Banks, F; Crump, A; Calvert, R; Knight, GE; Thompson, C; Mikhailidis, DP; Morgan, RJ; (2003) Purinergic co-transmission in the contraction of human vas deferens smooth muscle. In: (pp. 4-).

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Beaumont, NJ; Skinner, VO; Tan, TMM; Ramesh, BS; Byrne, DJ; MacColl, GS; Keen, JN; ... Srai, KS; + view all (2003) Ghrelin can bind to a species of high density lipoprotein associated with paraoxonase. J BIOL CHEM , 278 (11) 8877 - 8880. 10.1074/jbc.C200575200. Gold open access

Becker, DL; Taskiri, N; Thrasivoulou, C; Mobbs, P; (2003) Potential role for CX43 in the migration of progenitor cells from chick retinal ventricular zone. In:

Beeson, D; Webster, R; Ealing, J; Croxen, R; Brownlow, S; Brydson, M; Newsom-Davis, J; ... Vincent, A; + view all (2003) Structural abnormalities of the AChR caused by mutations underlying congenital myasthenic syndromes. In: Agius, MA and Richman, DP and Fairclough, RH and Maselli, RA, (eds.) MYASTHENIA GRAVIS AND RELATED DISORDERS. (pp. 114 - 124). NEW YORK ACAD SCIENCES

Behar, DM; Thomas, MG; Skorecki, K; Hammer, MF; Bulygina, E; Rosengarten, D; Jones, AL; ... Weale, ME; + view all (2003) Multiple Origins of Ashkenazi Levites: Y Chromosome Evidence for Both Near Eastern and European Ancestries. American Journal of Human Genetics , 73 (4) pp. 768-779. 10.1086/378506.

Behar, DM; Thomas, MG; Skorecki, K; Hammer, MF; Bulygina, E; Rosengarten, D; Jones, AL; ... Weale, ME; + view all (2003) Multiple origins of Ashkenazi Levites: Y chromosome evidence for both Near Eastern and European ancestries. AM J HUM GENET , 73 (4) 768 - 779.

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