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(1999) Use of Eukaryotically Expressed Antigenic Regions of Cytochrome P4502D6 to Differentiate LKM1 Responses in Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 2 and HCV Infection. Journal of Hepatology , 30 p. 70.

Aaltonen, J; Laitinen, MPE; Vuojolainen, K; Dale, L; Ritvos, O; (1999) Human growth differentiation factor 9B (GDF-9B): A novel homologue of the female infertility gene GDF-9 maps to Xp11.2 and is expressed on oocytes. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism , 84 pp. 2744-2750.

Abbiendi, G; Ackerstaff, K; Alexander, G; Allison, J; Altekamp, N; Anderson, KJ; Anderson, S; (1999) Search for Higgs bosons and other massive states decaying into two photons in e<sup>+</sup>e<sup>-</sup> collisions at 189 GeV. Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics , 464 (3-4) pp. 311-322.

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