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Akopian, AN; Sivilotti, L; Wood, JN; (1996) A tetrodotoxin-resistant voltage-gated sodium channel expressed by sensory neurons. NATURE , 379 (6562) 257 - 262.

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Salim, K; Bottomley, MJ; Querfurth, E; Zvelebil, MJ; Gout, I; Scaife, R; Margolis, RL; ... Panayotou, G; + view all (1996) Distinct specificity in the recognition of phosphoinositides by the pleckstrin homology domains of dynamin and Bruton's tyrosine kinase. EMBO JOURNAL , 15 (22) pp. 6241-6250.

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Wotton, RS; (1996) Colloids, bubbles, and aggregates - A perspective on their role in suspension feeding. J N AM BENTHOL SOC , 15 (1) 127 - 135.

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