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Ashworth, A; Shephard, EA; Rabin, BR; Phillips, IR; (1984) Microheterogeneity in a cytochrome P-450 multigene family. Biochemical Society Transactions , 12 pp. 667-668.

Bender, D; (1984) B vitamins in the nervous system. Neurochemistry International , 6 pp. 297-321.

Bender, D; (1984) Who needs vitamins? A guide for pharmacists. Pharmaceutical Journal , 237 (637) 639-.

Bender, DA; (1984) Inhibition of kynureninase by oestrogen conjugates: evidence that oestrogens do not cause vitamin B6 deficiency. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research , 144A pp. 351-4.

Bender, DA; Totoe, L; (1984) High doses of vitamin B6 in the rat are associated with inhibition of hepatic tryptophan metabolism and increased uptake of tryptophan into the brain. Journal of Neurochemistry , 43 (3) pp. 733-6.

Bender, DA; Totoe, L; (1984) Inhibition of tryptophan metabolism by oestrogens in the rat: a factor in the aetiology of pellagra. British Journal of Nutrition , 51 (2) 219 - 224. 10.1079/BJN19840026. Green open access

Carter, ND; Shiels, A; Jeffery, S; Hetah, R; Wilson, CA; Phillips, IR; Shephard, EA; (1984) Hormonal control of carbonic anhydrase III. Annal New York Acad Sci , 429 pp. 287-301.

Colquhoun, D; Ogden, DC; (1984) Evidence from single-channel recording of channel block by nicotinic agonists at the frog neuromuscular junction. Journal of Physiology , VOL. 3

Dean, MC; (1984) Comparative myology of the hominoid cranial base. I. The muscular relationships and bony attachments of the digastric muscle. Folia Primatologica , 43 (4) pp. 234-248.

Dean, MC; Wood, BA; (1984) Phylogeny, neoteny and growth of the cranial base in hominoids. Folia Primatologica , 43 (2-3) pp. 157-180.

Evans, SE; (1984) On the question of epipubic bones in Morganucodontids. Journal of Paleontology , 58 (5) 1339-.

Griffiths, BL; Karlsson, S; Soh, CPC; Dawnay, ABSJ; Swallow, DM; (1984) Tamm-horsfall glycoprotein: a lectin binding study. Glycoconjugate Journal , 1 (2) pp. 183-190. 10.1007/BF01213730.

Holley, J; Bender, DA; Coulson, WF; Symes, EK; (1984) Oestrogen uptake by target tissues and biological actions in vitamin B6 deficiency. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research , 144A pp. 55-60.


Michelakakis, H; Danpure, CJ; (1984) The effect of cytochalasin B on the release of lysosomal enzymes and intra-lysosomally-stored polyvinylpyrrolidone in the isolated perfused rat liver. Biochemical Pharmacology , 33 (2047) 2053-. 10.1016/0006-2952(84)90572-0.

Phillips, IR; Shephard, EA; Ashworth, A; (1984) Cloning of a cDNA coding for a rat liver protein whose expression is subject to gender-specific regulation by xenobiotics. Biochemical Society Transactions , 12 pp. 103-104.

Symes, EK; Bender, DA; Bowden, JF; Coulson, WF; (1984) Increased target tissue uptake of, and sensitivity to, testosterone in the vitamin B6 deficient rat. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry , 20 (5) pp. 1089-93.

Book chapter

Phillips, IR; Shephard, EA; Rabin, BR; Ashworth, A; Bayney, RM; Pike, SF; (1984) Structure and expression of genes coding for phenobarbital-inducible cytochromes P-450. In: Siest, G, (ed.) Drug Metabolism. Molecular Approaches and Pharmacological Implications. (pp. 93-102). Pergammon Press: Oxford.

Proceedings paper

Allen, TGJ; Ikeda, H; Tansey, EM; (1984) Enhanced retinal and optic nerve responses in mice infected with Semliki Forest virus that causes optic nerve demyelination. In: (pp. 25P-25P).

Allen, TGJ; Ikeda, H; Tansey, EM; (1984) An increase in axoplasmic flow precedes demyelination of optic nerve fibres in mice infected with Semliki Forest virus. In: (pp. 17P-17P).

Crompton, M; Goldstone, TP; Al Nasser, I; (1984) The regulation of mitochondrial calcium. In: Cell calcium. (pp. 268 - 269).

Ikeda, H; Tansey, EM; (1984) Axonal sprouting in virus-induced demyelination? In: (pp. 58P-58P).

Conference item

Bender, D; (1984) Effects of oestrogens on the metabolism of tryptophan: implications for the interpretation of the tryptophan load test. Presented at: 4th meeting of the International Study Group on Tryptophan reseaarch.

Bender, D; (1984) Inhibition of kynureninase by oestrogens: evidence that oestrogens do not cause vitamin B6 deficiency. Presented at: Chemical and Biological Aspects of Vitamin B6 Catalysis: SYmposium 121 of the INternational Union of Biochemistry.

Bender, D; Magboul, B; (1984) The pellagragenic action of excess dietary leucine - effects of a high leucine diet on tryptophan metabolism. Presented at: 4th meeting of the International Study Group on Tryptophan Research.

Bowden, J-F; Bender, D; Coulson, W; Symes, E; (1984) Enghanced end-organ sensitivity to steroid hormones in vitamin B6 deficiency. Presented at: 7th INternational Congress of Endocrinology.

Dean, MC; (1984) Neoteny and the comparative ontogeny of the hominoid cranial base. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Abbott, S.A.; (1984) A comparative study of tooth root morphology in the great apes, modern man and early hominids. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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