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Boushaba, R; Baldascini, H; Gerontas, S; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Bracewell, DG; (2011) Demonstration of the Use of Windows of Operation to Visualize the Effects of Fouling on the Performance of a Chromatographic Step. BIOTECHNOL PROGR , 27 (4) 1009 - 1017. 10.1002/btpr.617.

Brown, AI; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Lye, GJ; (2011) Scale-Down Prediction of Industrial Scale Pleated Membrane Cartridge Performance. BIOTECHNOL BIOENG , 108 (4) 830 - 838. 10.1002/bit.23013.

Brown, AI; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Lye, GJ; (2011) Scale-down prediction of industrial scale pleated membrane cartridge performance. Biotechnol Bioeng , 108 (4) pp. 830-838. 10.1002/bit.23013.


Cao, B; Mitchell, JE; (2011) Modelling Optical Burst Equalisation in Next Generation Access Network. In: (Proceedings) 12th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON). IEEE

Chhatre, S; Farid, SS; Coffman, J; Bird, P; Newcombe, AR; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2011) How implementation of Quality by Design and advances in Biochemical Engineering are enabling efficient bioprocess development and manufacture. J CHEM TECHNOL BIOT , 86 (9) 1125 - 1129. 10.1002/jctb.2628.

Chhatre, S; Konstantinidis, S; Ji, Y; Edwards-Parton, S; Zhou, Y; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2011) The simplex algorithm for the rapid identification of operating conditions during early bioprocess development: Case studies in FAb' precipitation and multimodal chromatography. Biotechnology and Bioengineering , 108 (9) pp. 2162-2170. 10.1002/bit.23151.

Chhatre, S; Konstantinidis, S; Ji, Y; Edwards-Parton, S; Zhou, YH; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2011) The Simplex Algorithm for the Rapid Identification of Operating Conditions During Early Bioprocess Development: Case Studies in FAb' Precipitation and Multimodal Chromatography. BIOTECHNOL BIOENG , 108 (9) 2162 - 2170. 10.1002/bit.23151.

Chhatre, S; Pampel, L; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2011) Integrated Use of Ultra Scale-Down and Financial Modeling to Identify Optimal Conditions for the Precipitation and Centrifugal Recovery of Milk Proteins. BIOTECHNOL PROGR , 27 (4) 998 - 1008. 10.1002/btpr.612.


Ghataoura, DS; Mitchell, JE; Matich, G; (2011) AUTONOMIC CONTROL FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK SURVEILLANCE APPLICATIONS. In: (Proceedings) Military Communications Conference (MILCOM). (pp. pp. 1670-1675). IEEE

Ghataoura, DS; Mitchell, JE; Matich, GE; (2011) Networking and Application Interface Technology for Wireless Sensor Network Surveillance and Monitoring. IEEE Communications Magazine , 49 (10) 90 - 97. 10.1109/MCOM.2011.6035821. Green open access

Griffiths, JA; Chen, D; Turchetta, R; Royle, GJ; (2011) Characterization study of an intensified complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor active pixel sensor. REV SCI INSTRUM , 82 (3) , Article 033709. 10.1063/1.3553497.


Laughlin, Z; Conreen, M; Witchel, HJ; Miodownik, MA; (2011) The use of standard electrode potentials to predict the taste of solid metals. Food Quality and Preference , 22 (7) pp. 628-637.


Mendinueta, JMD; Cao, B; Thomsen, BC; Mitchell, JE; (2011) Performance of an optical equalizer in a 10 G wavelength converting optical access network. OPTICS EXPRESS , 19 (26) 229 - 234. 10.1364/OE.19.00B229. Green open access

Mendinueta, JMD; Mitchell, JE; Bayvel, P; Thomsen, BC; (2011) Digital dual-rate burst-mode receiver for 10G and 1G coexistence in optical access networks. Optics Express , 19 (15) 14060 - 14066. 10.1364/OE.19.014060. Green open access

Mendinueta, JMD; Mitchell, JE; Bayvel, P; Thomsen, BC; (2011) Digital multi-rate receiver for 10GE-PON and GE-PON coexistence. In: 2011 OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATION CONFERENCE AND EXPOSITION (OFC/NFOEC) AND THE NATIONAL FIBER OPTIC ENGINEERS CONFERENCE. (pp. ? - ?). OPTICAL SOC AMERICA

Mitchell, JE; Ghataoura, DS; Matich, GE; (2011) VIGILANT+: mission objective interest groups for wireless sensor network surveillance applications. IET Wireless Sensor Systems , 1 (4) 229 - 240. 10.1049/iet-wss.2011.0045. Green open access

Mitchell, JE; Thakur, MP; Parker, MC; Walker, SD; (2011) Radio-over-fibre networks: Developments from the BONE Virtual Centre of Excellence in Access. In:


Nyamapfene, A; (2011) Towards Understanding Child Language Acquisition: An Unsupervised Multimodal Neural Network Approach. JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING , 27 (5) pp. 1613-1639.

Nyamapfene, A; (2011) Harnessing the Internet for Authentic Learning: Towards a new Higher Education Paradigm for the 21st Century. In: Greener, S and Rospigliosi, A, (eds.) (Proceedings) 10th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL). (pp. pp. 586-592). ACADEMIC CONFERENCES LTD


Qin, F; Mitchell, JE; (2011) Analyses of MAC Performance for Multi-Carrier based Wireless Sensor Networks. In: 2011 IEEE 36th Conference On Local Computer Networks (LCN). (pp. 860 - 866). IEEE Green open access


Remmert, SM; Banks, ST; Harvey, JN; Orr-Ewing, AJ; Clary, DC; (2011) Reduced dimensionality spin-orbit dynamics of CH3 + HCl reversible arrow CH4 Cl on ab initio surfaces. J CHEM PHYS , 134 (20) , Article 204311. 10.1063/1.3592732.


Thakur, MP; Medeiros, MCR; Laurencio, P; Mitchell, JE; (2011) Optical frequency tripling with improved suppression and sideband selection. Optics Express , 19 (26) B459-B470. 10.1364/OE.19.00B459. Green open access

Thakur, MP; Medeiros, MCR; Laurencio, P; Mitchell, JE; (2011) Optical frequency tripling with improved suppression and sideband selection. In: (pp. pp. 457-468). OPTICAL SOC AMER

Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2011) Exploiting insights to facilitate the integration of upstream and downstream. In: ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. (pp. ? - ?). AMER CHEMICAL SOC


von Horsten, HF; Banks, ST; Clary, DC; (2011) An efficient route to thermal rate constants in reduced dimensional quantum scattering simulations: Applications to the abstraction of hydrogen from alkanes. J CHEM PHYS , 135 (9) 10.1063/1.3625960.

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