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Banks, ST; Clary, DC; (2009) Chemical reaction surface vibrational frequencies evaluated in curvilinear internal coordinates: Application to H+CH4 -><- H-2+CH3. J CHEM PHYS , 130 (2) , Article 024106. 10.1063/1.3052076.

Banks, ST; Tautermann, CS; Remmert, SM; Clary, DC; (2009) An improved treatment of spectator mode vibrations in reduced dimensional quantum dynamics: Application to the hydrogen abstraction reactions mu+CH4, H+CH4, D+CH4, and CH3+CH4. J CHEM PHYS , 131 (4) , Article 044111. 10.1063/1.3177380.

Brown, AI; Levison, P; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Lye, GJ; (2009) Membrane pleating effects in 0.2 mu m rated microfiltration cartridges. J MEMBRANE SCI , 341 (1-2) 76 - 83. 10.1016/j.memsci.2009.05.044.


Chhatre, S; Bou-Habib, G; Smith, MP; Hoare, M; Bracewell, DG; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) Use of PAT principles for the open-loop control of laboratory and pilot-scale chromatography columns. J CHEM TECHNOL BIOT , 84 (9) 1314 - 1322. 10.1002/jctb.2181.

Chhatre, S; Bou-Habib, G; Smith, MP; Hoare, M; Bracewell, DG; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) Use of PAT principles for the open-loop control of laboratory and pilot-scale chromatography columns. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology , 84 (9) pp. 1314-1322. 10.1002/jctb.2181.

Chhatre, S; Bracewell, DG; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) A microscale approach for predicting the performance of chromatography columns used to recover therapeutic polyclonal antibodies. J CHROMATOGR A , 1216 (45) 7806 - 7815. 10.1016/j.chroma.2009.09.038.

Chhatre, S; Bracewell, DG; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) A microscale strategy for evaluating chromatography conditions in the recovery and purification of polyclonal antibodies from ovine serum. Journal of Chromatography A

Chhatre, S; Francis, R; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) BIOT 416-A sensitivity analysis technique for identifying critical process parameters in biomanufacturing processes. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S , 238 ? - ?.

Chhatre, S; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) Review: Microscale methods for high-throughput chromatography development in the pharmaceutical industry. J CHEM TECHNOL BIOT , 84 (7) 927 - 940. 10.1002/jctb.2125.

Cook, EJ; GRIFFITHS, J; Koutalonis, M; Horrocks, J; George, L; Speller, RD; (2009) Experimental evaluation of established options for in-field systems.

Cook, EJ; Griffiths, JA; Koutalonis, M; Gent, C; Pani, S; Horrocks, JA; George, L; (2009) Illicit drug detection using energy dispersive x-ray diffraction. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering , 7310 10.1117/12.819132.

Cook, EJ; Koutalonis, M; GRIFFITHS, J; Horrocks, J; George, L; speller, RD; (2009) Design of a prototype system for in-field applications.


Edwards-Parton, S; Velayudhan, S; A, T-H; N, J; Zhou, Y; (2009) A directed data-driven experimental approach to accelerating bioprocess development. Biotechnology Progress

Esbrand, C; Royle, G; Griffiths, J; Speller, R; (2009) The implementation of CMOS imaging sensors within a real time digital mammography intelligent imaging system: The I-ImaS system. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering , 7384 10.1117/12.835625.

Esbrand, CJ; Arvanitis, CD; Pani, S; Price, BD; Griffiths, JA; Metaxas, M; Royle, GJ; (2009) Characterisation of the Components of a Prototype Scanning Intelligent Imaging System for Use in Digital Mammography: The I-ImaS System. In: IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE. (pp. 1419 - 1425). IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC


Kong, S; Aucamp, J; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) A membrane sterile filtration study on plasmid DNA using an automated microwell technique.

Kong, S; Day, AF; O'Kennedy, RD; Shamlou, PA; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2009) Using viscosity-time plots of Escherichia coli cells undergoing chemical lysis to measure the impact of physiological changes occurring during batch cell growth. J CHEM TECHNOL BIOT , 84 (5) 696 - 701. 10.1002/jctb.2101.

Koutalonis, M; Cook, EJ; Griffiths, JA; Horrocks, JA; Gent, C; Pani, S; George, L; (2009) Designing an in-field system for illicit drug detection using X-ray diffraction. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record pp. 862-867. 10.1109/NSSMIC.2009.5402460.

Koutalonis, M; GRIFFITHS, J; Horrocks, J; Cook, EJ; George, L; Speller, RD; (2009) Evaluation of possible options of in-field systems.


Laughlin, Z; (2009) Parkour, Materials and the City. In: Actions: What You Can Do With the City. Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montréal, and SUN, Amsterdam: Canada.


Mannall, GJ; Myers, JP; Liddell, J; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Dalby, PA; (2009) Ultra Scale-Down of Protein Refold Screening in Microwells: Challenges, Solutions and Application. BIOTECHNOL BIOENG , 103 (2) 329 - 340. 10.1002/bit.22245.


Nyamapfene, A; (2009) Computational investigation of early child language acquisition using multimodal neural networks: a review of three models. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE REVIEW , 31 (1-4) pp. 35-44. 10.1007/s10462-009-9125-6.

Nyamapfene, A; (2009) A LOCALIST NEURAL NETWORK MODEL FOR EARLY CHILD LANGUAGE ACQUISITION FROM MOTHERESE. In: Mayor, J and Ruh, N and Plunkett, K, (eds.) (Proceedings) 11h Neural Computational and Psychology Workshop. (pp. pp. 277-288). WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBL CO PTE LTD


Olivo, A; Bohndiek, SE; Griffiths, JA; Konstantinidis, A; Speller, RD; (2009) A non-free-space propagation x-ray phase contrast imaging method sensitive to phase effects in two directions simultaneously. APPL PHYS LETT , 94 (4) , Article 044108. 10.1063/1.3078410.


Remmert, SM; Banks, ST; Clary, DC; (2009) Reduced Dimensionality Quantum Dynamics of CH3 + CH4 -> CH4 + CH3: Symmetric Hydrogen Exchange on an Ab Initio Potential. J PHYS CHEM A , 113 (16) 4255 - 4264. 10.1021/jp810803k.

Remmert, SM; Banks, ST; Clary, DC; (2009) Reduced dimensionality quantum dynamics of the polyatomic reaction CH3 + CH4 -> CH4 + CH3 on an ab initio surface. ABSTR PAP AM CHEM S , 238 ? - ?.


Subahi, AM; Royle, GJ; Griffiths, JA; Speller, RD; Moir-Riches, P; Boardman, J; (2009) Assessment of Novel Transition Metal Oxide Radiation Detectors. 2008 IEEE NUCLEAR SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM AND MEDICAL IMAGING CONFERENCE (2008 NSS/MIC), VOLS 1-9 1693 - 1698.


Wilkins, R; Nyamapfene, A; (2009) Usability driven website design - An equine sports case study. International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions, ICITST 2009

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