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Bou-Habib, G; Yeung, K; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Hoare, M; (2002) Use of at-line spectrophotometry for the rapid definition of pilot-scale flocculation processes. BIOTECHNOL PROGR , 18 (2) 387 - 393. 10.1021/bp010185t.

Byrne, EP; Fitzpatrick, JJ; Pampel, LW; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2002) Influence of shear on particle size and fractal dimension of whey protein precipitates: implications for scale-up and centrifugal clarification efficiency. CHEM ENG SCI , 57 (18) 3767 - 3779.

Ciccolini, LA; Shamlou, PA; Titchener-Hooker, N; (2002) A mass balance study to assess the extent of contaminant removal achieved in the operations for the primary recovery of plasmid DNA from Escherichia coli cells. Biotechnol Bioeng , 77 (7) pp. 796-805.

Royle, GJ; Harris, EJ; Speller, RD; Griffiths, JA; Hanby, AM; (2002) Diffraction enhanced breast imaging: Preliminary results from the Elettra synchrotron source. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference , 3 pp. 1814-1818.

S rensen, E; Teoh, HK; Titchener-Hooker, N; (2002) Modelling and optimisation of chromatographic processes. European Pharmaceutical Review (4) pp. 13-16.

Smith, MP; Bulmer, MA; Hjorth, R; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2002) Hydrophobic interaction ligand selection and scale-up of an expanded bed separation of an intracellular enzyme from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J CHROMATOGR A , 968 (1-2) 121 - 128.

Sorensen, E; Teoh, HK; Titchener-Hooker, N; (2002) Modelling and optimisation of chromatographic processes. European Pharmaceutical Review , 4 pp. 13-16.


Mitchell, JE; (2002) The Annual London Conference on Communications. : London, UK.

Proceedings paper

Bracewell, DG; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Hoare, M; (2002) Levereaging rapid data aquisition, scale-down devices & models to improve bioprocesses (Oral presentation). In: (Proceedings) International Conference on Trends in Monitoring and Control of Life Science Applications. : Lyngby, Denmark.

Griffiths, P; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Zhou, YH; (2002) Using feasible regions to investigate the operability of integrated downstream process designs. In: Dochain, D and Perrier, M, (eds.) COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 2001 (CAB8). (pp. 287 - 292). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Griffiths, P; Zhou, Y; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2002) Determining operating strategies for bioprocesses subject to uncertainty. In: (Proceedings) The American Chemical Society 224th Annual Meeting. : Boston.

Harris, EJ; Royle, GJ; Speller, R; GRIFFITHS, J; Hanby, AM; (2002) Assessment of a novel CCD x-ray camera for clinical diffraction imaging of breast tissue. In: (Proceedings) 6th Position Sensitive Detector Conference.

Nealon, AJ; Clayton, T; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2002) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) 'Evaluation of the measurement of process kinetics using an automated liquid handling robot integrated with a microplate reader'. In AIChE Annual Meeting, 3-8 November. : Indianapolis, USA.

Pampel, LW; Udell, M; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Dunnill, P; (2002) UNSPECIFIED In: (Proceedings) 'Integration of scale-down and economic modelling for use in bioprocess optimization'. In 224th ACS National Meeting, 18-22 August. : Boston.

Titchener-Hooker, NJ; (2002) Using new biochemical engineering to speed biopharmaceuticals to market ECB9. In: (Proceedings) ?. : Brussels.

Conference item

Attard, JC; Mitchell, JE; (2002) Fibre Supported Millimetre wave systems. Presented at: International Conference on Telecommunications ICT 2002, Beijing, China, 23rd - 26th June.

Attard, JC; Mitchell, JE; (2002) Fibre radio mm-wave radio system configurations utilising a WDM overlay on a PON. Presented at: FSAN Workshop & OHAN 2002.

Attard, JC; Mitchell, JE; (2002) A comparison of the performance of different fibre radio mm-wave generation techniques in the presence of self homodyne beat noise. Presented at: Proceeding Wireless Design Conference.

Attard, JC; Mitchell, JE; (2002) An interferometric noise analysis for unequal interferers. Presented at: International Conference on Telecommunications ICT, Beijing, China, 23 - 26 June.

Attard, JC; Mitchell, JE; O'Reilly, JJ; (2002) Crosstalk considerations in mm-wave radio over fibre distribution systems with interleaved baseband channels. Presented at: Proceeding XVIII World Telecommunications Congress.

Geary, N; Bernidaki, G; Antonopoulos, A; Mitchell, JE; (2002) Introducing optical transparency into core networks with R-OADMs. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Griffiths, HD; Kenyon, AJ; Mitchell, JE; Sacks, L; (2002) Problem Based Learning in electronic engineering. Presented at: UCL Teaching and Learning Conference.

Mitchell, JE; Attard, JC; (2002) Design of Re-configurable WDM overlay fibre-radio access networks. Presented at: Proceedings IEE 1st International Conference on Photonic Access Technologies.

Shea, DP; Mitchell, JE; Davey, RP; (2002) Pondering the Access Network. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Yeung, EHK; Mitchell, JE; (2002) Modelling of Ultra-wideband (UWB) Radio System. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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