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Abdul-Karim, N; MORGAN, R; Binions, R; Harrison, K; Temple, T; (2013) Forensic Implications of the spatial distribution of post-blast RDX residue. Journal of Forensic Sciences 10.1111/1556-4029.12045.

Abdulaziz, R; Brown, LD; Inman, D; Simons, S; Shearing, PR; Brett, D; (2013) Electrochemical Reduction of Tungsten Oxide in Molten LiCl-KCl Using a Novel Fluidised Bed Electrode Approach. In: (Proceedings) ECS 224th Meeting.

Abdulaziz, R; Brown, LD; Inman, D; Simons, S; Shearing, PR; Brett, D; (2013) Predominance Diagrams for U and Pu in LiCl-KCl. In: (Proceedings) Molten Salts Discussion Group Summer Meeting.

Abdulaziz, R; Brown, LD; Inman, D; Simons, S; Shearing, PR; Brett, D; (2013) A fluidised Cathode Process for the Direct Electrochemical Reduction of Tungsten Oxide in Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic. In: (Proceedings) Molten Salts Discussion Group.

Abolfathi, A; Waters, TP; Brennan, MJ; (2013) On the performance of a nonlinear vibration isolator consisting of axially loaded curved beams. In: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics. Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR): Pisa, Italy. Green open access

Accent, ; Metcalfe, PJ; Anciaes, PR; (2013) Comparative Review of Willingness to Pay Results. Report for a club of 13 UK water companies. A club of 13 UK water companies

Accent, ; Metcalfe, PJ; Anciaes, PR; (2013) Water Resources Research - Reports for South East Water and Welsh Water. South East Water, Welsh Water

Accent, ; Metcalfe, PJ; Anciaes, PR; (2013) Willingness to Pay Research. Series of seven reports for UK water companies (Southern, Northumbrian, Essex & Suffolk, South East, South West, Sutton & East Surrey, Welsh Water). Southern Water, Northumbrian Water, Essex and Suffolk Water, South East Water, South West, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Welsh Water

Acerbi, A; Lampos, V; Bentley, RA; (2013) Robustness of emotion extraction from 20<sup>th</sup>century English books. In: (pp. pp. 1-8).

Acuto, M; (2013) Extraordinary Cities: Millennia of Moral Syndrome, World-Systems and City/State Relations. ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY , 89 (4) pp. 425-427. 10.1111/ecge.12034.

Acuto, M; (2013) World politics by other means? London, City diplomacy and the olympics. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy , 8 (3-4) pp. 287-311. 10.1163/1871191X-12341255.

Acuto, M; Curtis, S; (2013) Reassembling International Theory. [Book]. Palgrave Macmillan

Acuto, M; Steele, W; (2013) Global City Challenges. [Book].

Acuto, M; Steele, W; (2013) Global City Challenges. [Book]. Palgrave: Basingstoke.

Adhitya, Sara; (2013) Sonifying Urban Rhythms: Towards the spatio-temporal composition of the urban environment. Doctoral thesis (Ph.D), Università Iuav di Venezia & École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. Green open access

Adler, I; Hudson-Edwards, KA; Campos, LC; (2013) Evaluation of a silver-ion based purification system for rainwater harvesting at a small-scale community level. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology - AQUA , 62 (8) 545 - 551. 10.2166/aqua.2013.049. Green open access

Affandy, A; (2013) Fundamental studies of the sterile filtration of large plasmid DNA. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Affandy, A; Keshavarz-Moore, E; Versteeg, HK; (2013) Application of filtration blocking models to describe fouling and transmission of large plasmids DNA in sterile filtration. JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE , 437 pp. 150-159. 10.1016/j.memsci.2013.02.055.

Ahmadabadian, AH; Robson, S; Boehm, J; Shortis, M; (2013) Image Selection in Photogrammetric Multi-View Stereo Methods for Metric and Complete 3D Reconstruction. In: Remondino, F and Shortis, MR and Beyerer, J and Leon, FP, (eds.) (Proceedings) Conference on Videometrics, Range Imaging, and Applications XII; and Automated Visual Inspection. SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING

Aittala, M; Weyrich, T; Lehtinen, J; (2013) Practical SVBRDF Capture In The Frequency Domain. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH) , 32 (4) 110:1-110:12. (In press).

Al-Armaghany, A; Tong, K; Leung, TS; (2013) Development of a hybrid microwave-optical tissue oxygenation probe to measure thermal response in the deep tissue. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology , 789 pp. 371-377. 10.1007/978-1-4614-7411-1-49.

Al-Ashwal, WA; Griffiths, HD; (2013) Preliminary analysis of monostatic and bistatic Doppler signature of small maritime target. In: (pp. pp. 494-499).

Al-Jarro, A; Clo, A; Bağcı, H; (2013) Implementation of an Explicit Time Domain Volume Integral Equation Solver on GPUs Using OpenACC. In: (Proceedings) 29th International Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics.

Albiniak, AM; Matos, CFRO; Branston, SD; Freedman, RB; Keshavarz-Moore, E; Robinson, C; (2013) High-level secretion of a recombinant protein to the culture medium with a Bacillus subtilis twin-arginine translocation system in Escherichia coli. FEBS JOURNAL , 280 (16) pp. 3810-3821. 10.1111/febs.12376.

Albiniak, AM; Matos, CFRO; Branston, SD; Freedman, RB; Keshavarz-Moore, E; Robinson, C; (2013) High-level secretion of a recombinant protein to the culture medium with a Bacillus subtilis twin-arginine translocation system in Escherichia coli. FEBS Journal , 280 (16) pp. 3810-3821. 10.1111/febs.12376.

Alexander, DC; Dyrby, TB; (2013) Diffusion imaging with stimulated echoes: signal models and experiment design. ArXiv (arXiv:13)

Alglave, J; Kroening, D; Tautschnig, M; (2013) Partial Orders for Efficient BMC of Concurrent Software.

Alvarado, A; Agrell, E; (2013) Achievable Rates for Four-Dimensional Coded Modulation with a Bit-Wise Receiver. In:

Alvarado, A; Brännström, F; Agrell, E; Koch, T; (2013) High-SNR asymptotics of the mutual information with applications to BICM.

Amina, W; Davis, MR; Thomas, GA; Holloway, DS; (2013) Analysis of wave slam induced hull vibrations using continuous wavelet transforms. Ocean Engineering , 58 pp. 154-166. 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2012.10.011.

Anandarajah, PM; Zhou, R; Maher, R; Lavery, D; Paskov, M; Thomsen, B; Savory, S; (2013) Gain-switched multicarrier transmitter in a long-reach UDWDM PON with a digital coherent receiver. Optics letters , 38 (22) pp. 4797-4800.

Anastasiou, AD; Gavriilidis, A; Mouza, AA; (2013) Study of the hydrodynamic characteristics of a free flowing liquid film in open inclined microchannels. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE , 101 pp. 744-754. 10.1016/j.ces.2013.07.031.

Anastasopoulos, MP; Tzanakaki, A; Zervas, GS; Rofoee, BR; Nejabati, R; Simeonidou, D; Landi, G; ... García-Espín, JA; + view all (2013) Convergence of heterogeneous network and IT infrastructures in support of fixed and mobile Cloud services. In:

Anbaroglu, B; (2013) Spatio-temporal Clustering for Non-Recurrent Traffic Congestion Detection on Urban Road Networks. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Anciaes, PR; (2013) Acessibilidade urbana e elementos para a caracterizacao da qualidade das ruas dos bairros da Praia [Urban accessibility and elements to assess the streets of Praia - Invited talk and workshop at Universidade de Cabo Verde]. Presented at: Universidade de Cabo Verde, Praia, Cape Verde. Green open access

Anciaes, PR; (2013) Examining the influence of party-political factors on the design of a new road. Presented at: 6th AGILE (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe) Conference on Geographic Information Science: Geographic Information Science at the Heart of Europe, Leuven, Belgium, Leuven, Belgium.

Anciaes, PR; (2013) Measuring community severance for transport policy and project appraisal. In: UNSPECIFIED (pp. 559-569).

Anciaes, PR; (2013) Sustainable living - Social determinants of health - Sociology of health and illness. [Scholarly edition]. EBSCO Publishing

Anciaes, PR; (2013) Rethinking the death of the railway in the Portuguese countryside. In: Gather, M and Lüttmerding, A and Berding, J, (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st EURUFU (European Rural Futures) Conference. (pp. pp. 45-57). Institut Verkehr und Raum: Erfurt, Germany. Green open access

Anciaes, PR; Atkinson, G; (2013) Using GIS to derive spatial indicators of the impacts of motorized transport on pedestrian exposure to noise. In: Rauch, S and Morrison, G and Norra, S and Schleicher, N, (eds.) Urban Environment: Proceedings of the 11th Urban Environment Symposium (UES), held in Karlsruhe, Germany, 16-19 September 2012. (pp. pp. 341-352). Springer: Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Anderson, G; Collinson, M; Pym, D; (2013) Trust domains: An algebraic, logical, and utility-theoretic approach. In: (pp. pp. 232-249).

Anderson, PA; Hawker, N; Betney, M; Tully, B; Ventikos, Y; Roy, RA; (2013) Experimental characterisation of light emission during shock-driven cavity collapse. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics , 19 10.1121/1.4800761.

Andriotis, P; Tryfonas, T; Oikonomou, GC; Yildiz, C; (2013) A pilot study on the security of pattern screen-lock methods and soft side channel attacks. In: Buttyán, L and Sadeghi, A-R and Gruteser, M, (eds.) (pp. pp. 1-6). ACM

Anssari-Benam, A; Korakianitis, T; (2013) Atherosclerotic plaques: Is endothelial shear stress the only factor? Medical Hypotheses , 81 (2) pp. 235-239. 10.1016/j.mehy.2013.04.041.

Anssari-Benam, A; Korakianitis, T; (2013) An Experimental Model to Simulate Arterial Pulsatile Flow: In Vitro Pressure and Pressure Gradient Wave Study. Experimental Mechanics , 53 (4) pp. 649-660. 10.1007/s11340-012-9675-4.

Apostolopoulou, E; (2013) Micro-contactors for kinetic estimation of multiphase chemistries. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Ara, M; Reboredo, H; Renna, F; Rodrigues, MRD; (2013) Power Allocation Strategies For OFDM Gaussian Wiretap Channels With a Friendly Jammer. In: (Proceedings) IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC). (pp. 3413-+). IEEE

Araujo, A; (2013) Modelling Chromosome Missegregation in Tumour Evolution. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Ardeshir Tanha, M; Brennan, PV; Ash, M; (2013) Phased array antenna for avalanche FMCW radar. In: (pp. pp. 61-65). IEEE

Argyriou, A; Baldassarre, L; Micchelli, CA; Pontil, M; (2013) On sparsity inducing regularization methods for machine learning. pp. 205-216. 10.1007/978-3-642-41136-6_18.

Armstrong, G; Greig, A; (2013) 2nd IMarEST Ballast Water Technology Conference 9-10 May 2013 - Compliance and Enforcement, A Summary. Marine Technical Notes (3/13)

Arnold, O; Klettner, CA; Eames, I; (2013) Vortex rings moving into turbulence. JOURNAL OF TURBULENCE , 14 (1) pp. 190-202. 10.1080/14685248.2012.759657.

Ascherio, A; Munger, K; White, R; Kochert, K; Simon, C; Polman, C; Freedman, MS; ... Pohl, C; + view all (2013) Vitamin D as a predictor of multiple sclerosis activity and progression. In: (Proceedings) 29th Congress of the European-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis / 18th Annual Conference of Rehabilitation in MS. (pp. pp. 23-24). SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD

Ash, M; (2013) FMCW Phased Array Radar for Imaging Snow Avalanches. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Ashby, MPJ; Bowers, KJ; (2013) A comparison of methods for temporal analysis of aoristic crime. Crime Science , 2 (1) 10.1186/2193-7680-2-1. Green open access

Ashrafi Nik, M; (2013) Simulation of Spray Formation and Mixing in Diesel Engines with Novel Injector Designs. Masters thesis , UCL (University College London).

Asthana, H; Cox, IJ; (2013) Retrieval of highly dynamic information in an unstructured peer-to-peer network. In: (Proceedings) 10th International Workshop on Large-Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval. Green open access

Augenstein, I; Gentile, AL; Norton, B; Zhang, Z; Ciravegna, F; (2013) Mapping keywords to Linked Data resources for automatic query expansion. In: (pp. pp. 9-20).

Augenstein, I; Gentile, AL; Norton, B; Zhang, Z; Ciravegna, F; (2013) Mapping keywords to linked data resources for automatic query expansion. In: (pp. pp. 101-112).

Austin, T; Shanmugalingam, S; Clarke, P; (2013) To cool or not to cool? Hypothermia treatment outside trial criteria. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed , 98 (5) F451-F453. 10.1136/archdischild-2012-302069.


Back, J; Iacovides, J; Furniss, D; Vincent, C; Cox, A; Blandford, A; (2013) Designing Better Prescription Charts: Why we Can’t Just Ask the Nurses. In: Papers from the Workshop on Safer Interaction in Medical Devices. CHI+MED: Paris, France. Green open access

Badger, JL; (2013) The effect of hypoxia on the differentiation of dopaminergic neurons from human pluripotent stem cells. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Bai, Y; Shi, S; Wang, Y; Li, H; Xu, D; (2013) Hydration and Strength Development of High Volume Fly Ash/Portland Cement Blend Manufactured with Room, Thermal and Microwave Curing Methods. In: (Proceedings) 33rd Cement and Concrete Science Conference.

Bai, Y; Shi, S; Wang, YL; Li, H; Xu, DL; (2013) Hydration and Strength Development of High Volume Fly Ash/Portland Cement Blend Manufactured with Room, Thermal and Microwave Curing Methods. In: (Proceedings) 33rd Cement and Concrete Science Conference.

Bainbridge, A; Kendall, GS; De Vita, E; Hagmann, C; Kapetanakis, A; Cady, EB; Robertson, NJ; (2013) Regional neonatal brain absolute thermometry by 1H MRS. NMR IN BIOMEDICINE , 26 (4) pp. 416-423. 10.1002/nbm.2879.

Bakhshi, PK; Nangrejo, MR; Stride, E; Edirisinghe, M; (2013) Application of Electrohydrodynamic Technology for Folic Acid Encapsulation. FOOD AND BIOPROCESS TECHNOLOGY , 6 (7) pp. 1837-1846. 10.1007/s11947-012-0843-4.

Bakshi, P; Kett, M; Oliver, K; (2013) What are the impacts of approaches to increase the accessibility to education for people with a disability across developed and developing countries and what is known about the cost-effectiveness of different approaches? EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London

Balakier, K; Fice, MJ; Ponnampalam, L; Seeds, AJ; Renaud, CC; (2013) Tuneability of Monolithically Integrated Optical Phase Lock Loop for THz Generation. In: (Proceedings) IEEE International Topical Meeting on Microwave Photonics (MWP). (pp. pp. 182-185). IEEE

Balasundaram, B; Chhatre, S; Arora, D; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Bracewell, DG; (2013) Study of the conditions for multi-modal chromatographic capture of Fab from dual-salt precipitated E. coli homogenate. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY , 88 (3) pp. 372-377. 10.1002/jctb.3839.

Bandyopadhyay, B; Janardhanan, S; Spurgeon, SK; (2013) Advances in Sliding Mode Control: Concept, Theory and Implementation. (Vol.440 LN).

Banerji, CRS; Severini, S; Teschendorff, AE; (2013) Network transfer entropy and metric space for causality inference. PHYSICAL REVIEW E , 87 (5) 10.1103/PhysRevE.87.052814.

Bardoscia, M; De Luca, G; Livan, G; Marsili, M; Tessone, CJ; (2013) The Social Climbing Game. JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PHYSICS , 151 (3-4) pp. 440-457. 10.1007/s10955-013-0693-0.

Barr, ET; Vo, T; Le, V; Su, Z; (2013) Automatic detection of floating-point exceptions. In: Giacobazzi, R and Cousot, R, (eds.) (pp. pp. 549-560). ACM

Barratt, D; Cotin, S; Fichtinger, G; Jannin, P; Navab, N; (2013) Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions. [Book]. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol.7915. Springer

Barrientos, N; Davies, M; Lye, G; Szita, N; (2013) Development of a microbioreactor cassette for synthetic biology applications. Presented at: IChemE Young Researcher Meeting, Birmingham, UK.

Baudains, P; Braithwaite, A; Johnson, SD; (2013) Spatial Patterns in the 2011 London Riots. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice , 7 (1) pp. 21-31. 10.1093/police/pas049.

Baudains, PJ; Braithwaite, A; Johnson, SD; (2013) Spatial Patterns in the 2011 London Riots. Policing (Oxford): a journal of policy and practice , 7 (1) pp. 21-31.

Bayazit, MK; (2013) Supramolecular Self-assembly of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes. Presented at: Nanomaterials and Devices Symposium, Imperial College London.

Bayazit, MK; Hodge SA, ; Tay HH, ; Shaffer MSP, ; (2013) Giant cations: generation of single-walled carbon nanotube polyelectrolytes via electrochemical oxidation. Presented at: NT13: The Fourteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes, Finland.

Bayram, C; Ahmad, Z; Denkbas, EB; Stride, E; Edirisinghe, MJ; (2013) Electrohydrodynamic Printing of Silk Fibroin. MACROMOLECULAR RESEARCH , 21 (4) pp. 339-342. 10.1007/s13233-013-1037-2.

Bayvel, P; Behrens, C; Millar, DS; (2013) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Its Application in Optical Communication Systems. In: Optical Fiber Telecommunications VIB: Systems and Networks: Sixth Edition. (pp. 163-219).

Beard, P; (2013) In vivo preclinical photoacoustic imaging of cancer. In:

Beasley, DG; Marques, AC; Alves, LC; da Silva, RC; (2013) Fast simulation of Proton Induced X-Ray Emission Tomography using CUDA. NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION B-BEAM INTERACTIONS WITH MATERIALS AND ATOMS , 306 pp. 109-112. 10.1016/j.nimb.2012.12.053.

Beautement, A; (2013) Optimising information security decision making. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Beck, J; Friedrich, D; Brandani, S; Fraga, ES; (2013) Surrogate based multi-objective optimisation for the design of pressure swing adsorption systems. Separations Division 2013 - Core Programming Area at the 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting: Global Challenges for Engineering a Sustainable Future 211-.

Bele, E; Hibbard, GD; (2013) Reinforcement of microtruss cellular materials by nanocrystalline electrodeposition. SCRIPTA MATERIALIA , 68 (1) pp. 31-34. 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2012.06.039.

Belen Jorge, A; Cora, F; Brett, D; McMillan, PF; (2013) Graphitic Carbon Nitrides as New Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries. In: (Proceedings) European Materials Research Society (E-MRS).

Bell, SJ; Shouler, M; Tahir, S; Campos, L; (2013) Integrating social and technical factors in decision support for non-potable water reuse networks. In: (Proceedings) Asia Pacific Water Recycling Conference.

Bellare, M; Meiklejohn, S; Thomson, S; (2013) Key-Versatile Signatures and Applications: RKA, KDM and Joint Enc/Sig. IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive , 2013 p. 326.

Bellogin, A; Wang, J; Castells, P; (2013) Bridging memory-based collaborative filtering and text retrieval. INFORMATION RETRIEVAL , 16 (6) pp. 697-724. 10.1007/s10791-012-9214-z.

Belur, J; Bouhana, N; (2013) Emergence of terrorism-supportive settings in India: The case of Naxalite terrorism. Presented at: Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Belur, JS; (2013) Police Shootings: A Culture of Approval. In: Unnithan, P, (ed.) Crime and Justice in India. Sage: New Delhi. (In press).

Belur, JS; (2013) Police Stop and Search in India: Mumbai Nakabandi. In: Weber, L and Bowling, B, (eds.) Police Stop and Search in Global Context. (pp. 68-79). Routledge: Abingdon, Oxford.

Bengler, B; Bryan-Kinns, N; (2013) Designing collaborative musical experiences for broad audiences. In: Nagai, Y and Ferguson, S, (eds.) (pp. pp. 234-242). ACM

Bergamasco, G; Burriesci, G; Righini, G; Stacchino, C; (2013) Cardiac-valve prosthesis. EP2319458 (A1).

Bernardi, A; Perin, G; Galvanin, F; Morosinotto, T; Bezzo, F; (2013) Modeling the effect of light intensity in microalgae growth. In: (pp. pp. 349-350).

Besse, FO; (2013) PatchMatch Belief Propagation for Correspondence Field Estimation and its Applications. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London).

Betcke, MM; Lionheart, WRB; (2013) Multi-sheet surface rebinning methods for reconstruction from asymmetrically truncated cone beam projections: I. Approximation and optimality. Inverse Problems , 29 (11) 10.1088/0266-5611/29/11/115003. Green open access

Betcke, MM; Lionheart, WRB; (2013) Multi-sheet surface rebinning methods for reconstruction from asymmetrically truncated cone beam projections: II. Axial deconvolution. Inverse Problems , 29 (11) 10.1088/0266-5611/29/11/115004. Green open access

Bhattacharya, B; Schievano, S; Diaz, VA; (2013) Chapter 1 - A multi-physics and multiscale model of the left ventricle. In: Diaz, V, (ed.) Medical Devices Design in Cardiovascular Applications. MeDDiCA Consortium

Bi, B; Shokouhi, M; Kosinski, M; Graepel, T; (2013) Inferring the demographics of search users: social data meets search queries. In: Schwabe, D and Almeida, VAF and Glaser, H and Baeza-Yates, RA and Moon, SB, (eds.) (pp. pp. 131-140). International World Wide Web Conferences Steering Committee / ACM

Bickel, B; Alexa, M; Kautz, J; Matusik, W; Pece, F; (2013) Physical reproduction of reflectance fields.

Bikfalvi, A; Rafart, A; Poch, J; Soler, J; Prados, F; (2013) STUDENTS' PERCEPTION ON A WEB-BASED E-LEARNING TOOL: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY. In: Chova, LG and Martinez, AL and Torres, IC, (eds.) (Proceedings) 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN). (pp. pp. 2052-2060). IATED-INT ASSOC TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION A& DEVELOPMENT

Binczewski, A; Bogacki, W; Dolata, L; Lechert, L; Podleski, L; Przywecki, M; Oehlschlaeger, A; ... Rofoee, BR; + view all (2013) Enabling service market in metro and access networks - The ADDONAS project. In: (pp. pp. 19-24).

Binkley, D; Gold, NE; Krinke, J; Harman, M; Yoo, S; (2013) Observation-Based Slicing. : Department of Computer Science, UCL.

Bird, J; Harrison, D; Fozzati, D; Marshall, P; (2013) Healthy shopping: A longitudinal study of a mobile app to encourage a balanced diet. In: Mattern, F and Santini, S and Canny, JF and Langheinrich, M and Rekimoto, J, (eds.) UbiComp '13 Adjunct: Proceedings of the 2013 ACM conference on Pervasive and ubiquitous computing adjunct publication. (pp. pp. 1047-1054). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): New York, NY, United States.

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Bordonalli, AC; Fice, MJ; Seeds, AJ; (2013) Optical injection locking of a DFB laser to a 10-GHz spaced frequency comb signal. Optics InfoBase Conference Papers

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Borello, D; Evangelisti, S; Tortora, E; (2013) Modelling of a CHP SOFC system fed with biogas from anaerobic digestion of municipal waste integrated with solar collectors and storage unit. In: (pp. pp. 28-35). Gold open access

Borg, A; Ekanayake, J; Mair, R; Smedley, T; Brew, S; Kitchen, N; Samandouras, G; (2013) Preoperative Particle and Glue Embolization of Meningiomas: Indications, Results and Lessons Learned from 117 Consecutive Patients. Neurosurgery 10.1227/NEU.0b013e31828e1ffd.

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