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Abrams, D; Akkar, SD; Alemdar, B; Alimoradi, A; Allen, R; Andrawes, B; Anagnos, T; ... others, ; + view all (2008) In Recognition. Earthquake Spectra , 24 (4) pp. 823-826.

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Ahmad, Z; Edirisinghe, M; Thian, ES; Huang, J; Jayasinghe, S; Best, S; Bonfield, W; ... Rushton, N; + view all (2008) Processing of biomaterials via the electrohydrodynamic route. In: (pp. 1005-).

Ahmed, H; Stevens, D; Barbouti, O; Zacharakis, E; Pendse, D; Illing, R; Allen, C; ... Emberton, M; + view all (2008) The role of transperineal template prostate mapping biopsies in risk-stratifying men with localised prostate cancer. EUR UROL SUPPL , 7 (3) 274 - 274.

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Ahmed, M; Hailes, S; (2008) A Game Theoretic Analysis of the Utility of Reputation Management. (UCL Computer Science Research Notes RN/08/05 ).

Aickelin, U; Bentley, PJ; Cayzer, S; Kim, J; McLeod, J; (2008) Danger Theory: The Link between AIS and IDS. CoRR , abs/08

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