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Amanullah, A; Hewitt, CJ; Nienow, AW; Lee, C; Chartrain, M; Buckland, BC; Drew, SW; (2001) Flow-cytometry: A valuable tool to enable process improvements in whole-cell biotransformations. ACS 1-5 April, San Diego CA, USA. UNSPECIFIED

Avenell, PJ; Lye, GJ; Woodley, JM; (2001) Packed bed adsorption for the recovery of lactones from Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase bioconversions. Presented at: Proceeding Biotrans 2001, 2-7 September. Darmstadt, Germany.


Baker, KN; Rendall, MH; Hills, AE; Hoare, M; Freedman, RB; James, DC; (2001) Metabolic control of recombinant protein N-glycan processing in NS0 and CHO cells. BIOTECHNOL BIOENG , 73 (3) 188 - 202.

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Bird, P; Sharp, DAC; Woodley, JM; (2001) Near IR monitoring of whole cell biocatalytic processes. ACS meeting, ACS 1-5 April, San Diego, CA, USA. UNSPECIFIED

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Boychyn, M.; Yim, S.S.S.; Shamlou, P.A.; Bulmer, M.; More, J.; Hoare, M.; (2001) Characterization of flow intensity in continuous centrifuges for the development of laboratory mimics. Chemical Engineering Science , 56 (16) pp. 4759-4770. 10.1016/S0009-2509(01)00139-7.

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Carragher, JM; McClean, WS; Woodley, JM; Hack, CJ; (2001) The use of oxygen uptake rate measurements to control the supply of toxic substrate:toluene hydroxylation by Pseudomonas putida UV4. Enzyme and Microbial Technology , 28 pp. 183-188.


Dalby, PA; (2001) Materials and methods relating to protein evolution.


Farid, S; (2001) Application of a risk-based decision-making framework to assess the process economics of disposables. Presented at: 4th IBC International Conference on Production and Economics of Biopharmaceuticals.


Hoare, M; (2001) Solving the problems of processing complex biological materials using new ultra scale-down approaches. In Importance of scale-down in biochemical engineering, IChemE Biochemical Engineering Subject Group, Tuesday 27 March. UNSPECIFIED


Jaques, C; Baganz, F; Ward, J; Zhou, Y; (2001) Flux balance analysis of Saccharopolyspora erythraea. Presented at: Poster Presentation. SGM Meeting, University of East Anglia, Norwich, September 10-13.


Kendall, D; Booth, AJ; Levy, MS; Lye, GJ; (2001) Separation of supercoiled and open-circular plasmid DNA by liquid-liquid counter-current chromatography. BIOTECHNOL LETT , 23 (8) 613 - 619.


Lander, KS; Lye, GJ; (2001) In-situ product recovery to enhance the productivity of Baeyer-Villiger mooxygenase (BVMO) catalysed biotransformations. Presented at: Presentation at the 10th European Congress on Biotechnology. Madrid (Spain), 8-11 July.

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Szita, N.; Buser, R.A.; Dual, J.; (2001) Aspiration and dispensing of biological liquids in the micro- and submicroliter range with high precision. Biomedical Microdevices , 3 (3) pp. 175-182. 10.1023/A:1011482407399.


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Woodley, JM; (2001) Baeyer-Villiger monoxygenase based biocatalytic process technology for optically pure lactone synthesis. Presented at: CellExploit, 9 October, Hanover, Germany.

Woodley, JM; (2001) Process evaluation and scale-up of whole cell Baeyer-Villiger catalysts. Presented at: SGM, 24-30 March, Edinburgh, UK.


Zambianchi, F; Pasta, P; Carrea, G; Collonna, S; Gaggero, N; Woodley, JM; (2001) Use of isolated cyclohexanone monooxygenase from recombinant E-coli as biocatalyst for Baeyer-Villiger and sulfide oxidations. Presented at: Biotrans, 2-7 September, Darmstdt, Germany.

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