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Alvarez-Chavez, JA; Nilsson, J; Turner, PW; Clarkson, WA; Renaud, CC; Selvas-Aguilar, R; Hanna, DC; (1999) Single-polarisation narrow linewidth wavelength tunable high power diode-pumped doubel-clad ytterbiunm doped fiber laser. Presented at: Technical digest of the Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics Europe 1999. CLEO Europe 99.


Barry, LP; Thomsen, BC; Dudley, JM; Harvey, JD; (1999) Optimised design of fibre-based pulse compressor for gain-switched DFB laser pulses at 1.5μm. Electronics Letters , 35 (14) pp. 1166-1168. 10.1049/el:19990782.

Bennett, S; Cai, B; Burr, E; Gough, O; Seeds, AJ; (1999) Terahertz, zero frequency error, tunable optical comb generator for DWDM applications. Conference on Optical Fiber Communication, Technical Digest Series

Bennett, S; Seeds, A; (1999) Error free 80 Gb/s soliton transmission over trans-oceanic (>8,000 km) distances using fast saturable absorbers and dispersion decreasing fibre. IEE Colloquium (Digest) (16) pp. 27-30.

Bennett, S; Seeds, AJ; (1999) Error free 80 Gb/s soliton transmission over trans-oceanic (>8,000 km) distances using fast saturable absorbers and dispersion decreasing fibre. Conference on Optical Fiber Communication, Technical Digest Series

Boo, BJ; Harris, JJ; Gardner, NR; Dominguez, P; (1999) Light emission and the quantum efficiency of lateral p–n junctions on patterned GaAs (100) substrates. Microelectronics , 30 (4-5) pp. 403-407.


Chalker, PR; Joyce, TB; Johnston, C; Crossley, JAA; Huddlestone, J; Whitfield, MD; Jackman, RB; (1999) Fabrication of aluminium nitride diamond and gallium nitride diamond SAW devices. DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS , 8 (2-5) 309 - 313.

Chryssou, CE; Kenyon, AJ; Iwayama, TS; Pitt, CW; Hole, DE; (1999) Evidence of energy coupling between Si nanocrystals and Er3+ in ion-implanted silica thin films. Applied Physics Letters , 75 (14) 2011 - 2013. 10.1063/1.124899. Green open access

Chryssou, CE; Kenyon, AJ; Pitt, CW; Chandler, PJ; Hole, DE; (1999) Investigation of coupling mechanism between erbium (Er3+) and ytterbium (Yb3+) in alumina (Al2O3) host. LUMINESCENT MATERIALS , 560 pp. 203-207.

Coutinho, RC; French, HA; Selviah, DR; Wickramasinghe, D; Griffiths, HD; (1999) Detection of coherent light in an incoherent background. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED. Green open access

Covaci, S; Broos, R; Dillenseger, B; Galis, A; Griffin, D; Eaves, W; Leith, M; (1999) Intelligent Agent based Service Management Systems. Presented at: Workshop on Management of Networks and Services, GLOBECOM'99.




Demosthenous, A; Taylor, J; (1999) Reduction of effects of signal-dependent errors in current-mode analogue Viterbi decoders. Electronics Letters , 35 (20) pp. 1686-1688.

Demosthenous, A; Taylor, J; (1999) A comparison of CMOS and BiCMOS add-compare-select circuits for maximum likelihood sequence detectors. In: (pp. pp. 1073-1076).

Demosthenous, A; Taylor, J; (1999) A very high-speed BiCMOS current comparator for use in Viterbi decoders. In: (pp. pp. 1065-1068).

Dudley, JM; Barry, LP; Harvey, JD; Thomson, MD; Thomsen, BC; Bollond, PG; Leonhardt, R; (1999) Complete characterization of ultrashort pulse sources at 1550 nm. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics , 35 (4) pp. 441-450. 10.1109/3.753649.


Federighi, M; Kenyon, AJ; Chryssou, CE; Pitt, CW; (1999) The effect of level mixing in Er-doped Si. LUMINESCENT MATERIALS , 560 pp. 251-255.


GALIS, A; (1999) Distributed Intelligence in Services and Networks. In: (Proceedings) Intelligence in Services and Networks IS&N '99. (pp. 440 - 446). Springer-Verlag

Gardner, MC; Kilpatrick, RE; Day, SE; Renton, RE; Selviah, DR; (1999) Experimental verification of a computer model for optimizing a liquid crystal display for spatial phase modulation. JOURNAL OF OPTICS A-PURE AND APPLIED OPTICS , 1 (2) 299 - 303.

Gaudin, O; Watson, S; Lansley, SP; Looi, HJ; Whitfield, MD; Jackman, RB; (1999) Optimising the electronic and optoelectronic properties of thin film diamond. Diamond and Related Materials , 8 pp. 623-626.

Grudinin, AB; Nilsson, J; Turner, PW; Renaud, CC; Clarkson, WA; Payne, DN; (1999) Single clad coiled optical fibre for high power lasers and amplifiers. In: Summaries of papers presented at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics: Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, May 23 - 28, 1999. (pp. CPD26/1 - CPD26/2). Optical Society of America: Washington, DC, US. Green open access


Harvey, JD; Dudley, JM; Thomsen, BC; Barry, LP; (1999) Ultra-sensitive optical autocorrelation using two photon absorption. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Harvey, JD; Dudley, JM; Thomsen, BC; Barry, LP; (1999) Ultra-sensitive optical autocorrelation using two photon absorption. Conference on Optical Fiber Communication, Technical Digest Series


Jackman, RB; (1999) Diamond UV Photodetectors for Laser Applications. Presented at: SPIE (Lasers in Synthesis, Charactreisation and Processing of Diamond).

Jiang, WH; Xu, HZ; Xu, B; Wu, J; Ye, XL; Liu, HY; Zhou, W; (1999) Fabrication of InGaAs quantum dots with an underlying InGaAlAs layer on GaAs(100) and high index substrates by molecular beam epitaxy. JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH , 205 (4) 607-.


Kenyon, AJ; Botti, S; Chryssou, CE; Trwoga, PF; Pitt, CW; (1999) Energy transfer in erbium-doped silicon nanoclusters: A comparison of silicon-rich silica and silicon nanopowders. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Kenyon, AJ; Botti, S; Trwoga, PF; Pitt, CW; (1999) Measurement of photocarrier lifetimes in silicon nanoclusters. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Koh, A; Thornhill, NF; Law, VJ; (1999) Principal component analysis of plasma harmonics in end-point detection of photoresist stripping. Electronics Letters , 35 (16) pp. 1383-1385. 10.1049/el:19990930.


Langley, LN; Elkin, MD; Edge, C; Wale, MJ; Gliese, U; Huang, X; Seeds, AJ; (1999) Packaged semiconductor laser optical phase-locked loop (OPLL) for photonic generation, processing and transmission of microwave signals. IEEE T MICROW THEORY , 47 (7) 1257 - 1264.

Leadbeater, ML; Burke, TM; Linfield, EH; Patel, NK; Ritchie, DA; Pepper, M; (1999) MBE regrowth over a patterned partial derivative-doped backgate. In: Sakaki, H and Woo, JC and Yokohama, N and Hirayama, Y, (eds.) COMPOUND SEMICONDUCTORS 1998. (pp. 331 - 336). IOP PUBLISHING LTD

Lewis, D; Malbon, C; Pavlou, G; Stathopoulos, C; Villoldo, EJ; (1999) Integrating Service and Network Management Components for Service Fulfilment. In: Stadler, R and Stiller, B, (eds.) DSOM. (pp. 49 - 62). Springer

Liotta, A; Knight, G; Pavlou, G; (1999) On the Performance and Scalability of Decentralized Monitoring Using Mobile Agents. In: Stadler, R and Stiller, B, (eds.) DSOM. (pp. 3 - 18). Springer

Liu, CP; Seeds, AJ; Betser, Y; Sidorov, V; Ritter, D; Madjar, A; (1999) Two-tone third-order intermodulation distortion characteristics of an HBT optoelectronic mixer using a two-laser approach. In: Microwave Photonics, 1999. MWP ’99. International Topical Meeting on. (pp. 87 -90 vol.1 - 87 -90 vol.1).


O'Reilly, JJ; (1999) Mind the gap! Electronics and communications in the engineering continuum. Electronics and Communication Engineering Journal , 11 (6) pp. 271-278.


Pollard, JK; (1999) Learning-by-teaching: Student generated Web-based Glossary, Dictionary and Quiz of Information Technology. Presented at: 1999 Frontiers in Educ. Conf..

Proffitt, SS; Probert, SJ; Whitfield, MD; Foord, JS; Jackman, RB; (1999) Growth of nanocrystalline diamond films for low field electron emission. DIAMOND AND RELATED MATERIALS , 8 (2-5) 768 - 771.


Radmore, P; Webster, DR; Parker, AE; Hutabarat, M; Ataei, GR; Haigh, DG; (1999) Experience of developing and using CAD tools for III-V FETs. Presented at: IEE Colloquium on Effective Microwave CAD Tools.

Rajarajan, M; Obayya, SSA; Fernandez, FA; Rahman, BMA; Grattan, KTV; (1999) Rigorous study of leaky modes in optical waveguides. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Renaud, CC; Selvas-Aguilar, RJ; Nilsson, J; Turner, PW; Grudinin, AB; (1999) Compact high-energy Q-switched cladding-pumped fiber laser with a tuning range over 40 nm. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters , 11 (8) 976 - 978. 10.1109/68.775318. Green open access


Thomsen, BC; Barry, LP; Dudley, JM; Harvey, JD; (1999) Ultra-sensitive all-optical sampling at 1.5 μm using waveguide two-photon absorption. Electronics Letters , 35 (17) pp. 1483-1484. 10.1049/el:19990993.

Thomsen, BC; Petropoulos, P; Offerhaus, HL; Richardson, DJ; Dudley, JM; Harvey, JD; (1999) Characterization of a 10 GHz harmonically mode-locked erbium fiber ring laser using SHG FROG. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Thornhill, NF; Atia, MR; Hutchison, RJ; (1999) Experiences of statistical quality control with BP Chemicals, Grangemouth. International Journal of COMADEM , 2 (4) pp. 5-10.

Thornhill, NF; Oettinger, M; Fedenczuk, P; (1999) Refinery-wide control loop performance assessment. Journal of Process Control , 9 (2) pp. 109-124.


Watterson, E; Pollard, JK; (1999) Aquarius: A linear pipeline hydraulics simulator. Presented at: Simulation '99.


Yeung, KSY; Hoare, M; Thornhill, NF; Williams, T; Vaghjiani, JD; (1999) Near infra red spectroscopy for bioprocess monitoring and control. Biotechnology and Bioengineering , 63 (6) pp. 684-693.

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