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Amirhaghi, S; Kenyon, AJ; Federighi, M; Pitt, CW; (1996) Carrier lifetime measurements in silicon by photothermal radiometric microscopy. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings , 428 pp. 455-460.

Amirhaghi, S; Kenyon, AJ; Federighi, M; Pitt, CW; (1996) Non-destructive assessment of semiconductor carrier lifetime using photothermal radiometry. MATERIALS RELIABILITY IN MICROELECTRONICS VI , 428 pp. 455-460.

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Compton, DJ; (1996) An experimental and theoretical investigation of shot cloud ballistics. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


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Darwazeh, IZ; Iqbal, A; (1996) Modelling Of The Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Based Distributed Amplifier.

Davies, JB; Day, S; Di Pasquale, F; Fernández, FA; (1996) Finite-element modelling in 2-D of nematic liquid crystal structures. Electronics Letters , 32 (6) pp. 582-583.

Demosthenous, A; Akbari-Dilmaghani, R; Smedley, S; Taylor, J; (1996) Enhanced modular CMOS current-mode winner-take-all network. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Demosthenous, A; Taylor, J; (1996) Current-mode approaches to implementing hybrid analogue/digital Viterbi decoders. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Demosthenous, A; Taylor, J; Smedley, S; (1996) A High-Speed Scalable CMOS Current-Mode Winner-Take-All Network. In: Malsburg, CVD and Seelen, WV and Vorbrüggen, JC and Sendhoff, B, (eds.) (pp. pp. 371-376). Springer

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GALIS, A; Gantenbein, D; Covaci, S; Brianza, C; Karayannis, F; Mykoniatis, G; (1996) Integrated Network Management. In: 0-8194-2357-2/96.

Georgatsos, P; Griffin, D; (1996) A Management System for Load Balancing through Adaptive Routing in Multi-Service ATM Networks. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Griffin, D; Pavlou, G; (1996) Issues in the Integration of IN and TMN. Presented at: EUNICE'96 Summer School on Telecommunications Services.


Jackman, R; (1996) 'Billion pound atoms'. Independent on Sunday

Jackman, RB; (1996) Diamond detectors are blind to UV light. Optics and Laser Europe

Jackman, RB; (1996) Diamonds sparkle in UV detection. Electronics Weekly

Jackman, RB; Baral, B; Kingsley, CR; Foord, JS; (1996) Dopant incorporation mechanisms during the growth of thin film diamond. Diamond and Related Materials , 5 (3-5) pp. 378-382.


Kenyon, AJ; (1996) (Invited) Light emission from silicon-rich silica. Presented at: Rank Prize Funds Symposium on Optical Composites.

Kenyon, AJ; Trwoga, PF; Pitt, CW; Rehm, G; (1996) The origin of photoluminescence from thin films of silicon-rich silica. Journal of Applied Physics , 79 (12) 9291 - 9300. 10.1063/1.362605. Green open access

Khrushchev, I; Fernandes, MO; Bayvel, P; (1996) Er-doped fibre laser using modified orthoconjugate rotator. Presented at: Proceedings OSA Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics CLEO’96.


Lee, KF; Luk, KM; Tong, KF; Yung, YL; Huynh, T; (1996) Experimental study of the rectangular patch with a U-shaped slot. In: IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, AP-S International Symposium (Digest). (pp. 10 - 13).

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McKeag, RD; Whitfield, MD; Chan, SMM; Pang, LY; Jackman, RB; (1996) A High Performance UV Photodetector from Thin Film Diamond. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Mihalache, D; Crasovan, LC; Panoiu, NC; Torner, L; (1996) Temporal optical solitons in quadratic media. In: Trans Black Sea Region Symposium on Applied Electromagnetism.


Neidle, S; (1996) Editorial. Anti-Cancer Drug Design , 11 (1)


Pavlou, G; Mykoniatis, G; Sanchez-Papaspiliou, J-A; (1996) Distributed intelligent monitoring and reporting facilities. Distributed Systems Engineering , 3 (2) pp. 124-135. 10.1088/0967-1846/3/2/007.


Rio, M; Costa, A; Macedo, J; Freitas, V; (1996) A Framework for Broadcasting and Management of URIs. Computer Networks and ISDN Systems , 28 (4) pp. 535-542. 10.1016/0169-7552(95)00082-8.

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Smith, A.J.A.; (1996) Fast waveform metrology : generation, measurement and application of sub-picosecond electrical pulses. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


Timofeev, FM; Bayvel, P; Churin, EG; Gambini, P; Midwinter, JE; (1996) Penalty-free operation of a concave free-space grating demultiplexer at 2.5 Gbit/s with 0.2-0.6 nm spacing. Presented at: Proc. ECOC’96.

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Zeiler, W; DiPasquale, F; BAyvel, P; Midwinter, JE; (1996) Modeling of four-wave mixing and gain peaking in amplified WDM optical communication systems and networks. J LIGHTWAVE TECHNOL , 14 (9) 1933 - 1942.

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