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Bozkurt, S; van Tuijl, S; van de Vosse, FN; Rutten, MCM; (2012) Arterial Pulsatility Improvement by Controlled CF-LVAD Support: An Ex-Vivo Experimental Study. Presented at: 20th Congress of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps, Turkey.

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Bozkurt, S; van de Vosse, FN; Rutten, MCM; (2012) Improving the pulsatility in a CF-LVAD supported cardiovascular system applying a model control to CF-LVAD flow rate. Presented at: Virtual Physiology Human 2012, United Kingdom.

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Davis, MR; Lavroff, J; Thomas, GA; Davidson, G; (2012) Deep water entry of high speed ferry bows. In:

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French, B; Thomas, G; Davis, M; Holloway, D; (2012) A high froude number time-domain strip theory for ship motion predictions in irregular waves. In:



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