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Andrews, DJ; (1997) State of the art report on design methodology. Presented at: IMDC 97.

Andrews, DJ; Bayliss, JA; (1997) The trimaran ship - a potential new form for aircraft carrying ships. Presented at: RINA Warship 97 Symposium, Air Power at Sea, London.

Andrews, DJ; Dicks, CA; (1997) The building block design methodology applied to advanced naval ship design. Presented at: IMDC 97, Newcastle.


Barone, S; Burriesci, G; Petrucci, G; (1997) Automated photoelastic analysis by phase stepping technique. Presented at: XIV IMEKO World Congress, Tampere, Finland.

Barone, S; Burriesci, G; Petrucci, G; (1997) Una nuova tecnica di fotoelasticità automatica basata sul metodo della variazione di fase. Presented at: XXVI National Congress of AIAS - Stress Analysis Italian Association, Catania, Italy.

Basit, AW; Newton, JM; Lacey, LF; (1997) Feasability of pellet formation without microcrystalline cellulose by extrusion spheronisation process. Presented at: AAPS.

Bergeles, G; Bouris, D; Yianneskis, M; Balabani, S; Kravaritis, A; Itskos, S; (1997) Effects of fouling on the efficiency of heat exchangers in lignite utility boilers. APPL THERM ENG , 17 (8-10) 739 - 749.

Brennan, FP; Dover, WD; (1997) Corrosion fatigue and fracture mechanics analysis for threaded connections. In: Dover, WD and Dharamavasan, S and Brennan, FP and Marsh, KJ, (eds.) Fatigue Crack Growth in Offshore Structures. (pp. 461-513).

Bucknall, RWG; Doherty, KP; Haines, NA; (1997) The matrix converter: The ultimate electric drive technology? International Maritime Technology , 109 (2) pp. 161-183.


Calnan, P; Zhao, H; Ladommatos, N; Ford, TM; (1997) The effect on engine performance and NO emissions of a two-stage expansion cycle in a spark ignition engine. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Chatchawalsaisin, J; Newton, JM; (1997) Evaluation of glyceryl monostearate as an aid to the formulation of pellets. Presented at: AAPS.


Di Silvio, L; Huang, J; Bonfield, W; (1997) The in vitro behaviour of human osteoblast like cells on hydroxyapatite and bioglass (R) reinforced polyethylene composites. In: Ravaglioli, A and Krajewski, A, (eds.) Ceramics, Cells and Tissues: Bioceramic Coating for Guided Bone Growth,. Gruppo Editoriale Faenze Editrice: Faenza.

Dover, WD; Brennan, FP; (1997) Fatigue analysis of threaded connections. In: Dover, WD and Dharamavasan, S and Brennan, FP and Marsh, KJ, (eds.) Fatigue Crack Growth in Offshore Structures. (pp. 423-459).

Drake, KR; (1997) Wave profiles associated with extreme loading in random waves. In: (Proceedings) Proc of RINA International Conference on Design and Operation for Abnormal Conditions, Glasgow.


EAMES, I; Duursma, G; (1997) Distortion of marked layers by bubbles injected into a fluidised bed. Chemical Engineering Science , 16 2697 - 2705.

EAMES, I; Hunt, JCR; (1997) Inviscid flow around bodies moving in a weak density gradient in the absence of buoyancy effects. Journal of Fluid Mechanics , 353 331 - 355. 10.1017/S002211209700760X.

Eames, I; Duursma, G; (1997) Displacement of horizontal layers by bubbles injected into fluidised beds. Chemical Engineering Science , 52 (16) pp. 2697-2705. 10.1016/S0009-2509(96)00474-5.

Eatock Taylor, R; Wu, GX; (1997) Interaction of steep waves with offshore structures. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences , 355 (1724) pp. 593-605.

Etube, LS; Brennan, FP; Dover, WD; (1997) Service load simulation for fatigue testing of jack-up steels. Presented at: Recent Advances in Corrosion Fatigue Conference, Sheffield.


Greaves, DM; Borthwick, AGL; Wu, GX; (1997) An investigation of standing waves using a fully non-linear boundary adapive finite element method. Presented at: 12th International Workshop for Water Waves and Floating Bodies, Marseille, France.

Greaves, DM; Wu, GX; (1997) Quadtree-based methods for numerical simulation of fluid flow. Presented at: Chinese Conference on Hydrodynamics.


Jerwanska, E; Alderborn, G; Börjesson, E; Newton, JM; Nyström, C; (1997) Effect of water content on tensile fracture force ana deformability of ram extruded cylinders. International Journal of Pharmaceutics , 149 (1) pp. 131-136. 10.1016/S0378-5173(96)04859-4.


Kouimtzi, M; Pinney, RJ; Newton, JM; (1997) Survival of bacteria during extrusion-spheronization. Pharmaceutical Sciences , 3 (7) pp. 347-351.

Kouimtzi, M; Pinney, RJ; Newton, JM; (1997) Survival of bacteria during extrusion/spheronisation. Presented at: 16th Pharmaceutical Technology Conference, Athens, Greece.


Ladommatos, N; Abdelhalim, S; Zhao, H; (1997) Control of oxides of nitrogen from diesel engines using diluents while minimising the impact on particulate emissions. Presented at: Proc. 1st International Conference on Energy and the Environment - Efficient Utilisation of Energy and Water Resources (ICEE-97).

Ladommatos, N; Abdelhalim, S; Zhao, H; Hu, Z; (1997) The influence of CO2 and H2O in EGR on particulate and NOx emissions. Presented at: UnICEG Winter Meeting, UMIST.

Lumdqvist, A; Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1997) Compactionand drug release from coated drug pellets mixed with other pellets. Presented at: Lakmededels Kongressen 1997, Stockholm, Sweden.

Luo, KH; (1997) Pressure and dilatation effects in high-speed turbulence. In: Chollet, J-P and Voke, PR and Kleiser, L, (eds.) ERCOFTAC Series: Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation II. (167 - 178). Kluwer Academic Publishers: Dordrecht.

Luo, KH; Sandham, ND; (1997) Direct numerical simulation of supersonic jet flow. Engineering Mathematics , 32 121 - 142.

Luo, KH; Sandham, ND; (1997) Instability of vortical and acoustic modes in supersonic round jets. Physics of Fluids , 9 (4) p. 1003. 10.1063/1.869196.


Ma, QW; Wu, GX; Eatock, T; (1997) Finite element analysis of non-linear transient waves in three dimensional long tank. Presented at: 12th International Workshop for Water Waves and Floating Bodies, Marseille, France.

Myers, P; Brennan, FP; Dover, WD; (1997) Experimental fatigue testing high strength tubular welded joints. Presented at: Recent Advances in Corrosion Fatigue Conference, Sheffield.


Newton, JM; (1997) Adhesion of particles to surfaces. Presented at: 24Th International Symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials, Kyoto, Japan.


PODCZECK, F; (1997) UNSPECIFIED Int. J. Pharm. , 149 pp. 51-61.

Pettersson, B; Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1997) Fracture mechanics of model granulation systems. Pharmaceutical Sciences , 3 (7) pp. 329-331.

Pinto, JF; Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1997) Investigations of tablets, prepared from pellets produced by extrusion and spheronisation .1. The application of canonical analysis to correlate the properties of the tablets to the factors studied in combination with principal component analysis to select the most relevant factors. INT J PHARM , 147 (1) pp. 79-93.

Podczeck, F; (1997) Dry powder aerosol for inhalation. Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung , 137 (42) pp. 73-79.


Saffari, N; Svilainis, L; (1997) Signal Processing for Ultrasonic Imaging of Lossy Composites. Ultrasound , 28 (2) pp. 7-11.

Sansford, S; Bucknall, RWG; (1997) Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker Design. In: IMarE.

Siew, LF; Newton, JM; (1997) Suitability of mixed amylose-ethylcellulose films as a means of colonoc drug delivery. Presented at: AAPS.

Sotiropoulos, ; F, ; Ventikos, ; Y, ; (1997) The virtual fish concept: Numerical prediction of fish passage through hydraulic powerplants. 370 - 375.

Sousa, JJ; Sousa, ATB; Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1997) Influence of coating suspension type on propanolo HCl release from coated pellets. Presented at: AAPS.


Tomer, G; Newton, JM; (1997) An investigation of the water movementduring the extrusion process by the application of magentic resonance imaging (MRI). Presented at: AAPS.


Ventikos, Y; Sotiropoulos, F; Fisher, RK; (1997) Predicting fish passage through hydropower installations. Proceedings of the International Conference on Hydropower - Waterpower , 3 pp. 1729-1736.



Zangeneh, M; (1997) Centrifugal or mixed flow turbomachines. US 5685696 (A).

Zangeneh, M; (1997) On the inverse design of inter-stage ducts, diffuser walls and meridional geometry of turbomachines. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper)

Zangeneh, M; Goto, A; Harada, H; (1997) On the design criteria for suppression of secondary flows in centrifugal and mixed flow impellers. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper)

Zangeneh, M; Harada, H; (1997) CENTRIFUGAL OR MIXED FLOW TURBOMACHINERY. EP 0775248 (A1).

Zhang, J.; (1997) Design and hydrodynamic performance of trimaran displacement ships. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Zhou, J; Saffari, N; (1997) Constructing Absorbing Boundary Conditions from Prescribed Elastic Wave Incidences. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America , 87 (5) pp. 1324-1329.

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