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Al-Nasassrah, M; Newton, M; (1996) Fracture mechanical properties of polyethylene glycols. Presented at: AAPS.

Andrews, DJ; (1996) SUBCON - a new approach to submarine concept design. Presented at: Warship 96 Submarines 5, RINA.

Andrews, DJ; (1996) Trireme to Trimaran - the fascination of ship design. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Andrews, DJ; Zhang, J-W; (1996) A novel solution to stability - the Trimaran ship. Presented at: International Symposium on Watertight Integrity, RINA.


Davies, PM; Newton, JM; (1996) Mechanical strength. In: Alderborn, G and Nystrom, C, (eds.) Pharmaceutical Powder Compaction Technology. (pp. 165-191). Marcel Dekker,Inc: New York,US.


EAMES, I; Hunt, JCR; (1996) Displacement of inviscid fluid by a sphere moving away from a wall. Journal of Fluid Mechanics , 324 333 - 353. 10.1017/S002211209600794X. Green open access


Huang, J; M Wang, R; I, B; W, ; (1996) Effect of particle size on the properties of Bioglass® reinforced polyethylene composites. Presented at: The 9th International Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine.


Ladommatos, N; Rose, DW; (1996) On the causes of in-cylinder air-fuel ratio excursions during load and fuelling transients in port-injected spark-ignition engines. SAE Technical Papers 10.4271/960466.

Ladommatos, N; Rose, DW; (1996) Results of a computer model of droplet thermodynamic and dynamic behaviour in the port of a port-injected engine. SAE Technical Papers 10.4271/960468.

Ladommatos, N; Rose, DW; (1996) A model of droplet thermodynamic and dynamic behaviour in the port of a port-injected engine. SAE Technical Papers 10.4271/960467.


MAHMOOD, Z; CHEN, A; YIANNESKIS, M; GANTI, G; (1996) ON THE STRUCTURE OF STEADY FLOW THROUGH DUAL-INTAKE ENGINE PORTS. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids , 23 (10) pp. 1085-1109. 10.1002/(SICI)1097-0363(19961130)23:10<1085::AID-FLD468>3.0.CO;2-X.

Matar, SA; Edirisinghe, MJ; Evans, JRG; Twizell, EH; (1996) Diffusion of degradation products in ceramic moldings during pyrolysis: Effect of geometry. J AM CERAM SOC , 79 (3) 749 - 755.

Miodownik, MA; Martin, JW; (1996) Monte Carlo simulations of particle/boundary interactions. INTERGRANULAR AND INTERPHASE BOUNDARIES IN MATERIALS, PT 2 , 207- pp. 529-532.

Miodownik, MA; Wilkinson, AJ; Martin, JW; (1996) The role of texture-related mobility in the secondary recrystallization of ODS alloys. In: GRAIN GROWTH IN POLYCRYSTALLINE MATERIALS II, PTS 1 AND 2. (pp. 443 - 448).


Newton, JM; (1996) Spheronisation. In: Swarbrick, J and Boylan, JC, (eds.) Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology. (pp. 181-205). Marcel Dekker, Inc: New York, USA.


PODCZECK, F; (1996) The development and optimization of tablet formulations using mathematical methods. In: Alderborn, G and Nyström, C, (eds.) Pharmaceutical powder compaction technology. (pp. 561-593). Informa HealthCare: New York.

Pettersson, B; Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1996) A fracture mechanics approach to the characterization of wet granular agglomerates. Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2 (12) pp. 555-557.

Pinto, JF; Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1996) Assessment of the quality of a binary mixture of pellets for tabletting. Presented at: AAPS.

Podczeck, F; LeeAmies, G; (1996) The bulk volume changes of powders by granulation and compression with respect to capsule filling. INT J PHARM , 142 (1) pp. 97-102.

Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; (1996) No title. Journal of Controlled Release , 41 pp. 291-292.

Podczeck, F; Newton, JM; James, MB; (1996) The influence of chemical structure on the friction properties between particles and compacted powder surfaces. J MATER SCI , 31 (8) pp. 2213-2219.

Podzeck, F; Newton, JM; Wilding, IR; Kenyon, CJ; (1996) The effect of food on the gastrointestinal transit and systemic absorption of naproxen from a novel sustained release formulation [1]. Journal of Controlled Release , 41 (3) pp. 291-293. 10.1016/S0168-3659(96)90030-9.


Roskilly, AP; Mesbahi, E; Bucknall, RWG; Elliott, C; Armstrong, G; (1996) Marine system modelling using artificial neural networks: an introduction to the theory and practice. Transactions of the Institute of Marine Engineers , Vol 108 (3) 185 - 201.


Semenov, YA; (1996) The linear problem of cavitated flow over an cascade of two rows of hydrofoils. International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research , 23 (1-2) pp. 149-154.

Song, JH; Edirisinghe, MJ; Evans, JRG; Twizell, EH; (1996) Modeling the effect of gas transport on the formation of defects during thermolysis of powder moldings. J MATER RES , 11 (4) 830 - 840.

Song, JH; Evans, JRG; Edirisinghe, MJ; Twizell, EH; (1996) Effect of powder bed on critical heating rates for thermolysis of ceramic injection moldings. AICHE J , 42 (6) 1715 - 1722.

Sousa, JJ; Sousa, A; Newton, JM; (1996) The release of drugs from coated pellets. Presented at: AAPS.

Spooner, E; Haines, N; Bucknall, R; (1996) Slotless-armature DC drives for surface warship propulsion. IEE Proceedings: Electric Power Applications , 143 (6) pp. 443-448.

Spooner, E; Haines, NA; Bucknall, RWG; (1996) Slotless-Armature DC drives for Surface Warship Propulsion. IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications


Vreman, AW; Sandham, ND; Luo, KH; (1996) Compressible mixing layer growth rate and turbulence characteristics. Journal of Fluid Mechanics , 320 (1) p. 235. 10.1017/S0022112096007525.

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