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Anbaroglu, B; (2013) Spatio-temporal Clustering for Non-Recurrent Traffic Congestion Detection on Urban Road Networks. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Anciaes, PR; Atkinson, G; (2013) Using GIS to derive spatial indicators of the impacts of motorized transport on pedestrian exposure to noise. In: Rauch, S and Morrison, G and Norra, S and Schleicher, N, (eds.) Urban Environment. (pp. 341-352). Springer: Dordrecht.


Bai, Y; Shi, S; Wang, YL; Li, H; Xu, DL; (2013) Hydration and Strength Development of High Volume Fly Ash/Portland Cement Blend Manufactured with Room, Thermal and Microwave Curing Methods. Presented at: 33rd Cement and Concrete Science Conference, Portsmouth, U.K..

Bajada, T; (2013) The Case of Malta's Bus Reform: Its Impact on People's Attitudes to Bus Travel and Implications for Policy. Presented at: RGS-IBG Post Graduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 2013: Geographical Transitions, Birmingham, UK.

Bajada, T; (2013) The Malta Bus Reform: Implications for policy from a 'natural experiment' of perceived bus service quality and attitudes towards modal shift. Presented at: NECTAR Conference 2013: Dynamics of Global and Local Networks, Azores Islands.

Baudet, BA; Rios Silva, S; Viana da Fonseca, A; (2013) On the mechanical behaviour of an artificially cemented soil. Acta Geotechnica 10.1007/s11440-013-0242-7.

Bell, SJ; (2013) Creativity in Engineering. In: Engineering in Society. Royal Academy of Engineering: London.

Bell, SJ; (2013) Water supply, drainage and flood protection. In: Bell, S and Paskins, J, (eds.) Imagining the Future City: London 2062. (pp. 85-93). Ubiquity Press: London.

Bogush, A; Leonova, GA; Krivonogov, SK; Bobrov, VA; Tikhova, VD; Kondratyeva, LM; Kuzmina, AE; (2013) Diagenetic Transformation of Sapropel from Lake Dukhovoe (East Baikal Region, Russia). Presented at: Water Rock Interaction [WRI 14], France.

Bogush, AA; Stegemann, JA; (2013) Zinc Speciation in Air Pollution Control Residues from UK Energy-from-Waste Facilities. University College London: London.


Cavoli, CM; Franchois, E; (2013) The first 10 years of CIVITAS: Share your experience and improve the Initiative. CIVITAS Vanguard: Brussels.

Cheng, T; Adepejue, M; (2013) Detecting Emerging Space-Time Crime Patterns by Prospective STSS. In: (Proceedings) International Conference of GeoComputation.

Cheng, T; Haworth, J; Anbaroglu, B; Tanaksaranond, G; Wang, J; (2013) Spatiotemporal Data Mining. In: Fischer, M and Nijkamp, P, (eds.) Handbook of Regional Science. (pp. 1173-1193). Springer

Cheng, T; Manley, E; Haworth, J; (2013) Markov Chain Topological Route Selection. In: Proceedings of International Conference of GeoComputation 2013. Green open access

Chilvers, A; Bell, SJ; (2013) Ove Arup: Theoretical and Moral Positions in Practice and teh Origins of an Engineering Firm. In: Michelfelder, D and McCarthy, N and Goldberg, D, (eds.) Philosophy and Engineering: Reflections on Practice, Principles and Process. (51 - 64). Springer: Dordrect.

Chilvers, A; Bell, SJ; (2013) Professional lock-in: Structural engineers, architects and the disconnect between discourse and practice. In: Williams, B and Figueiredo, J and Trevelyan, J, (eds.) Engineering Practice in a Global Context: Understanding the Technical and the Social. CRC Press

Chow, AHF; (2013) Modelling and optimisation of transport infrastructure – a linear programming approach. In: (Proceedings) Keynote lecture at 18th Young Operational Researchers (YOR18) Conference.


D Ayala, D; (2013) Assessing the seismic vulnerability of masonry buildings. In: Handbook of Seismic Risk analysis and management of civil infrastructure systems. (334 - 365). Woodhead publishing

D'Ayala, D; Ansal, A; (2013) Local site conditions and seismic risk assessment of historic buildings. Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites 45 - 56.

Dong, JX; Cheng, T; Xu, J; Wu, J; (2013) Quantitative assessment of urban road network hierarchy planning. Town Planning Review , 84 (4) pp. 445-472. 10.3828/tpr.2013.24.

de Almeida, J-P; Ellul, C; Rodrigues-de-Carvalho, MM; (2013) Towards a Real Estate Registry 3D Model in Portugal: Some Illustrative Case Studies. ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences , II-2/W pp. 101-110. 10.5194/isprsannals-II-2-W1-101-2013.


Edmunds, WM; Bogush, AA; (2013) V.I. Vernadsky – Pioneer of Water-Rock Interaction. In: Procedia Earth and Planetary Science. (pp. 236 - 239). Elsevier

Ellul, C; Gupta, S; Haklay, MM; Bryson, K; (2013) A Platform for Location Based App Development for Citizen Science and Community Mapping. In: Krisp, J, (ed.) Progress in Location-Based Services. (71 - 90). Springer Berlin Heidelberg: Berlin, Germany.

Ellul, C; Tamash, N; Xian, F; Stuiver, J; Rickles, P; (2013) Automating Standards Based Metadata Creation using Free and Open Source GIS Tools. Presented at: GIS Research UK, Liverpool.

Erfani, T; Utyuzhnikov, SV; Kolo, B; (2013) A modified directed search domain algorithm for multiobjective engineering and design optimization. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 1 - 13.

Eshwihdi, AAA; (2013) Developing an optimisation-driven hydro-economic simulator for improved water resources management in the Eastern Nile Basin using the ε-constraint approach. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Fotios, S; Yang, B; (2013) Exploring Interpersonal Judgements between Pedestrians. In: (Proceedings) 7th Lux Pacifica. (pp. pp. 248-251).

Fotios, S; Yang, B; (2013) Measuring the Impact of Lighting on Interpersonal Judgements of Pedestrians at Night-Time. In: (Proceedings) CIE Centenary Conference "Towards a New Century of Light". (pp. pp. 990-998). International Commission on Illumination: Vienna.


Gehl, P; Quinet, C; Le Cozannet, G; Kouokam, E; Thierry, P; (2013) Potential and limitations of risk scenario tools in volcanic areas through an example at Mount Cameroon. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences , 13 (10) pp. 2409-2424. 10.5194/nhess-13-2409-2013. Gold open access

Gehl, P; Ulrich, T; Rohmer, J; Negulescu, C; Ducellier, A; Douglas, J; (2013) Ranking of epistemic uncertainties in scenario-based seismic risk evaluations. Safety, Reliability, Risk and Life-Cycle Performance of Structures and Infrastructures - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, ICOSSAR 2013 pp. 2357-2363.

Ghazizadeh, SA; Grant, D; Rossetto, T; (2013) Orientation dependence of ground motion and structural response of reinforced concrete space frames. Presented at: Vienna Congress on Recent Advances in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 2013 (VEESD 2013), Vienna, Austria. Green open access

Goodall, R; Bemment, S; Fujiyama, T; Mei, TX; Preston, J; Romanovsky, A; Roggenbach, M; (2013) The Future of Train Control Systems. Proceedings of Institution of Railway Signal Engineers , Article Paper read in London, on 13th February 2013,.


Hamiduddin, I; Hall, P; Hickman, R; Jones, P; Osborne, C; (2013) S-MAP 2030: An action plan for seamless mobility in North West Europe. SYNAPTIC Project: Eindhoven.

Harris, JM; Whitehouse, RJS; Porter, K; Simons, RR; (2013) Scour development through time – modelling scour in layered soils. In: (Proceedings) ASME 2013 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering.

Haworth, J; Cheng, T; Manley, E; (2013) Improving Forecasting under Missing Data on Sparse Spatial Networks. In: (Proceedings) GeoComputation.

Hecht, B; Schöning, J; Haklay, M; Capra, L; Mashhadi, AJ; Terveen, LG; Kwan, M-P; (2013) Geographic human-computer interaction. In: Mackay, WE and Brewster, SA and Bødker, S, (eds.) CHI Extended Abstracts. (pp. 3163 - 3166). ACM

Hickman, R; Hamiduddin, I; Hall, P; Jones, P; Osborne, C; (2013) S-MAP 2030. North West of England case study: irrigating the region. UCL (University College London) : London, UK. Green open access

Hills, S; Lambert, C; Aitken, T; Bell, SJ; (2013) Investigating attitudes to “planned” Indirect Potable Reuse in London using quantitative on-line surveys. In: (Proceedings) 9th IWA International Conference on Reuse.


Iliffe, JC; Preston, C; Hewitt, C; (2013) Coordinate systems for high speed track alignment. Journal of the Permanent Way Institution , 131 52 - 55.


Joffe, H; Rossetto, T; Solberg, C; O'Connor, C; (2013) Social representations of earthquakes: A study of people living in three highly seismic areas. Earthquake Spectra , 29 (2) pp. 367-397. 10.1193/1.4000138.

Jones, EA; (2013) Working with IJM. In: Mathieson, P, (ed.) Seeing under the sands of Saqqara: geophysics in the service of Egyptian archaeology. A memoir of the work of Ian J. Mathieson. The Scottish Egyptian Archaeological Trust: Edinburgh.


Latinopoulos, C; LeVine, S; Jones, P; Polak, J; (2013) On the Move: car, rail and bus travel trends in Scotland. RAC Foundation: London.

Le Vine, S; Jones, P; Polak, J; (2013) The Contribution of Benefit-in-Kind Taxation Policy in Britain to the 'Peak Car' Phenomenon. Transport Reviews , 33 (5) pp. 526-547. 10.1080/01441647.2013.827267.

Li, YG; Wu, XP; Lü, AT; Nie, M; (2013) Artificial intelligence-based rural road maintenance management assessment system. Xitong Gongcheng Lilun yu Shijian/System Engineering Theory and Practice , 33 (6) pp. 1557-1562.

Luo, RK; Wu, X; Mortel, WJ; (2013) Dynamic simulation studies and experiments on rubber structures used in rail vehicles. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART F-JOURNAL OF RAIL AND RAPID TRANSIT , 227 (F1) pp. 103-112. 10.1177/0954409712450255.


Ma, L; Ye, R; Titheridge, H; (2013) Impacts of rail transit and BRT on property values: evidence from Beijing. In: (Proceedings) 13th World Conference on Transport Research. Green open access

Mackett, RL; (2013) Active Travel. In: Obesogenic Environments: Complexities, Perceptions and Objective Measures. (pp. 117-131).

Mackett, RL; (2013) Improving accessibility for older people: benefits for society. [Lecture]. Presented at: UCL Seminar on Access for All - Recent Research Insights, Department for Transport, London, UK. Green open access

Mackett, RL; (2013) The accessibility needs and wants of older people. Presented at: Planning's role in improving life for an ageing population, organised by the Royal Town Planning Institute, East of England Branch, Hughes Hall, Cambridge. Green open access

Mackett, RL; (2013) The benefits of bus free travel for older people. Presented at: Transportation Research Board 92nd Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA. Green open access

Mackett, RL; (2013) The importance of children's mobility. Presented at: Workshop on Children's Independent Mobility: lessons from international experience and challenges for policy, Nuffield Foundation, London, UK. Green open access

Magee, BJ; Basheer, PAM; Bai, Y; Long, AE; McCarter, WJ; Jin, WL; Zhao, YX; (2013) UK–China Science Bridge – Sustainable solutions for the built environment. Construction and Building Materials , 47 20 - 28.

May, AD; Hayashi, Y; Kii, M; Mackett, RL; Pan, H; (2013) Introduction. In: Mackett, RL and May, AD and Kii, M and Pan, H, (eds.) Sustainable Transport for Chinese Cities. (pp. 3-15). Emerald Group Publishing: Bingley, UK.

Medda, F; (2013) The economics of uniqueness. Handshake: IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (10) 12 - 15.

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Minh, NH; Cheng, YP; (2013) Micro-characteristics of monodisperse and best-packing mixture samples under one dimensional compression. In: (pp. pp. 265-268).

Molina Hutt, C; (2013) Non-Linear Time History Analysis of Tall Steel Moment Frame Buildings in LS-DYNA. In: 9th European LS-DYNA Conference 2013. DYNALook: Manchester, UK. Green open access

Momoh, JA; (2013) Robust GNSS Point Positioning in the Presence of Cycle Slips and Observation Gaps. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Nasir, ZA; Ciric, L; Campos, LC; (2013) Health Care Associated Infection Control: Role of Aerosol Science and Technology. European Medical Hygiene (3) 36 - 41.

Nasir, ZA; Ciric, L; Campos, LC; (2013) Health Care Associated Infection Control: Role of Aerosol Science and Technology. European Medical Hygiene , 3 36 - 41.

Negulescu, C; Gehl, P; (2013) Mechanical Methods: Fragility Curves and Pushover Analysis. pp. 63-110. 10.1002/9781118603925.ch2.


Papetti, A; Mascherpa, D; Carazzone, C; Stauder, M; Spratt, DA; Wilson, M; Pratten, J; (2013) Identification of organic acids in Cichorium intybus inhibiting virulence-related properties of oral pathogenic bacteria. Food Chem , 138 (2-3) 1706 - 1712. 10.1016/j.foodchem.2012.10.148.


Rashad, AM; Bai, Y; Basheer, PAM; Milestone, NB; Collier, NC; (2013) Hydration and properties of sodium sulfate activated slag. Cement and Concrete Composites , 37 (C) pp. 20-29. 10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2012.12.010.

Ren, J; Bai, Y; Earle, M; Yang, C; (2013) A preliminary study on the effect of separate addition of lignosulfonate superplasticiser and waterglass on the rheological behaviour of alkali-activated slags. Presented at: Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials & Technologies (SCMT3), Kyoto, Japan.

Revell, K; (2013) Promoting sustainability and pro-environmental behaviour through local government programmes: examples from London, UK. Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences , 10 (3-4) 199 - 218. 10.1080/1943815X.2013.858752. Green open access

Rickles, P; Ellul, C; (2013) Potential Uptake of Geographic Information Systems: Reading Between the Lines. Presented at: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2013.

Robson, S; Ahmadabadian, AH; Boehm, J; Shortis, MR; (2013) Image selection in photogrammetric multi-view stereo methods for metric and complete 3D reconstruction. In: Proceedings of SPIE Volume 8791A.

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Rosser, G; Fletcher, AG; Wilkinson, DA; de Beyer, JA; Yates, CA; Armitage, JP; Maini, PK; (2013) Novel Methods for Analysing Bacterial Tracks Reveal Persistence in Rhodobacter sphaeroides. PLoS Computational Biology , 9 (10) , Article e1003276. 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003276. Green open access

Rossetto, T; (2013) Building failure. Springer

Rossetto, T; Duffour, P; (2013) Earthquake Resistant Design. Springer

Rossetto, T; Ioannou, I; Grant, DN; (2013) Guidelines for the selection of existing vulnerability functions and compendium. (GEM Technical Report ). GEM Foundation: Pavia, Italy.


Saheb, Y; Saussay, A; Johnson, CE; Blyth, A; Mishra, A; Gueret, T; (2013) Modernising Building Energy Codes. (Policy Pathways ). IEA & UNDP: Paris.

Sharif Ahmadian, A; (2013) Wave field around submerged breakwaters. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Shum, LV; Gupta, M; Bodanese, E; Karra, S; Glover, N; Malki-Epshtein, L; Hailes, S; (2013) Bias adjustment of spatially-distributed wireless pollution sensors for environmental studies in India. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Sensing, Communications and Networking, SECON 2013 pp. 318-326. 10.1109/SAHCN.2013.6645001.

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Slade, J; Ellul, C; Gibin, M; (2013) Can the Google Maps API Allow the Creation of a Narrative, to Take the User on a Journey and to Tell a Story Using Dynamic Progression Through Time and Space? Presented at: GIS Research UK, Liverpool.

Stacey, P; (2013) Long-Term Ephemeris Generation for Mobile Devices. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).


Tanaksaranond, G; Skarlatidou, A; Cheng, T; (2013) An approach towards considering users’ requirements in transport data visualisation. In: Proceedings of GISRUK 2013.

Taylor J, ; Margaritis D, ; Nasir ZA, ; Borrion H, ; Lai KM, ; (2013) The Role of Protection Measures and their Interaction in Determining Building Vulnerability and Resilience to Bioterrorism. Journal of Bioterrorism & Biodefense , 4 123 - ?.

Thirion, C; (2013) Putting the material in the right place: Investigations into the sustainable use of structural materials to reduce the initial embodied environmental impact of building structures. Masters thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

Titheridge, H; Oviedo, D; Achuthan, K; Mackett, RL; (2013) Making accessibility better for older people. In: Proceedings of WCTR 2013 Rio.


Vithana, HPV; (2013) The effect of stone protrusion on the incipient motion of rock armour under the action of regular waves. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Wang, JJ; Nanukuttan, SV; Bai, Y; Basheer, PAM; (2013) Influence of cracking caused by structural loading on chloride-induced corrosion process of reinforced concrete element: A review. Presented at: 6th International PhD student Workshop on Concrete Durability, Delft, The Netherlands.

Wang, JJ; Nanukuttan, SV; Bai, Y; Basheer, PAM; (2013) Influence of microcracking on water transport into reinforced concrete beam under sustained bending. Presented at: MC ITN TRANSCEND Conference "Water Transport in Cementitious Materials, Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Wang, JJ; Nanukuttan, SV; Bai, Y; Basheer, PAM; (2013) Influence of short-time and sustained compressive loading on chloride migration into concrete. Presented at: 33rd Cement and Concrete Science Conference, Portsmouth, U.K..

Wardlaw, J; Cox, AL; Haklay, M; (2013) Adaptation of Method-resources Between Projects: A Case Study From a Dynamic and Complex Work Domain. In: Law, ELC and Hvannberg, EF and Vermeeren, APOS and Cockton, G and Jokela, T, (eds.) Proceedings of CHI 2013 Workshop "Made for Sharing: HCI Stories for Transfer, Triumph and Tragedy". (pp. pp. 4-9). ACM SIGCHI: Paris, France. Green open access

Webb, TA; (2013) Differential Positioning using Signals of Opportunity. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London).

Wen, H; Karra, S; Malki-Epshtein, L; (2013) Modelling of street canyon geometries in CFD - A comparison with experimental results. In: (pp. pp. 2382-2389).

Wong, K; Ellul, C; (2013) Enhancing Positioning of Photovoltaic Panels Using 3D Geographic Information. Presented at: GIS Research UK, Liverpool.


Yang, B; Lin, Y; Sun, Y; (2013) Transient effects of harsh luminous conditions on the visual performance of aviators in a civil aircraft cockpit. Applied Ergonomics , 44 (2) pp. 185-191. 10.1016/j.apergo.2012.07.005.

Yang, K; Basheer, PAM; Magee, B; Bai, Y; (2013) Investigation of moisture condition and Autoclam sensitivity on air permeability measurements for both normal concrete and high performance concrete. Construction and Building Materials , 48 306 - 314. 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2013.06.087. Green open access

Yao, WX; Wu, YL; Yang, B; Zhang, LY; Yao, C; Huang, CH; Qian, YR; (2013) Occupational safety training and education for needlestick injuries among nursing students in China: Intervention study. Nurse Education Today , 33 (8) pp. 834-837. 10.1016/j.nedt.2012.02.004.

Yue, Y; Bai, Y; Basheer, PAM; Boland, JJ; Wang, JJ; (2013) Preliminary Research on Monitoring the Durability of Concrete Subjected to Sulfate Attack with Optical Fibre Raman Spectroscopy. Presented at: SPIE 8692, Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and Aerospace Systems.

Yue, Y; Bai, Y; Boland, JJ; Wang, JJ; Basheer, PAM; (2013) Preliminary Research on Monitoring the Deterioration Mechanisms of Concrete with Optical Fibre Raman Spectroscopy. Presented at: 33rd Cement and Concrete Science Conference, Portsmouth, UK.

Yue, Y; Bai, Y; Wang, JJ; (2013) Preliminary Research on Application of Raman Spectroscopy for Tracing the Status of Silica Fume in Cementitious Materials for Improved Nano-safety.


Zhang, M; Ye, G; Breugel, KV; (2013) Microstructure-based modeling of permeability of cementitious materials using multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann method. Computational Materials Science , 68 (C) pp. 142-151. 10.1016/j.commatsci.2012.09.033.

Zhang, X; Baudet, BA; (2013) Particle breakage in gap-graded soil. Géotechnique Letters , 3 (2) pp. 72-77. 10.1680/geolett.13.00022.

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