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Adams, R; Iliffe, JC; Ziebart, M; Turner, J; Oliveira, J; (2006) Joining Up Land and Sea: UKHO/UCL Vertical Offshore Reference Frame. Hydro International , 10 (10) pp. 7-9.

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Bayley, RGW; Chipps, MJ; Steele, ME; White, R; Mikol, A; Fitzpatrick, CSB; (2006) Alternative Low Density Media For Use In Biological Roughing Filtration Prior To Slow Sand Filtration. Presented at: 4th International Slow Sand and Alternative Biological Filtration Conf.

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Boehm, J; Pateraki, M; (2006) From Point Samples to Surfaces: On Meshing and Alternatives. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

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Brown, B; (2006) Polish mutual aid. In: Buonfino, A, (ed.) Porcupines in winter: the pleasures and pains of living together in modern Britain.

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Evans, AW; Addison, JD; (2006) Interactions between rail and road safety. Presented at: 38th University Transport Studies Group Conference, Trinity College Dublin..


Fitzpatrick, CSB; (2006) Filtration using recycled glass. Invited presentation. Presented at: Filtration Society Research Showcase.

Fujiyama, T; (2006) Collision avoidance of pedestrians on stairs. Centre for Transport Studies: London.

Fujiyama, T; (2006) Investigating density effects on the "awareness" area of pedestrians using an eye tracker. (CTS Working Papers 4 ). Centre for Transport Studies, UCL (University College London): London. Green open access


Go, J; Stegemann, JA; (2006) CORETRANS: An Object-oriented Modelling Environment for Organic Contaminant Reactive Transport in Layered Bed Sediments. Presented at: SETAC Europe 16th Annual Meeting, The Hague, Netherlands.

Go, J.; Stegemann, J.; Roberts, G.; Allan, I.; (2006) Modelling and simulation framework for reactive transport of organic contaminants in bed-sediments using a pure java object - oriented paradigm. In: Al-Begain, K. and Orsoni, A. and Al-Dabass, D., (eds.) Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation (UKSim06). (pp. pp. 103-109). UK Society for Modelling and Simulation: Oxford, UK. Green open access

Gong, Y; Mackett, RL; Marshall, S; Paskins, J; (2006) Neighbourhood design, children accessibility and physical activity - evidence from Cheshunt, UK. Presented at: International Workshop on Geo-spatial Information and Decision Support for Urban Planning, School of Urban Design, Wuhan University, China, 30-31 October 2006, Wuhan, China.

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Haklay, M; (2006) GIS 2 + 10: has new GIS emerged? Presented at: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2006. Green open access

Haklay, M; (2006) How to Build a Green GIS from the Bottom Up? Presented at: Israeli Geographers Association Annual Meeting.

Haklay, M; (2006) Improving GIScience Learning Outcomes by a Shift to Case-based Evaluation. Presented at: GIS Research UK 2006.


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Lau, L; Cross, PA; (2006) A New Signal-to-Noise-Ratio Based Stochastic Model for GNSS High-Precision Carrier Phase Data Processing Algorithms in the Presence of Multipath Errors. Presented at: ION GNSS 2006.

Lau, L; Cross, PA; (2006) Prospects for Phase Multipath Mitigation using Antenna Arrays for Very High Precision Real-Time Kinematic Applications in the Presence of New GNSS Signals. Presented at: European Navigation Conference GNSS 2006.

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Mackett, RL; (2006) Children and the environment – research into how they interact. Presented at: 3rd Annual Walk to School Workshop, organised by Living Streets, held at the Glaziers Hall, London, 23-24 February 2006.

Mackett, RL; (2006) Evaluation of active transport to school programs. Presented at: International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, held at the Grand Hyett at Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta Georgia, USA, 17-20 April 2006.

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Mackett, RL; Brown, B; Paskins, J; (2006) Set the children free: exploring children’s independent movement. Presented at: Conference on New Directions in Children’s Geographies, University of Northampton, 7-8 September 2006.

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Mackett, RL; Paskins, J; (2006) Children and the environment – the influence of attitudes, perceptions and social networks on behaviour and activity patterns. Presented at: First International Symposium on Environment, Behaviour and Society, Department of Architecture, University of Sydney, Australia, 9-11 February 2006.

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