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Aarre, T; Domone, PL; (2003) Reference concretes for evaluation of test methods for SCC. Presented at: Procs 3rd RILEM International Symposium of Self-compacting Concrete, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Agarwal, PAA; R, ; (2003) Agent-based simulation of cognitive neighbourhoods in urban environments. Presented at: GeoComputation 2003, September 8-10, 2003, Southampton, UK..

Al-Degs, Y; Khraisheh, M; El-Barghouti, M; (2003) Adsorption of Anionic Reactive Dyes from Solution by Activated Carbon: Effect of Solution pH. Asian Journal of Chemistry , 15 (2) pp. 891-896.

Al-Ghouti, M; Khraisheh, M; Allen, SJ; Ahmad, M; (2003) The removal of dyes from textile wastewater: a study of the physical characterstics and adsorption mechanisms of diatomaceous earth. Journal of Environmental Management , 69 pp. 229-238.

Albert, P; Bennartz, R; Fischer, J; Preusker, R; Li, Z; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Validation of MERIS water vapour measurement.

Allen, J; Tanner, G; Browne, M; Anderson, S; Christodoulou, G; Jones, P; (2003) 'Analysing the potential impacts of sustainable distribution measures in UK urban areas.' Paper presented at the Third International Conference on City Logisitics, 25-27 June, Madeira. UNSPECIFIED

Allen, J; Tanner, G; Browne, M; Anderson, S; Christodoulou, G; Jones, P; (2003) 'Modelling policy measures and company initiatives for sustainable urban distribuition - Final Technical Report'. Project carried out as part of the EPSRC/DfT Future Integrated Transport Programme. University of Westminster

Allen, J; Tanner, G; Browne, M; Anderson, S; Christodoulou, G; Jones, P; (2003) 'Sustainable urban distribution: Evaluating Policy Measures' Paper presented at the 8th Logisitics Research Network Conference, 10-12 September, London. UNSPECIFIED

Allsop, RE; (2003) Assessing Risk and Setting Targets in Transport Safety Programmes. [Book]. European Transport Safety Council: Brussels, Belgium.

Allsop, RE; (2003) Halving road deaths: a challenge to change minds and work together. Presented at: Procs Kick-off Meeting for Halving Road Deaths, Tokyo, Japan, 28 November.

Allsop, RE; (2003) Finanzierung der Verkehrspolitik in englischen Staedten und die Londoner Strassenbenutzungsgebuehr. Presented at: Zukuenftige Verkehrsplanung im Zeichen der Finanzkrise, Berlin, Germany, 24 June.

Allsop, RE; Zumkeller, D; (2003) Kleines Fachwoerterbuch Verkehrswesen: Englisch-Deutsch/Deutsch-Englisch. [Book]. Ernst Klett Sprachen: Stuttgart, Germany.

Arya, C; (2003) Design of Structural Elements (2nd edition). [Book]. Spon Press: London.


Bai, Y; Basheer, PAM; (2003) Properties of Concrete Containing Furnace Bottom Ash as a Sand Replacement Material. In: (Proceedings) Structural Faults and Repair-2003 (Received the Best University Research Paper Prize). (pp. ? - ?).

Bai, Y; Darcy, F; Basheer, PAM; (2003) Strength and Drying Shrinkage Properties of Concrete Containing Furnace Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate. In: (Proceedings) Concrete Research in Ireland Colloquium 2003. (pp. 117 - 125).

Balan, P; Dowman, I; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: High quality digital evaluation models for tarrain evolution studies.

Baudet, BA; Stallebrass, SE; (2003) Modelling effects of fabric and bonding in natural clays. Presented at: Proceedings of International Workshop on Geotechnics of Soft Soils: Theory and Practice (IWGSS), Noordwijkerhout, NL, 17-19 September.

Bera, R; Claramunt, C; (2003) Topology-based proximity in spatial systems. Journal of Geographical Systems , 5 pp. 353-379. 10.1007/s10109-003-0115-y.

Bera, R; Claramunt, C; (2003) Relative adjacencies in spatial pseudo-partitions. Presented at: Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT).

Betaille, D; Maenpa, J; Euler, HJ; Cross, PA; (2003) Overcoming the Limitations of the Phase Multipath Mitigation Window. Presented at: ION-GPS/GNSS 2003.

Betaille, D; Maenpa, J; Euler, HJ; Cross, PA; (2003) A new approach to GPS Phase Multipath Mitigation. Presented at: ION National Technical meeting NTM-2003.

Brown, B; Trust, H; Warsaw, OSS; Poland, ; (2003) The private revolution. [Book]. Hera Trust: London.

Brownfield, J; Graham, A; Eveleigh, H; Ward, H; Robertson, S; Allsop, R; (2003) Congestion and accident risk. Department for Transport Road Safety Research Report No. 44, Department for Transport. UNSPECIFIED

Béra, R.; Claramunt, C.; (2003) Relative adjacencies in spatial pseudo-partitions. In: Spatial information theory: foundations of geographic information. (pp. pp. 204-220). Springer Berlin / Heidelberg: Berlin/ Heidelberg, Germany.


CHENG, T; Fisher, P; Li, Z; (2003) Effects of scale on modelling of fuzzy spatial objects. Presented at: Asia GIS conference, Wuhan, China.

Cain, A; Jones, P; (2003) 'Using public consultation as an imput to developing Edinburgh's congestion charging based transport strategy' Transportation Research Board 82nd Annual Conference, Washington DC. January. UNSPECIFIED

Cain, A; Jones, PM; (2003) Using public consultation in developing Edinburgh's congestion-charging-based transport strategy. Transportation Research Record , 1839 pp. 89-97.

Cardoso, R; Lopes, M; Bento, R; D Ayala, D; (2003) Historic, braced frame timber buildings with masonry infill (’Pombalino’buildings). [Digital scholarly resource].

Cheng, T; Li, Z; (2003) Measure the semantic change after merging operation. Presented at: International Workshop on Semantic Processing of Spatial Data.

Cooper, M; Ziebart, M; (2003) Twenty-first century analysis of seventeenth century measurements. Presented at: Internationales Wissenschaftshistorisches Symposium Anässlich des 400.

Croll, JG; (2003) Issues of sustainability in the context of optimal design of thin-walled advanced composite structures. Presented at: Procs International Workshop on Sustainable Urban and Building Design, Tokyo, Japan, 18 December.

Croll, JG; (2003) James Clerk Maxwell and the Pertinacity Theorem. The Structural Engineer (17 Jun) pp. 15-16.

Cross, PA; (2003) Recent developments in global navigation satellite systems and their impact on national geoinformation infrastructures. Presented at: Surveying and Geoinformation Conference 2003.

Cross, PA; Betaille, D; Peyret, F; (2003) Improving GPS Accuracy for Construction Applications through Phasse Multipath Mitigation. Presented at: GNSS2003.


D Ayala, D; (2003) A summary of the report Seismic vulnerability of historic buildings in Lalitpur, Nepal. Earthquake Hazard Centre Newsletter , 7 , Article 1.

D Ayala, D; Smars, P; (2003) Architectural and structural modelling for the conservation of cathedrals. Journal of Architectural Conservation , 9 51 - 72.

D Ayala, DF; (2003) The Kocaeli, Turkey Earthquake of 17 August 1999: a field report by EEFIT. Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team, Institution of Structural Engineers

D'Ayala, D; Penford, A; Valentini, S; (2003) Use of FRP fabric for strengthening of Reinforced concrete beam-column joints. In: (Proceedings) 10th Conference on Structural Faults and Repair.

Dargay, J; Goodwin, PB; Hanly, M; (2003) Development of an aggregated transport forecasting model (ATFM). UNSPECIFIED, London: Department for Transport.

Dargay, J; Hanly, M; Madre, JL; Hivert, L; Chlond, B; (2003) Demotorisation seen through panel surveys: a comparison of Britain, France and Germany. Presented at: Procs IATBR Conference, Lucerne, Switzerland, 10-14 August.

Davidsson, F; TAYLOR, NB; (2003) ITS modelling in Sweden using CONTRAM. In: (Proceedings) Smart Moving 2003.

Derek, HC; (2003) Barriers to Modal Shift. (Report to Scottish Executive Social Research ). Report to Scottish Executive Social Research: Edinburgh.

Dodge, M; Haklay, M; (2003) Geography and Cybercrime: Does it matter where the hackers are? Presented at: Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers.

Domone, P; (2003) Fresh concrete. In: Newman, J and Choo, BS, (eds.) Advanced Concrete Technology: Concrete Properties. (1/3-1/28). Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann: Oxford.

Domone, PL; Arya, C; (2003) A materials project for first year civil engineering students. Procs of the 2003 WFEO/ASEE Conference, Washington, DC, USA, April. UNSPECIFIED

Dowman, I; Fischer, P; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Evaluation of IFSAR and Lidar data for flood risk assessment.


Edmunds, LD; Mackett, RL; Paskins, J; Turbin, J; Lucas, L; McCarthy, M; (2003) Does body status make a difference to physical activity patterns in two age groups? Presented at: Satellite Symposium on Physical Activity and Weight Management, Tampere, Finland, May 2003.

Einav, I; Klar, A; (2003) An approach for nonlinear contact surface analysis and application to pile installation. BGA International Conference on Foundations, Innovations, Observations, Design and Practice pp. 259-268.

Einav, I; Puzrin, AM; (2003) Evaluation of continuous hyperplastic critical state (CHCS) model. Geotechnique , 53 (10) pp. 901-913. 10.1680/geot.53.10.901.37521.

Enoch, M; Potter, S; Titheridge, H; (2003) Improving bus service provision: A review of current UK planning. Traffic Engineering and Control , 44 (2) pp. 63-66.

Enoch, M; Potter, S; Titheridge, H; (2003) Improving bus service provision: A review of current UK planning and marketing methods. Traffic Engineering and Control , 44 (2) pp. 63-66.


Fitzpatrick, CS; Gregory, J; (2003) Coagulation and filtration. In: Handbook of Water and Wastewater Microbiology. (pp. 633-655).

Fitzpatrick, CSB; (2003) Flow changes during filtration. Presented at: Filter Maintenance and Operations Guidance: AwwaRF Technology Workshop, Cranfield, UK, 5 March 03. Invited.

Fujiyama, T; (2003) An Explicit Study on Walking Speed of Pedestrians on Stairs and Ramps.


Goodwin, PB; (2003) Conclusions for Ministers. In: Managing the Fundamental Drivers of Transport Demand (European Conference of Ministers of Transport). (pp. 129-135). OECD/ECMT: Paris, France.

Goodwin, PB; (2003) How easy is it to change travel behaviour? In: Fifty Years of Transport Policy: Successes, Failures and New Challenges (European Conference of Ministers of Transport). (pp. 49-73). OECD/ECMT: Paris, France.

Goodwin, PB; (2003) What Future for Rail in the 10 Year Plan? (Published by the Railway Forum, London, on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Rail Group, House of Commons, November 2003). UNSPECIFIED

Goodwin, PB; (2003) Wider economic effects of transport investments, the UK story. In: Twee Jaar Ervering Met OEEI. (pp. 41-48). Centraal Planbureau: The Hague, Netherlands.

Goodwin, PB; (2003) Towards a genuinely sustainable transport agenda for the UK. In: Docherty, I and Shaw, J, (eds.) A New Deal for Transport? (pp. 229-244). Blackwell: Oxford.

Goodwin, PB; (2003) National dilemmas and local possibilities. Presented at: Procs 27th Nottingham Transport Conference, March.

Grant, DN; (2003) Cyclic soil plasticity. Doctoral thesis, UNSPECIFIED.


Haklay, M; (2003) Community Participation and Geographic Information Systems (Craig, W.J., Harris, T.M. and Weiner, D.). Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design , 30 (2) pp. 319-320.

Haklay, M; Lu, JL; (2003) Extending Geograhic Information Systems From Two-Dimensional to Three-Dimensional Approaches. Presented at: Map Asia.

Haklay, M; Tobón, C; (2003) Usability Evaluation for Web Based GIS: Ensuring that Portals are Useful. Presented at: Geographical Information Portals.

Haklay, ME; Tobón, C; (2003) Usability Evaluation and PPGIS: Towards a user-centered approach. International Journal of Geographical Information Science , 17 (6) pp. 577-592. 10.1080/1365881031000114107. Green open access

Hill, J; Byars, EA; Sharp, JH; Lynsdale, CJ; Cripps, JC; Zhou, Q; (2003) An Experimental Study of Combined Acid and Sulfate Attack of Concrete. Cement and Concrete Composites , 25 997 - 1003.


Iliffe, JC; Ziebart, M; Cross, PA; Forsberg, R; Strykowski, G; Tscherning, CC; (2003) OSGM02: A new model for converting GPS-derived heights to local height datums in Great Britain and Ireland. SURV REV , 37 (290) 276 - 293.


Jones, M; Morley, J; Harris, R; (2003) Scoping the requirements for the provision of country maps for humanitarian purposes. (GPPS study , pp. pp. 1-44 ). The British National Space Centre

Jones, P; Lucas, K; Whittles, M; (2003) 'The 'Civilising Cities' initiative, an overview: 1992 - 2002.' Report to the RAC Foundation and the Department for Transport. UNSPECIFIED

Jones, P; Sloman, L; (2003) 'Encouraging behavioural change through marketing and management: what can be achieved?' Resource paper at the 10th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research, Lucerne, 10-15 August. UNSPECIFIED

Jones, PM; Lucas, K; Whittles, M; (2003) Evaluating and implementing transport measures in a wider policy context; the "Civilising Cities" initiative. Transport Policy , 10 pp. 209-221.


Kam, SK; Gregory, J; (2003) Reply to comment on the interaction of humic substances with cationic polyelectrolytes. WATER RES , 37 (3) 717 - 717.

Khraisheh, M; (2003) Effect of key process parameters in the decoloration of reactive dyes by ozone. Coloration Technology , 119 (1) pp. 24-30.


Lai, KM; Burge, HA; First, MW; (2003) Influence of suspending medium on particle size and UV sensitivity of Serratia marcescens. Presented at: The 3rd European Symposium of Aerobiology, UK..

Lau, L; Cross, PA; (2003) Impact of GPS modenization on precise carrier phase based positioning in the presence of multipath. Presented at: ION-GPS 2003.

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Li, Z; Muller, JP; Cross, PA; (2003) Comparison of precipitable water vapor derived from radiosonde, GPS and moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research , 108 (D20) 4651 - 4663.

Li, Z; Muller, JP; Cross, PA; (2003) Tropospheric correction techniques in repeat-pass SAR Interferometry. Presented at: FRINGE 2003 Workshop.

Li, Z; Muller, JP; Cross, PA; Albert, P; Watson, R; Hewison, T; Fischer, J; (2003) Validation of MERIS Near IR water vapour retrievals using MWR and GPS measurements. Presented at: MERIS User Workshop.

Lloyd, D; Haklay, M; Thurstain-Goodwin, M; Tobón, C; (2003) Visualising spatial structure in urban data. In: Longley, PA and Batty, M, (eds.) Advanced Spatial Analysis: The CASA Book of GIS. (pp. 267-288). ESRI Press: Redlands, CA.

Lo, B; Velastin, S; Vicencio-Silva, MA; Sun, J; (2003) An intelligent distributed surveillance system for public transport. Presented at: IEE Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Surveillance Systems.

Lo, H; Chang, E; Chan, YC; Hung, E; Chow, AHF; (2003) Dynamic Intersection Signal Control Optimization (DISCO). (Version 1.0). [Software]. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Hong Kong.

Luo, RK; Cook, PW; Wu, WX; Mortel, WJ; (2003) Fatigue life prediction and verification of rubber to metal bonded springs. In: Busfield, J and Muhr, A, (eds.) CONSTITUTIVE MODELS FOR RUBBER III. (pp. 55 - 57). A A BALKEMA PUBLISHERS


Macario, R; Ramos, A; Vicencio-Silva, MA; Tyler, N; Rosso, F; Sanchez-Svensson, M; Rapp, J; (2003) PRISMATICA Deliverable 17: Guidelines and recommendations for the improvement of personal security in transport. CEC DG-TREN: Brussels.

Mackett, RL; (2003) Reducing car use for short trips. In: Park, C-H and Cho, JR and Oh, J and Hayashi, Y and Viegas, J, (eds.) World Transport Research: Selected Proceedings of the 9th World Conference on Transport Research. Elsevier: Oxford, UK.

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Mackett, RL; Babalik, E; (2003) How to make new urban light rail systems successful: a policy-based technique. In: Park, C-H and Cho, J and Oh, J and Hayashi, Y and Viegas, J, (eds.) World Transport Research: Selected Proceedings of the 9th World Conference on Transport Research. Elsevier: Oxford, UK.

Mackett, RL; Babalik, E; (2003) How to make new urban light rail systems successful: a policy-based technique. Presented at: Procs 9th World Conference on Transport Research, Seoul, Korea, 22-27 July, 2001.

Mackett, RL; Lucas, L; Paskins, J; Turbin, J; (2003) The effectiveness of initiatives to reduce children's car use. Presented at: European Transport Conference, Strasbourg, France, October 2003.

Mackett, RL; Lucas, L; Paskins, J; Turbin, J; (2003) The impact of walking buses. Presented at: Transport Practioners Meeting, University of Nottingham, July 2003.

McMinn, WAM; Khraisheh, M; Magee, TRA; (2003) Modelling the mass transfer during convective, microwave and combined microwave-convective drying of solid slabs and cylinders. pp. 977-983.

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Michalis, P; Dowman, I; (2003) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Generic rigorous model for along track stereo satellite sensors.

Moreno, A; Atkinson, T; Simons, RR; (2003) Fracture networks: a case study from the Chalk aquifer in East Anglia. Presented at: Procs IAH International Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rocks, Prague, Czech Republic, 15-19 September.


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Rooney, E; Unwin, M; Gleason, S; Adjrad, M; Ebinuma, T; (2003) Demonstration of GPS on the alsat-1 disaster monitoring satellite. In:


Simons, RR; MacIver, RD; (2003) Kinematics and bed shear stresses in oscillatory flow with a steady current superimposed. Presented at: Procs EUROMECH Colloquium 451, Taormina, Italy, 26-29 October.

Sohn, G; Dowman, I; (2003) Building Extraction using Lidar DEMs and Ikonos Images. Presented at: WG III/3 Workshop "3-D reconstruction from airborne laserscanner and InSAR data".

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Stegemann, JA; Old, GH; Smith, BPG; Stegemann, JA; Leeks, GJL; Naden, PS; (2003) Fine Sediment Dynamics in UK Catchments. Presented at: 2nd SEDNET Workshop – Impact, Bioavailability and Assessment of Pollutants in Sediments and Dredged Material Under Extreme Hydrological Conditions, Berlin, Germany.

Stopher, P; Jones, P; (2003) Developing Standards of Transport Survey Quality. In: Stopher, P and Jones, P, (eds.) Transport Survey Quality and Innovation. Pergamon

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Stopher, P; Jones, P; (2003) Transport Survey Quality and Innovation. [Book]. Pergamon


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Transport Studies Group, UCL; (2003) 'Evaluating measures to enhance the mobility of older and disabled persons. Phase I: Assessment of Issues'. Summary Report to the Department for Transport. UNSPECIFIED

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Velastin, S; Lo, B; Sun, J; Khoudour, L; Vicencio-Silva, MA; (2003) Multi-sensory tools to improve personal security in public transport networks. Presented at: Workshop on Ambient Intelligence, AI*IA 2003 - 8th National Congress of Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.

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