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Ali, AT; Crosta, DA; Allsop, RE; Heydecker, BG; Robertson, DI; Vicencio-Silva, MA; (1999) Improved traffic signal control using image analysis. In: (Proceedings) 31st UTSG Conference, University of York.

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Böhm, J; Brenner, C; Gühring, J; Fritsch, D; (1999) CAD-basierte Objekterkennung für ein multisensorielles Meßsystem. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Caiaffa, MM; Tyler, NA; (1999) Projeto Excalibur - Um exemplo prÿtico para verificar as inter-relaÎoes dos principais elementos da infra-estrutura de pontos de "nibus e o "nibus com piso baixo. Presented at: X CLATPU Congreso Latino Americano de Transporte Publico, Caracas, Venezuela.

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Evans, AW; (1999) The appraisal of safety in the Channel Tunnel. Presented at: Second International Congress on Safety of Transportation.


Fitzpatrick, CSB; (1999) Recent research in water filtration and backwashing. Presented at: Filtration Society Research Showcase, Loughborough.

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Nichol, E.A.; (1999) Experimental behaviour of inelastic mass-assymetric multi-storey buildings under seismic loading. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access


P Alpert, EK; Y Kaufman, IC; Malki, L; (1999) Investigation of the atmosphere response to the Pinatubo-Aerosol employing the NASA Goddard EOS and the ECMWF data assimilation model errors. Presented at: 2nd Gentner Symposium on Geoscience, Nazareth, Israel.


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Williams, J; Stead, D; Titheridge, H; (1999) Land Use, Transport and People – Identifying the Connections in Achieving Sustainable Urban Form. In: UNSPECIFIED

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