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Al Rashed, MH; Jones, AG; (1999) Validation of CFD model of a gas-liquid precipitation system. Presented at: Industrial Crystallization '99.

Al-Rashed, MH; Jones, AG; (1999) CFD modelling of gas-liquid reactive precipitation. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE , 54 (21) 4779 - 4784.

Angeli, P; Hewitt, GF; (1999) Pressure gradient in horizontal liquid-liquid flows. International Journal of Multiphase Flow , 24 (7) pp. 1183-1203. 10.1016/S0301-9322(98)00006-8.


Brandani, F; Brandani, V; Brandani, S; (1999) Extensive of Generalised Mixing Rules to Cubic EOS. Presented at: Thermodynamics 99 London April 14-16.

Brandani, S; Ruthven, DM; (1999) Re-opening the Gap between Macroscopic and NMR Diffusion Measurements. Presented at: British Zeolite Association Meeting, Edingburgh.

Brett, DJL; Atkins S, B; N, V; V, VN; Kucernak, A; (1999) Heterogeneity in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. Presented at: Electrochem.


Colantonio, MC; Papageorgiou, LG; Shah, N; (1999) Short and long term scheduling for semiconductor industry. Presented at: 7th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation.

Coppens, MO; (1999) The effect of fractal surface roughness on diffusion and reaction in porous catalysts - From fundamentals to practical applications. Catalysis Today , 53 (2) pp. 225-243.

Coppens, MO; Bell, AT; Chakraborty, AK; (1999) Dynamic Monte-Carlo and mean-field study of the effect of strong adsorption sites on self-diffusion in zeolites. Chemical Engineering Science , 54 (15-16) pp. 3455-3463. 10.1016/S0009-2509(98)00473-4.


Du, ZM; Dunne, LJ; Chaplin, MF; Manos, G; (1999) Comparative study of mean-field theory and Monte Carlo simulation of supercritical methane adsorption in zeolites. CHEM PHYS LETT , 307 (5-6) 413 - 418.

Dua, V; Papalexandri, KP; Pistikopoulos, EN; (1999) A parametric mixed-integer global optimization framework for the solution of process engineering problems under uncertainty. In: COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. (pp. S19 - S22). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

Dua, V; Pistikopoulos, EN; (1999) Algorithms for the solution of multiparametric mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems. IND ENG CHEM RES , 38 (10) 3976 - 3987.


Ejaz, T; Jones, AG; Graham, P; (1999) Solubility of zeolite a and its amorphous precursor under synthesis conditions. J CHEM ENG DATA , 44 (3) 574 - 576.


Falope, GO; Jones, AG; Zauner, R; (1999) Monte Carlo Modelling of Crystal Precipitation. Presented at: Industrial Crystallization '99.

Fraga, ES; McKinnon, KIM; (1999) A scalable discrete optimization algorithm for heat integration in early design. In: Keil, F and Mackens, W and Voss, H and Werther, J, (eds.) Scientific Computing in Chemical Engineering: Simulation, Image Processing, Optimization and Control. (pp. 306-313). Springer-Verlag

Fraga, S; Garcia de la Vega, JM; Fraga, ES; (1999) The Schrodinger and Riccati Equations. [Book]. Lecture Notes in Chemistry; 70: Vol.70. (First ed.). Springer-Verlag


Georgiadis, MC; Papageorgiou, LG; (1999) Optimal Cleaning Scheduling of Heat Exchanger Networks in Food Industry. In: (Proceedings) 2nd Greek Conference in Chemical Engineering.

Georgiadis, MC; Papageorgiou, LG; Macchietto, S; (1999) Optimal cyclic cleaning scheduling in heat exchanger networks under fouling. COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING , 23 S203 - S206.

Gjerdrum, J; Papageorgiou, LG; Shah, N; (1999) Fair Transfer Price and Inventory Holding Policies for Multi-enterprise Supply Chains. Presented at: AIChE Annual Meeting, Dallas, USA.


Hagemann, J; Fraga, ES; Bogle, IDL; Blakemore, B; (1999) Distillation column design for improved exergy utilisation and its impact on closed loop performance. Presented at: 4th Italian Conference on Chemical Engineering, Florence.


Jones, AG; Ejaz, T; Graham, P; (1999) Direct dynamic observation of phase transformations during zeolite crystal synthesis. Presented at: Industrial Crystallization '99.


Latif, A.; (1999) A study of the design of fluidized bed reactors for biomass gasification. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Lee, SJ; Gavriilidis, A; Pankhurst, QA; Kyek, A; Wagner, FE; Yeung, KL; (1999) Effect of Preparation Conditions of Au-Mn Co-precipitates for Low Temperature CO Oxidation. Presented at: Asia-Pacific Chemical Reaction Engineering Symposium, Hong Kong.

Lettieri, P; (1999) Validation of a multiphase CFD code for Fluidized Bed Modelling. : Sunbury on Thames.

Lettieri, P; Newton, D; Yates, JG; (1999) Experimental observations of fluidized beds at high temperatures. Eurasian Chemico-Technological Journal , 1 (1) pp. 9-16.

Lettieri, P; Yates, JG; Newton, D; (1999) The Fluidization Behaviour of Some Industrial Catalysts at High Temperature: The Effect of Interparticle Forces. AIChE Symposium Series , 321 pp. 100-105.


Mahgerefteh, H; Saha, P; Economou, IG; (1999) Fast numerical simulation for full bore rupture of pressurized pipelines. AICHE J , 45 (6) 1191 - 1201.

Technometrics Ltd (1999) Particle size distribution analyser. WO2000GB04458.

Mahgerefteh, H; Wong, SMA; (1999) Evaluation of the performance of the Twu-Coon-Cunningham cubic equation of state in predicting the speed of sound in high-pressure hydrocarbon systems. HIGH TEMP-HIGH PRESS , 31 (5) 473 - 486.

Mahgerefteh, H; Wong, SMA; (1999) A numerical blowdown simulation incorporating cubic equations of state. COMPUT CHEM ENG , 23 (9) 1309 - 1317.

Manos, G; (1999) Heterogeneous Catalysis at Supercritical Conditions using Microporous Materials. In: Natural microporous materials in environment technology. (pp. 283-302). Kluwer Acad.

Manos, G; (1999) Heterogeneous catalysis at supercritical conditions using microporous materials. Environmental advantages. In: Misaelides, P and Macasek, F and Pinnavaia, TJ and Colella, C, (eds.) NATURAL MICROPOROUS MATERIALS IN ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY. (pp. 283 - 302). SPRINGER

Marriott, JI; Sorensen, E; Bogle, IDL; (1999) Rigorous optimal design of a pervaporation plant. Presented at: Proceedings FOCAPD.


Phimister, JR; Fraga, ES; Ponton, JW; (1999) The synthesis of multistep process plant configurations. COMPUT CHEM ENG , 23 (3) 315 - 326.

Photiadis, GM; Papatheodorou, GN; (1999) Co-ordination of thorium(IV) in molten alkali-metal chlorides and the structure of liquid and glassy thorium(IV) chloride. J CHEM SOC DALTON (20) pp. 3541-3548.


Rossetti, D; Pepin, X; Simons, SJR; (1999) Dewetting phenomena during liquid bridge separation. Presented at: Particle Technology Forum 1, Birmingham.

Rotstein, GE; Papageorgiou, LG; Shah, N; Murphy, DC; Mustafa, R; (1999) A product portfolio approach in the pharmaceutical industry. COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING , 23 S883 - S886.


Samsatli, NJ; Papageorgiou, LG; Shah, N; (1999) Batch process design and operation using operational envelopes. COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING , 23 S887 - S890.

Schenk, MA; (1999) Design of operable reactive distillation columns. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Simons, SJR; Ni, X; Tabe, HT; West, RM; Williams, RA; (1999) Reduction of tomographic data for use in the control of multiphase processes. Chemical Engineering Communications , 175 pp. 99-115.

Simons, SJR; Ni, X; Tabe, HT; West, RM; Williams, RA; (1999) Reduction of tomographic data for use in the control of multiphase processes. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING COMMUNICATIONS , 175 99 - 115.

Sorensen, E; (1999) A cyclic operating policy for batch distillation - Theory and practice. Computers and Chemical Engineering , 23 pp. 533-542.

Steffens, MA; Fraga, ES; Bogle, IDL; (1999) Multicriteria process synthesis for generating sustainable and economic bioprocesses. COMPUT CHEM ENG , 23 (10) 1455 - 1467.

Steffens, MA; Fraga, ES; Bogle, IDL; (1999) Optimal system wide design for bioprocesses. COMPUTERS & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING , 23 S51 - S54.

Steffens, MA; Fraga, ES; Bogle, IDL; (1999) Designing sustainable bioprocesses using multi-objective process synthesis. In: Friedler, F and Klemes, J, (eds.) PRES '99: 2ND CONFERENCE ON PROCESS INTEGRATION, MODELLING AND OPTIMISATION FOR ENERGY SAVING AND POLLUTION REDUCTION. (pp. 613 - 618). HUNGARIAN CHEMICAL SOC


Tabe, H; Simons, SJR; Savery, J; West, RM; Williams, RA; (1999) Modelling of multiphase processes using tomographic data for optimisation and control. In: (pp. pp. 84-89).

Tabe, RM; Simons, SJR; Savery, J; West, RM; Williams, RA; (1999) Modelling of multiphase processes using tomographic data for optimisation and control. Presented at: Proc. 1st World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, Buxton.

Tronci, S; Baratti, R; Gavriilidis, A; (1999) Catalytic converter design for minimisation of cold-start emissions. CHEM ENG COMMUN , 173 53 - 77.


Van Rund Ommen, J; Schonten, JC; Coppens, MO; Van Den Bleek, CM; (1999) Monitoring fluidization by dynamic pressure analysis. Chemical Engineering and Technology , 22 (9) pp. 773-775.

Vassiliadis, CG; Arvela, J; Papageorgiou, LG; Pistikopoulos, EN; (1999) Optimal Maintenance Planning for Multipurpose Batch Plants. Presented at: AIChE Annual Meeting, Dallas, USA.


Wojcik, JA; Jones, AG; (1999) Preliminary experimental investigation into scale-up of agglomerative precipitation of calcium carbonate crystals. INZ CHEM PROCESOWA , 20 (3) 395 - 408.


Zauner, R; Jones, AG; (1999) A hybrid CFD-mixing approach for scale-up of reactive precipitation - experimental and modelling results. Presented at: Industrial Crystallization '99.

Zauner, R.; (1999) Scale-up of precipitation processes. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

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