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Atkinson, D; Calamante, F; Hill, DLG; Connelly, A; (2001) Two dimensional navigator echo correction in DWI: assessment of the use of multiple reacquisition at high b-value. Presented at: ISMRM.

Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; (2001) Automatic Motion Correction Using Prior Knowledge. Presented at: ISMRM.

Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; (2001) Reconstruction After Irregular and Under Sampling Due to Rotational Motion. Presented at: ISMRM Workshop Florida 2001- 'Minimum MR Data Acquisition Methods: Making More With Less'.


Bagshaw, AP; Eadie, LH; Binnie, C; Tidswell, RJ; Yerworth, RJ; Bayford, RH; Holder, DS; (2001) Imaging of interictal epileptiform activity using electrical impedance tomography. Proceedings of the XI International Conference on Electrical Bio-impedance, Oslo, June 17 - 21.

Bamber, MA; Theodossy, T; Richards, R; Crean, SJV; Harris, M; (2001) The conventional and robotic orthognathic model surgery techniques. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Bardinet, E; Colchester, A; Roche, A; Zhu, Y; He, Y; Ourselin, S; Nailon, B; (2001) Registration of reconstructed post mortem optical data with mr scans of the same patient. In: (pp. pp. 957-965).

Barratt, D.C.; Davies, A.H.; Hughes, A.D.; Thom, S.A.; Humphries, K.N.; (2001) Accuracy of an electromagnetic three-dimensional ultrasound system for carotid artery imaging. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology , 27 (10) pp. 1421-1425. 10.1016/S0301-5629(01)00447-1.

Barratt, DC; Ariff, BB; Davies, AH; Hughes, AD; Thom, SA; Humphries, KN; (2001) A system for 3D vascular ultrasound imaging. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Batchelor, PG; Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; (2001) Reconstruction of Tensor and Vector Data from Diffusion Tensor MRI. Presented at: Applied Mathematics in our Changing World.

Batchelor, PG; Hill, DLG; Calamante, F; Atkinson, D; (2001) Study of Connectivity in the Brain Using the Full Diffusion Tensor from MRI. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Bayford, R; Gibson, A; Tizzard, A; Liston, AD; Tidswell, AT; Bagshaw, AP; Holder, DS; (2001) Modelling the effect of eye sockets in the human head using I-DEAS and its implication for imaging impedance change using Electrical Impedance Tomography.

Bayford, RH; Gibson, A; Tizzard, A; Tidswell, AT; Holder, DS; (2001) Solving the forward problem for the human head using IDEAS (Integrated Design Engineering Analysis Software) a finite element modelling tool. Physiol. Meas , 22 (1) 55 - 63.

Bayford, RH; Gibson, A; Tizzard, A; Tidswell, T; Holder, DS; (2001) Physiological Measurement-Volume 22 Number 1 February 2001-Biomedical applications of electrical impedance tomography-RECONSTRUCTION ALGORITHMS-Solving the forward problem in electrical. Physiological Measurement , 22 (1) 55 - 64.

Bayford, RH; Gibson, A; Tizzard, A; Tidswell, T; Holder, DS; (2001) Solving the forward problem in electrical impedance tomography for the human head using IDEAS (integrated design engineering analysis software), a finite element modelling tool. Physiological measurement , 22 (1) 55-.

Brooks, KJ; Bhakoo, K; Hargreaves, IP; Sellwood, M; O'Brien, FE; Cady, EB; Clemence, M; (2001) Hypothermia maintains cerebral metabolites after neonatal asphyxia. Pediatric Research , 49 (2) 268-.

Brown, DW; Picot, P; Springett, R; Delpy, DT; Lee, TY; (2001) Comparison of near infrared spectroscopy with CT cerebral blood flow measurements in newborn piglets. Proceedings of SPIE , 4321 pp. 168-176.


Clarkson, MJ; Rueckert, D; Hill, DLG; Hawkes, DJ; (2001) Using Photo-Consistency to Register 2D Optical Images of the Human Face to a 3D Surface Model. IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. , 23 (11) 1266–1280-1266–1280. 10.1109/34.969117.

Coutinho, BD; Fry, MF; Pollard, JK; (2001) Web-Controlled Instrumentation for Education Applications. The Institution of Electical Engineers , 1 pp. 6-1.


DENG, J; (2001) 4D fetal echocardiography. In: Euroson School on Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging (lecture notes). London: Hammersmith Hospital, UK

DENG, J; (2001) 4D ultrasonography of the fetal heart and adult lips (invited talk). Presented at: National Congress of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.

DENG, J; Linney, AD; et, A; (2001) A hearty kiss with dynamic 3D ultrasound. UNSPECIFIED, Oxford, UK.

DENG, J; Newton, NM; (2001) Read My Lips. The Times (2) Science

Darambara, DG; Speller, RD; Sellin, P; (2001) Development of a dual detector system based on a-Si:H arrays and multi-element silicon detectors for diffraction enhanced breast imaging. IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference , 1 pp. 173-175.

Degenhard, A; Tanner, C; Hayes, C; Hawkes, DJ; Leach, MO; (2001) Pre-processed image reconstruction applied to breast and brain MR imaging. PHYSIOL MEAS , 22 (967-33) pp. 589-604.

Dehghani, H; Hillman, EMC; Schweiger, M; Arridge, SR; Delpy, DT; (2001) Optical tomography of a 3D multilayered head model. In: (pp. pp. 45-52). SPIE: The International Society for Optical Engineering: Bellingham, US.

Delingette, H; Bardinet, E; Rey, D; Lemarechal, JD; Montagnat, J; Ourselin, S; Roche, A; (2001) YAV++: a Software Platform for Medical Image Processing and Visualization. Presented at: Workshop on Interactive Medical Image Visualization and Analysis, Satellite Symposia of MICCAI'01.

Deng, J; Yates, R; Birkett, AG; Ruff, CF; Linney, AD; Lees, WR; Hanson, MA; (2001) Online motion-gated dynamic three-dimensional echocardiography in the fetus - Preliminary results. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology , 27 (1) pp. 43-50. 10.1016/S0301-5629(00)00313-6.

Donaldson, N; Perkins, TA; (2001) Fes Cycling for Paraplegics. Salisbury FES Newsletter: Salisbury District Hospital pp. 12-14.

Donaldson, N; Zhou, L; Taylor, J; Triantis, I; Craggs, M; (2001) Towards an Advanced Implant for Controlling Neurogenic Incontinence. [Book].


Edwards, PJ; Hawkes, DJ; Penney, GP; Clarkson, MJ; (2001) Guiding Therapeutic Proceedures. In: Hajnal, JV and Hill, DLG and Hawkes, DJ, (eds.) Medical Image Registration. (253 - 278). CRC


Fader, M; Petterson, L; Dean, G; Brooks, R; Cottenden, AM; (2001) Disability Equipment Assessmwent Report No IN.7: Reubale pants with integral pad for light incontinence: an evaluation. Medical Devices Agency

Fader, M; Petterson, L; Dean, G; Brooks, R; Cottenden, AM; (2001) Disability Report No IN.8: Reusables review. Medical Devices Agency


Gambaccini, M; Di Domenico, G; Fantini, A; Sabba, N; Taibi, A; Tartari, A; Tuffanelli, A; (2001) Combined CT-SPECT tomography system for breast cancer study. Presented at: 3rd Workshop of the European-Federation-of-Organizations-for-Medical-Physics (ECR-2001), VIENNA, AUSTRIA.

Gibson, A; Eadie, L; Bayford, RH; Holder, DS; (2001) Optimum four terminal measurements from the surface of a sphere. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Harris, EJ; Royle, GJ; Speller, RD; Spencer, S; Robbins, M; Burt, D; (2001) Analysis of the Noise Characteristics due to the Gain in a Novel CCD. In: IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference record.

Harris, EJ; Royle, GJ; Speller, RD; Spencer, S; Suske, S; (2001) Performance evaluation of a novel CCD camera for applications in medical imaging. In: Pub. Proc. Room temperature semiconductor conference.

Harris, EJ; Royle, GJ; Speller, RD; Spencer, S; Suske, W; (2001) Low light level CCD: performance evaluation for applications in medical imaging. In: SPIE proceedings.

Harris, EJ; Royle, GJ; Speller, RD; Spencer, S; Suske, W; (2001) Performance Evaluation of a Novel CCD Camera for Applications in Medical Imaging. [Book].

Hill, DL; Batchelor, PG; Holden, M; Hawkes, DJ; (2001) Medical image registration. PHYS MED BIOL , 46 (031-91) R1-45.

Hill, DLG; Batchelor, PG; (2001) Registration Methodology-Algorithms,. In: Hajnal, J and Hill, DLG and Hawkes, D, (eds.) Medical Image Registration,. CRC

Hillman, EMC; Dehghani, H; Hebden, JC; Arridge, SR; Schweiger, M; Delpy, DT; Chance, B; (2001) Differential Imaging in Heterogeneous Media: Limitations of Linearisation Assumptions in Optical Tomography. Bellingham , 4240 pp. 327-338.

Hollis, VS; Binzoni, T; Delpy, DT; (2001) Non Invasive Monitoring of Brain Tissue Temperature by Near-infrared Spectroscopy. Proceedings of SPIE , 4250 pp. 470-481.

Hu, M; Yuan, B; Tang, X; (2001) A New Robust Fundamental Matrix Estimation Based on Genetic Algorithm. Computers and Artificial Intelligence , 20 (5) Gold open access

Hunt, K; Gollee, H; Jaime, R; Donaldson, N; (2001) Design of Feedback Controllers for Paraplegic Standing. Proceedings IEE on Control Thoery and Applications , 148 (2) pp. 97-108.


Johnson, L; EADIE, L; de Cunha, DA; Edwards, P; Hawkes, DJ; (2001) The limits of transparent depth perception with restricted field of view: Application in an augmented reality surgical microscope. In: Proceedings Of The Human Factors And Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting. (pp. 1438 - 1442). SAGE Journals


King, AP; Batchelor, PG; Penney, GP; Blackall, JM; Hill, DLG; Hawkes, DJ; (2001) Estimating Sparse Deformation Fields Using Multiscale Bayesian Priors and 3-D Ultrasound. Presented at: IPMI.

Kolitsi, Z; Speller, R; Horrocks, J; Barbanel, J; Pallikarakis, N; (2001) Towards a European framework for education and training in medical physics and biomedical engineering. [Book]. Studies in healthcare technology and informatics: Vol.82. Ios Pr Inc


Landeryou, MA; Yermouth, RJ; Cottenden, AM; (2001) Methods for Mapping Liquid Distribution within Absorbent Structure. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine , 217 (H4) pp. 253-262.

Liston, A; Bayford, RH; Tidswell, AT; Gibson, A; Hollis, VS; (2001) UNSPECIFIED Presented at: Spherical Reconstruction Algorithms for EIT of Human Brain Function in a Realistic head Shaped Tank.

Longo, R; Olivo, A; Arfelli, F; Cantatore, G; Pani, S; Poropat, P; Prest, M; (2001) Improvements in digital mammography with synchrotron radiation. Presented at: 5th International Workshop on Digital Mammography, TORONTO, CANADA.


Ma, C; Kwok, WM; Matousek, P; Parker, AW; Phillips, D; Toner, WT; Towrie, M; (2001) Resonance Raman study of ring deuterated 4-dimethylaminobenzonitrile (DMABN-d<inf>4</inf>): The ground, ICT and triplet states. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry , 142 (2-3) pp. 177-185.

Ma, C; Kwok, WM; Matousek, P; Parker, AW; Phillips, D; Toner, WT; Towrie, M; (2001) Time-resolved study of the triplet state of 4-dimethylaminobenzonitrile (DMABN). Journal of Physical Chemistry A , 105 (19) pp. 4648-4652. 10.1021/jp004497a.

McGrouther, D; Newton, NM; DENG, J; (2001) The Secrets of Kissing (by BBC for Discovery Channel). UNSPECIFIED

McLeish, K; Atkinson, D; Hill, DLG; Keevil, SF; (2001) Inverse MRI:Imaging a Freely Rotating Object. Presented at: ISMRM.

McRobbie, D; Quest, R; Shmueli, K; (2001) BOLD contrast modifications due to fat suppression in long TR functional magnetic resonance imaging. In: NEUROIMAGE. (pp. S31 - S31).


Nagaraj, N; Shmueli, K; Nadir, F; (2001) Plasma volume (PV) measurement in suspected polycythaemia - Direct measurement or indirect measurement? In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE. (pp. 1220 - 1220).

Newton, N; Deng, J; Butler, C; Shirley, RA; Hall-Craggs, MA; Goodacre, T; McGrouther, DA; (2001) Volumetric analysis of orbicularis oris using dynamic 3-dimensional ultrasound in cleft lip patients and normal volunteers: implications for understanding morphology and evaluating cleft lip repair procedures. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Nguyen, Q; (2001) Quantitative diffusion weighted imaging: techniques and applications to perinatal asphyxia. Doctoral thesis, University of London. Green open access

Norton, JA; Donaldson, N; Rushton, DN; Holder, DS; Wood, DE; Perkins, TA; Tromans, AM; (2001) Response to Chronic Anterior Nerve Root Stimulation. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.


Ourselin, S; Bardinet, E; Dormont, D; Malandain, G; Roche, A; Ayache, N; Tandé, D; (2001) Fusion of histological sections and MR images: Towards the construction of an atlas of the human basal Ganglia. In: (pp. pp. 743-751).


Penney, GP; Batchelor, PG; Hill, DL; Hawkes, DJ; Weese, J; (2001) Validation of a two- to three-dimensional registration algorithm for aligning preoperative CT images and intraoperative fluoroscopy images. MED PHYS , 28 (094-24) pp. 1024-1032.

Penney, GP; Edwards, PJ; King, AP; Blackall, JM; Batchelor, PG; Hawkes, DJ; (2001) Stochastic Iterative Closest Point Algorithm (stochastICP). Presented at: MICCAI.

Perkins, TA; Donaldson, N; Fitzwater, R; Phillips, GF; Wood, DE; Mayr, W; Bijak, M; (2001) Leg Powered Paraplegic Cycling System using Surface Functional Electrical Stimulation. Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics Univ of Vienna, Austria pp. 36-39.

Pollard, JK; Rohmans, S; Fry, ME; (2001) A Web-based Mobile Medical Monitoring System. Proceedings of Ternopil Academy of National Economy(TANE). [Book].

Pollard, JK; Rohmans, S; Fry, ME; Sachenko, A; (2001) A Web-based Mobile Medical Monitoring System. Presented at: International Workshop on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications.

Pollard, JK; Santarelli, C; Theodorou, A; Mohoboob, N; Fry, ME; (2001) Wireless and Web-based Medical Monitoring in the Home. Technology and Health Care , 9 (6)

Prest, M; Vallazza, E; Chiavacci, M; Mariani, R; Motto, S; Neri, M; Scantamburlo, N; (2001) FROST: a low-noise high-rate photon counting ASIC for X-ray applications. Presented at: 8th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, LA BIODOLA, ITALY.


Riener, R; Angeli, M; Fuhr, T; Donaldson, N; Wood, DE; (2001) A New Design of a Multi-Moment Chair System. [Book].


SPELLER, R; (2001) Radiation based security. Radiation physics and chemistry , 61 pp. 293-300.

Smith, M; (2001) Awake craniotomy. In: Gupta, AK and Summors, A, (eds.) Notes in neuroanaesthesia and critical care. (pp. 73-75). Greenwich Medical Media: London.

Smith, M; (2001) Epilepsy surgery. In: Gupta, AK and Summors, A, (eds.) Notes in neuroanaesthesia and critical care. (pp. 69-71). Greenwich Medical Media: London.

Svensson, WE; Humphries, K; McBride, A; Barratt, D; Forouhi, P; Stanley, P; Welsh, A; (2001) 3D ultrasound imaging of breast tumour neovascularization: Work in progress. Presented at: European Congress of Radiology.


Tanner, C; Degenhard, A; Schnabel, JA; Smith, AC; Hayes, C; Sonoda, LI; Leach, MO; (2001) A method for the comparison of biomechanical breast models. Presented at: UNSPECIFIED.

Taylor, P; Alberdi, E; Lee, R; Fox, J; Sordo, M; Todd-Pokropek, A; (2001) Incorporating image processing in a clinical decision support system. In: (pp. pp. 134-140).

Thorsen, R; Burridge, J; Donaldson, N; Ferrarin, M; Norton, JA; (2001) Auto-Myo-Electric Control of FES on Tibiatis Anterior: A Pilot Study with Stroke Patients. [Book].

Tidswell, AT; Gibson, A; Bayford, RH; Holder, DS; (2001) Physiological Measurement-Volume 22 Number 1 February 2001-Biomedical applications of electrical impedance tomography-CLINICAL APPLICATIONS-Electrical impedance tomography of human brain. Physiological Measurement , 22 (1) 167 - 176.

Tidswell, AT; Gibson, A; Bayford, RH; Holder, DS; (2001) Physiological Measurement-Volume 22 Number 1 February 2001-Biomedical applications of electrical impedance tomography-CLINICAL APPLICATIONS-Validation of a 3D reconstruction algorithm for EIT. Physiological Measurement , 22 (1) 177 - 186.

Tidswell, AT; Gibson, A; Liston, A; Yerworth, RJ; Bagshaw, A; Wyatt, J; Bayford, RH; (2001) 3D electrical impedance tomography of neonatal brain activity.

Tidswell, AT; Gibson, A; Liston, A; Yerworth, RJ; Bagshaw, A; Wyatt, J; Bayford, RH; (2001) 3D electrical impedance tomography of neonatal brain activity. Presented at: Biomed. Appl. Elec. Int. Tomog. III.

Tullis, ID; Cope, M; Delpy, DT; (2001) Modular Multiwavelength Wideband Intensity-modulated Optical Spectrometer for Localised Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Proceedings of SPIE , 4434 pp. 99-104.

Tullis, ID; Delpy, DT; (2001) Optical Pathlength Meter for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Proceedings of SPIE , 4432 pp. 17-23.


West, JB; Fitzpatrick, JM; Batchelor, PG; (2001) Point-Based Registration under a Similarity Transform. Presented at: SPIE.

Wood, DE; Donaldson, N; McFadden, C; Perkins, TA; Rushto, DN; Tromans, AM; (2001) Is Paraplegic Standing by Root Stimulation a Practical Option? Conclusions From the LARSI Project. [Book]. IFESS

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