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Abeti, R; Duchen, MR; (2012) Activation of PARP by Oxidative Stress Induced by beta-Amyloid: Implications for Alzheimer's Disease. NEUROCHEMICAL RESEARCH , 37 (11) pp. 2589-2596. 10.1007/s11064-012-0895-x.

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Adhikari, K; AlChawa, T; Ludwig, K; Mangold, E; Laird, N; Lange, C; (2012) Is It Rare or Common? GENETIC EPIDEMIOLOGY , 36 (5) pp. 419-429. 10.1002/gepi.21637.

Al-Nuaimi, Y; Goodfellow, M; Paus, R; Baier, G; (2012) A prototypic mathematical model of the human hair cycle. Journal of Theoretical Biology , 310 pp. 143-159. 10.1016/j.jtbi.2012.05.027.

Aleksandrova, A; Czirók, A; Szabó, A; Filla, MB; Hossain, MJ; Whelan, PF; Lansford, R; (2012) Convective tissue movements play a major role in avian endocardial morphogenesis. Developmental Biology , 363 (2) pp. 348-361. 10.1016/j.ydbio.2011.12.036. Green open access

Alfieri, A; Srivastava, S; Siow, RCM; Duchen, MR; Fraser, PA; Mann, GE; (2012) Heme Oxygenase 1 Induction In The Peri-Infarct Region After Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury In Rats Is Associated With Reduced Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown. FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE , 53 S136-S137. 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2012.08.285.

Amadesi, S; Reni, C; Katare, R; Meloni, M; Oikawa, A; Beltrami, AP; Avolio, E; ... Madeddu, P; + view all (2012) Role for Substance P-Based Nociceptive Signaling in Progenitor Cell Activation and Angiogenesis During Ischemia in Mice and in Human Subjects. CIRCULATION , 125 (14) pp. 1774-1786. 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.111.089763.

Anane, D.; (2012) The role of Wnt signalling in excitatory hippocampal synapse formation and function. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Anderson, C; Williams, VC; Moyon, B; Daubas, P; Tajbakhsh, S; Buckingham, ME; Shiroishi, T; ... Borycki, A-G; + view all (2012) Sonic hedgehog acts cell-autonomously on muscle precursor cells to generate limb muscle diversity. Genes & Development , 26 (18) pp. 2103-2117. 10.1101/gad.187807.112.

Andreazzoli, M; Gestri, G; Landi, E; D'Orsi, B; Barilari, M; Iervolino, A; Vitiello, M; ... Dente, L; + view all (2012) Kidins220/ARMS interacts with Pdzrn3, a protein containing multiple binding domains. Biochimie , 94 (9) 2054 - 2057. 10.1016/j.biochi.2012.05.002. Green open access

Apesteguia, S; Jones, MEH; (2012) A Late Cretaceous "tuatara" (Lepidosauria: Sphenodontinae) from South America. CRETACEOUS RESEARCH , 34 pp. 154-160. 10.1016/j.cretres.2011.10.014.

Apesteguía, S; Jones, MEH; (2012) A Late Cretaceous tuatara (Lepidosauria: Sphenodontinae) from South America. Cretaceous Research , 34 pp. 154-160. 10.1016/j.cretres.2011.10.014.

Ares, S; Morelli, LG; Jörg, DJ; Oates, AC; Jülicher, F; (2012) Collective Modes of Coupled Phase Oscillators with Delayed Coupling. Physical Review Letters , 108 (20) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.204101.

Arthur-Farraj, PJ; Latouche, M; Wilton, DK; Quintes, S; Chabrol, E; Banerjee, A; Woodhoo, A; ... Jessen, KR; + view all (2012) c-Jun reprograms Schwann cells of injured nerves to generate a repair cell essential for regeneration. Neuron , 75 (4) 633 - 647. 10.1016/j.neuron.2012.06.021. Green open access

Astick, MR; (2012) Fgf regulated cadherin expression in cranial nucleogenesis. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access


Baier, G; Goodfellow, M; Taylor, PN; Wang, Y; Garry, DJ; (2012) The importance of modeling epileptic seizure dynamics as spatio-temporal patterns. Frontiers in Physiology , 3 10.3389/fphys.2012.00281. Green open access

Barnes, CP; Filippi, S; Stumpf, MPH; Thorne, T; (2012) Considerate approaches to constructing summary statistics for ABC model selection. Statistics and Computing pp. 1-17.

Barnes, CP; Huvet, M; Harmston, N; Stumpf, MPH; (2012) Mathematical models for systems biology and how to construct them. In: Robertson, BD and Wren, BW, (eds.) Systems Microbiology: Current Topics and Applications.

Barney, A; Martelli, S; Serrurier, A; Steele, J; (2012) Articulatory capacity of Neanderthals, a very recent and human-like fossil hominin. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES , 367 (1585) pp. 88-102. 10.1098/rstb.2011.0259.

Barney A, Martelli SA, Serrurier A, Steele J, ; (2012) Articulatory capacity of Neanderthals, a very recent and human-like fossil hominin. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences , 367 (1585) pp. 88-12. 10.1098/rstb.2011.0259.

Barrios, A; Ghosh, R; Fang, C; Emmons, SW; Barr, MM; (2012) PDF-1 neuropeptide signaling modulates a neural circuit for mate-searching behavior in C. elegans. NATURE NEUROSCIENCE , 15 (12) 1675-+. 10.1038/nn.3253.

Barrios, A; Ghosh, R; Fang, C; Emmons, SW; Barr, MM; (2012) PDF-1 neuropeptide signaling modulates a neural circuit for mate-searching behavior in C. elegans. Nature Neuroscience , 15 (12) pp. 1675-1682.

Barry, C; Bush, D; (2012) From A to Z: a potential role for grid cells in spatial navigation. Neural Syst Circuits , 2 (1) 6-. 10.1186/2042-1001-2-6. Gold open access

Barry, C; Bush, D; O'Keefe, J; Burgess, N; (2012) Models of grid cells and theta oscillations. Nature , 488 (7409) E1 - E2. 10.1038/nature11276. Green open access

Barry, C; Ginzberg, LL; O'Keefe, J; Burgess, N; (2012) Grid cell firing patterns signal environmental novelty by expansion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , 109 (43) 17687 - 17692. 10.1073/pnas.1209918109.

Barry, C; Heys, JG; Hasselmo, ME; (2012) Possible role of acetylcholine in regulating spatial novelty effects on theta rhythm and grid cells. FRONTIERS IN NEURAL CIRCUITS , 6 (ARTN 5) 10.3389/fncir.2012.00005. Gold open access

Baruch, N; Duchen, M; Hanna, MG; (2012) Muscle degeneration in ion channel dysfunction. In: (Proceedings) United Kingdom Neuromuscular Translational Research Conference. (pp. S16-S16). PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

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Bernal, A; San Martín, N; Fernández, M; Covarello, D; Molla, F; Soldo, A; Latini, R; ... Gálvez, BG; + view all (2012) L-selectin and SDF-1 enhance the migration of mouse and human cardiac mesoangioblasts. Cell Death Differ , 19 (2) pp. 345-355. 10.1038/cdd.2011.110.

Bertocchini, F; Stern, CD; (2012) Gata2 provides an early anterior bias and uncovers a global positioning system for polarity in the amniote embryo. DEVELOPMENT , 139 (22) pp. 4232-4238. 10.1242/dev.081901.

Billet, G; Hautier, L; Asher, RJ; Schwarz, C; Crumpton, N; Martin, T; Ruf, I; (2012) High morphological variation of vestibular system accompanies slow and infrequent locomotion in three-toed sloths. PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES , 279 (1744) pp. 3932-3939. 10.1098/rspb.2012.1212.

Birch, W.J.; (2012) Incremental growth of deciduous tooth enamel. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Blacker, TS; Mann, ZF; Gale, JE; Ziegler, M; Bain, AJ; Duchen, MR; (2012) Separation of NADPH and NADH Fluorescence Emission in Live Cells using Flim. In: (Proceedings) 56th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society. (pp. 196A-196A). CELL PRESS

Blauw, HM; Barnes, CP; van Vught, PWJ; van Rheenen, W; Verheul, M; Cuppen, E; Veldink, JH; (2012) SMN1 gene duplications are associated with sporadic ALS. NEUROLOGY , 78 (11) pp. 776-780. 10.1212/WNL.0b013e318249f697.

Bolet, A; Evans, SE; (2012) A tiny lizard (Lepidosauria, Squamata) from the Lower Cretaceous of Spain. PALAEONTOLOGY , 55 pp. 491-500. 10.1111/j.1475-4983.2012.01145.x.

Bonfanti, P; Barrandon, Y; Cossu, G; (2012) Hearts and bones': the ups and downs of plasticity' in stem cell biology. EMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINE , 4 (5) pp. 353-361. 10.1002/emmm.201200220.

Bosurgi, L; Corna, G; Vezzoli, M; Touvier, T; Cossu, G; Manfredi, AA; Brunelli, S; (2012) Transplanted mesoangioblasts require macrophage IL-10 for survival in a mouse model of muscle injury. J Immunol , 188 (12) pp. 6267-6277. 10.4049/jimmunol.1102680.

Brandao-Burch, A; Key, ML; Patel, JJ; Arnett, TR; Orriss, IR; (2012) The P2X7 Receptor is an Important Regulator of Extracellular ATP Levels. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) , 3 41-. 10.3389/fendo.2012.00041. Gold open access


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Chiavacci, E; Dolfi, L; Verduci, L; Meghini, F; Gestri, G; Evangelista, AM; Wilson, SW; ... Pitto, L; + view all (2012) MicroRNA 218 mediates the effects of Tbx5a over-expression on zebrafish heart development. PLoS One , 7 (11) , Article e50536. 10.1371/journal.pone.0050536. Green open access

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Cooper, JD; Simmonds, MJ; Walker, NM; Burren, O; Brand, OJ; Guo, H; Wallace, C; ... Gough, SCL; + view all (2012) Seven newly identified loci for autoimmune thyroid disease. HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS , 21 (23) pp. 5202-5208. 10.1093/hmg/dds357.

Corona, JC; Duchen, MR; (2012) Rosiglitazone protects differentiated SH-SY5Y cells against damage induced by rotenone through mitochondrial biogenesis and by anti-oxidative mechanisms. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS , 1817 S68-S68. 10.1016/j.bbabio.2012.06.192.

Cox, C.A.; (2012) The circadian clock and the cell cycle. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access


Dale, R.L.; (2012) The role of membrane trafficking proteins during cell division in mouse oocytes. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Davidson, SM; Duchen, MM; Yellon, DM; (2012) Slow calcium waves and redox changes precede mPTP opening occur during hypoxia and reoxygenation in the intact heart. In: (Proceedings) 2nd Congress of the European-Society-of-Cardiology Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science - Frontiers in Cardiovascular Biology. (pp. S88-S88). OXFORD UNIV PRESS

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Diaz-Manera, J; Gallardo, E; de Luna, N; Navas, M; Soria, L; Garibaldi, M; Rojas-Garcia, R; ... Illa, I; + view all (2012) The increase of pericyte population in human neuromuscular disorders supports their role in muscle regeneration in vivo. JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY , 228 (4) pp. 544-553. 10.1002/path.4083.

Ding, S; Contrevas, JR; Abramov, AY; Qi, Z; Duchen, MR; (2012) Mild stress of caffeine increased mtDNA content in skeletal muscle cells: the interplay between Ca2+ transients and nitric oxide. JOURNAL OF MUSCLE RESEARCH AND CELL MOTILITY , 33 (5) pp. 327-337. 10.1007/s10974-012-9318-5.

Ding, S; Riddoch-Contreras, J; Abramov, AY; Qi, Z; Duchen, MR; (2012) Erratum to: Mild stress of caffeine increased mtDNA content in skeletal muscle cells: the interplay between Ca(2+) transients and nitric oxide. J Muscle Res Cell Motil , 33 (5) 339-. 10.1007/s10974-012-9327-4.

Doddrell, RDS; Dun, X-P; Moate, RM; Jessen, KR; Mirsky, R; Parkinson, DB; (2012) Regulation of Schwann cell differentiation and proliferation by the Pax-3 transcription factor. GLIA , 60 (9) pp. 1269-1278. 10.1002/glia.22346.

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Drechsel, D.; (2012) Genome-wide analysis of two transcriptional programmes of neurogenesis. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Duchen, MR; (2012) Mitochondria, calcium-dependent neuronal death and neurodegenerative disease. PFLUGERS ARCHIV-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY , 464 (1) pp. 111-121. 10.1007/s00424-012-1112-0. Gold open access


Ehsani, S; Santos, JC; Rodrigues, CD; Henriques, R; Audry, L; Zimmer, C; Sansonetti, P; ... Enninga, J; + view all (2012) Hierarchies of Host Factor Dynamics at the Entry Site of Shigella flexneri during Host Cell Invasion. INFECTION AND IMMUNITY , 80 (7) pp. 2548-2557. 10.1128/IAI.06391-11.

Embade, N; Fernandez-Ramos, D; Varela-Rey, M; Beraza, N; Sini, M; Gutierrez de Juan, V; Woodhoo, A; ... Martinez-Chantar, ML; + view all (2012) Murine double minute 2 regulates Hu antigen R stability in human liver and colon cancer through NEDDylation. HEPATOLOGY , 55 (4) pp. 1237-1248. 10.1002/hep.24795.

Evans, SE; Jones, MEH; Matsumoto, R; (2012) A new lizard skull from the Purbeck Limestone Group (Lower Cretaceous) of England. Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France , 183 (6) pp. 517-524. 10.2113/gssgfbull.183.6.517.

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Evans, SE; Wang, Y; (2012) New material of the Early Cretaceous lizard Yabeinosaurus from China. Cretaceous Research , 34 pp. 48-60. 10.1016/j.cretres.2011.10.004.

Evans, SE; Wang, Y; (2012) New material of the Early Cretaceous lizard Yabeinosaurus from China. Cretaceous Research , 34 pp. 48-60. 10.1016/j.cret.res.2011.10.004.


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Fontana, X; Hristova, M; Da Costa, C; Patodia, S; Thei, L; Makwana, M; Spencer-Dene, B; ... Behrens, A; + view all (2012) c-Jun in Schwann cells promotes axonal regeneration and motoneuron survival via paracrine signaling. JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY , 198 (1) pp. 127-141. 10.1083/jcb.201205025.

Froese, A; Breher, SS; Waldeyer, C; Schindler, RFR; Nikolaev, VO; Rinné, S; Wischmeyer, E; ... Brand, T; + view all (2012) Popeye domain containing proteins are essential for stress-mediated modulation of cardiac pacemaking in mice. J Clin Invest , 122 (3) pp. 1119-1130. 10.1172/JCI59410.

Fuoco, C; Salvatori, ML; Biondo, A; Shapira-Schweitzer, K; Santoleri, S; Antonini, S; Bernardini, S; ... Gargioli, C; + view all (2012) Injectable polyethylene glycol-fibrinogen hydrogel adjuvant improves survival and differentiation of transplanted mesoangioblasts in acute and chronic skeletal-muscle degeneration. SKELETAL MUSCLE , 2 (ARTN 24) 10.1186/2044-5040-2-24. Gold open access


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