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Beck, S; (2001) Genome acrobatics: understanding complex genomes. DRUG DISCOV TODAY , 6 (23) 1181 - 1182.


Carvalho, C; Pereira, HM; Ferreira, J; Pina, C; Mendonca, D; Rosa, AC; Carmo-Fonseca, M; (2001) Chromosomal G-dark Bands Determine the Spatial Organization of Centromeric Heterochromatin in the Nucleus. Molecular Biology of the Cell , 12 pp. 3563-3572.


Ezoe, S; Mtsumura, I; Mizuki, M; Kawasaki, A; Machii, T; Yamamoto, M; Enver, T; (2001) Roles of P21(WAF1) and P27(KIP1) in GATA-2-induced growth suppression of hematopoietic cells. BLOOD , 98 (11) 759A-759A.


Flynn, AA; Green, AJ; Pedley, RB; Boxer, GM; Boden, RAB; R, HJ; (2001) A mouse model for calculating the absorbed beta dose, from 131I and 90Y labelled immunoconjugates, including a method for dealing with heterogeneity in kidney and tumour. Radiation Research , 156 pp. 28-35.

Flynn, AA; Pedley, RB; Green, AJ; Boxer, GM; Boden, R; Begent, RH; (2001) Optimizing radioimmunotherapy by matching dose distribution with tumor structure using 3D reconstructions of serial images. Cancer Biother Radiopharm , 16 (5) pp. 391-400. 10.1089/108497801753354294.


Green, AJ; Baig, S; Begent, RHJ; (2001) Use of gadolinium-153 transmission attenuation maps for quantitative I-131SPECT with dual window scatter correction. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 28 (8) S131-.

Green, AJ; Baig, S; Francis, RJ; Begent, RHJ; (2001) Semi quantitative analysis of F18-FDG imaging using a hybrid camera for the assessment of tumour response to therapy. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine , 28 (8) S132-.

Green, AJ; Johnson, CJ; Adamson, KL; Begent, RHJ; (2001) Mathematical model of antibody targeting: important parameters defined using clinical data. Physics in Medicine and Biology , 46 (6) pp. 1679-1693.


Hadjur, S; Ung, K; Wadsworth, LD; Dimmick, J; Scott, RW; Buchwald, M; Jirik, FR; (2001) Defective hematopoiesis and hepatic steatosis in mice with combined deficiencies of the genes encoding Fancc and Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase. BLOOD , 98 (11) 69A - 69A.

Hames, RS; Wattam, SL; Yamano, H; Bacchieri, R; Fry, AM; (2001) APC/C-mediated destruction of the centrosomal kinase Nek2A occurs in early mitosis and depends upon a cyclin A-type D-box. EMBO J. , 20 (24) pp. 7117-7127.


Jansen, S; Pearson, T; Morgan, NV; Tipping, AJ; Kuyt, LP; Mathew, CG; (2001) The genealogy of Fanconi Anaemia patients homozygotic for the type I and type II Afrikaner mutations. AM J HUM GENET , 69 (4) 397 - 397.

Joshi, CV; Gale, KB; Thykjaer, TA; Orntoft, T; Enver, T; (2001) GATA-2-dependent modulation of transcriptional profiles in hematopoietic progenitor cells. BLOOD , 98 (11) 551A-552A.


Kenny, PA; Danielian, PS; Dale, TC; Enver, T; Ashworth, A; (2001) Identification of novel Wnt-1/beta-catenin target genes in mouse mammary epithelial cells. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL , 12 100A-100A.


Nikitenko, LL; Brown, NS; Smith, DM; MacKenzie, IZ; Bicknell, R; Rees, MCP; (2001) Differential and cell-specific expression of calcitonin receptor-like receptor and receptor activity modifying proteins in the human uterus. MOL HUM REPROD , 7 (7) 655 - 664.


Rubin, E; Mittnacht, S; Villa-Moruzzi, E; Ludlow, JW; (2001) Site-specific and temporally-regulated retinoblastoma protein dephosphorylation by protein phosphatase type 1. ONCOGENE , 20 (29) pp. 3776-3785. 10.1038/sj.onc.1204518.


Scaffidi, P; Bianchi, ME; (2001) Spatially Precise DNA Bending Is an Essential Activity of the Sox2 Transcription Factor. Journal of Biological Chemistry , 276 (50) pp. 47296-47302. 10.1074/jbc.M107619200.


Takimoto, K; Yaguchi, H; Miyakoshi, J; (2001) Extremely low frequency magnetic fields suppress the reduction of germination rate of Arabidopsis thaliana seeds kept in saturated humidity. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem , 65 (11) pp. 2552-2554.

Tsuzuki, S; Ivins, S; Guidez, F; Zelent, A; Enver, T; (2001) PLZF proteins can function as co-repressors of GATA-family transcription factors. BLOOD , 98 (11) 553A - 553A.

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