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Beck, S; Sterk, P; (1998) Genome-scale DNA sequencing: where are we? Curr Opin Biotechnol , 9 (1) pp. 116-121.

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Horton, R; Niblett, D; Milne, S; Palmer, S; Tubby, B; Trowsdale, J; Beck, S; (1998) Large-scale sequence comparisons reveal unusually high levels of variation in the HLA-DQB1 locus in the class II region of the human MHC. J MOL BIOL , 282 (1) 71 - 97.


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Perrotti, D; Bonatti, S; Trotta, R; Martinez, R; Skorski, T; Salomoni, P; Grassilli, E; (1998) TLS/FUS, a pro-oncogene involved in multiple chromosomal translocations, is a novel regulator of BCR/ABL-mediated leukemogenesis. EMBO J , 17 (15) 4442 - 4455.


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Yamano, H; Tsurumi, C; Gannon, J; Hunt, T; (1998) The role of the destruction box and its neighbouring lysine residues in cyclin B for anaphase ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis in fission yeast: defining the D-box receptor. EMBO J. , 17 (19) 5670 - 5678.

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