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Avis, T; Clark, EK; Flack, TL; Mohammadi, M; Milne, S; Niblett, D; Palmer, S; ... Beck, S; + view all (1997) The Chromosome 6 sequencing project at the Sanger Centre. DNA SEQUENCE , 8 (3) 131 - +.


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Zelent, A; Zhu, J; Lanotte, M; Gallagher, R; Waxman, S; Heyworth, CM; Enver, T; (1997) Differential expression of retinoid receptors during multilineage differentiation of haemopoietic progenitor cells-role of the RAR alpha 2 isoform in normal granulopoiesis and leukaemia. BLOOD , 90 (10) p. 186.

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