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Addae-Dapaah, K; (1996) The effectiveness of the direct sales comparison approach to office appraisal in Singapore. Australian Land Economics Review , 2 (2) pp. 35-43. Green open access

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Book chapter

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Proceedings paper

Bates, JR; Munro, DK; Thornycroft, JM; Hacker, RJ; Ruyssevelt, PA; (1996) Issues surrounding the grid connection of PV systems. In: Pearsall, N, (ed.) BUILDING INTEGRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 37 - 43). SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY

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Working / discussion paper

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Colletti, M; (1996) Carhouse of the Future. [Design]

Colletti, M; (1996) Phoenix from the Ashes. [Design]

Colletti, M; (1996) Phoenix from the Ashes. [Design]

Colletti, M; (1996) Phoenix from the Ashes. [Design]

Cruz, M; Guimarães, L; Sübai, J; Siller, K; (1996) RAVAL HOUSING. [Design]

Gage, S; Driver, K; (1996) Regents Park Medical Centre. [Building]. .


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Ekins, P; (1996) Freihandel Darf Kein Dogma Sein (free trade must not be a dogma). Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kirchlicher Entwicklungsdienst, Hamburg.

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