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Barrett, M; (1992) Energy, carbon dioxide and consumer choice. UCL (University College London), WWF International: Switzerland. Green open access

Barrett, MA; (1992) NTSMod Model of passenger transport based on passenger trip purpose and distance and modes that calculates energy and carbon. [Software].

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Ekins, P; (1992) Rise of the larger lout. UNSPECIFIED, London.

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Gage, S; (1992) Park End Surgery. [Building]. Hampstead.

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MORRIS, P; (1992) Latest Approaches in Project Risk Management. In: (Proceedings) MILCOMP Conference.

MORRIS, P; (1992) Modern trends in the organisation of major projects. In: (Proceedings) Construction Law Institute Conference, Construction Law 2000.

Mias Gifre, JM; Ustrell, J; Miralles, E; (1992) Lighting Project. Elisava Acadèmic (4)

Migayrou, FM; (1992) Coop Himmelblau - Edifications d’un Moment Singulier. In: Coop Himmelblau: construire le ciel. Editions du Centre Pompidou

Migayrou, FM; (1992) Stanislav Kolíbal. [Book].


Norse, D; (1992) A new strategy for feeding a crowded planet. Environment , 34 (5) pp. 7-39. 10.1080/00139157.1992.9931442.


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Penn, A; Hillier, B; (1992) The social potential of buildings: spatial structure and the innovative millieu in scientific research laboratories. In: Corporate Space and Architecture International Symposium Proceedings. (pp. 38-43). Ministère de l?Equipement du Logement et des Transports, Ministère de l?Equipement du Logement et des Transports: Paris. Green open access

Prior, M; Barrett, MA; (1992) Whose coal in the power stations?

Protheroe, R; Barrett, MA; (1992) Report on preparation of cost curves for the abatement of NOx and SO2 in Europe.


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Wilson, AG; (1992) Choices in higher education: the academic agenda. The future of higher education

Wilson, AG; (1992) New maps of old terrain. The Times Higher Education Supplement

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