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Allegra, M; Bono, I; Rokem, J; Casaglia, A; Marzorati, R; Yacobi, H; (2013) Rethinking Cities in Contentious Times: The Mobilisation of Urban Dissent in the 'Arab Spring'. Urban Studies , 50 (9) pp. 1675-1688. 10.1177/0042098013482841.

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Cabannes, Y; Raposo, I; (2013) Urban and Peri-urban agriculture, social inclusion of migrant population and right to the city:practices in Lisbon and London. City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action , 17 (2) 235 - 250. 10.1080/13604813.2013.765652. Green open access

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Lipietz, B; (2013) Forum: NGOs and Social Movements: Convergences and Divergences: Part Two: Introduction. City 10.1080/13604813.2013.798882.

Lipietz, B; (2013) Introduction: NGOs and Social Movements: Convergences and Divergences: Part Two. City , 17 (4) pp. 558-559. 10.1080/13604813.2013.798882.

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Patel, K; (2013) The Value of Secure Tenure: Ethnographic Accounts of How Tenure Security is Understood and Realised by Residents of Low-Income Settlements in Durban, South Africa. Urban Forum , 24 (2) pp. 269-287. 10.1007/s12132-012-9169-6.

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Rigon, A; (2013) Fragmentation and Democratic Transformations in Kenya: Ethnicity as an Outcome Rather Than a Cause (1992-2013). ISPI Studies (170) Gold open access

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WALKER, J; FREDIANI, AA; TRANI, JF; (2013) Gender, difference and urban change: implications for the promotion of well-being? Environment and Urbanization , 25 (1) 10.1177/0956247812468996.

Walker, J; (2013) Time poverty, gender and well-being: lessons from the Kyrgyz Swiss Swedish Health Programme. Development in Practice , 23 (1) 57 - 68. 10.1080/09614524.2013.751357. Green open access

Walker, JH; (2013) Time Poverty, Gender and Well-being: Lessons from the KSSHP. Development in Practice (In press).


Bass, S; Reid, H; Satterthwaite, D; (2013) Introduction.

Boano, C; Hunter W., ; Newton, C, ; (2013) Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Writings and Projects for the resilient city. [Book]. Development Planning Unit: London.

Cabannes, Y; (2013) Pro-poor legal and institutional aspects of Urban and Peri-Urban agriculture. [Pamphlet]. United Nations

Chenal, J; (2013) La ville ouest-africaine. Modèles de planification de l’espace urbain. [Book]. MetisPresses: Geneva. (In press).

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Satterthwaite, D; Mitlin, D; (2013) Reducing urban poverty in the global South.

Book chapter

Allen, AE; Castan Broto, V; (2013) Second urbanisation wave. In: Swilling, M and Robinson, B and Marvin, S and Hodson, M, (eds.) City-level Decoupling Urban Resource Flows and the Governance of Intrastructure Transitions. (pp. 26-32). Working Group on Cities of the International Resource Panel

Belda, S; Peris, J; Frediani, AA; Boni, A; (2013) Resistance and alternative against the new discourse of the right to the city: the case of the Movimento dos Sem Teto da Bahia (Salvador da Bahia, Brazil). In: Boniburini, I and Le Maire, J and Moretto, L and Smith, H, (eds.) The City as a Common Good: Urban Planning and the Right to the City / Le droit à la ville comme bien commun. Politiques sociales et planification urbaine. Les Cahiers de La Cambre-Horta Architecture, no. 9. La Lettre Volée: Brussels, Belgium. Green open access

Boano, C; (2013) So it begun in Dharavi. In: Boano, C, and Hunter, W, and Newton, C, , (eds.) Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Wrigins and projects for the resilient city. (pp. 9-10). Development Planning Unit: London.

Boano, C; Garcia La Marca, M, ; Hunter, W, ; (2013) Contested Urbanism. In: Boano, C, and Hunter, W, and Newton, C, , (eds.) Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Writings and Projects for the resilient city. (pp. 15-37). Development Planing Unit: London.

Boano, C; Garcia LaMarca, M., ; Hunter, W., ; (2013) Mega-projects and resistances in contested urbanism: reclaiming the right to the city in Dharavi. In: Boniburini, I and Le Maire, J and Moretto, L and Smith, H, (eds.) The City as a Common Ground: Urban Planning and the Right to the City. (pp. 306-329). Publication de la faculté d’architecture La Cambre-Horta de l’Université libre de Bruxelles: Bruxelles.

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Hunter, W, ; Boano, C, ; (2013) Recalibrating Critical Design Practices:Excursions through Studio Pedagogy. In: Boano, C, and Hunter, W, and Newton, C, , (eds.) Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Writings and Projects for the resilient city. (pp. 39-57). Development Planning Unit: London.

Hunter, W, ; Boano, C, ; (2013) Why Dharavi? In: Boano, C, and Hunter, W, and Newton, C, , (eds.) Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Writings and Projects for the resilient city. (pp. 59-61). Development Planning Unit: London.

Levy, C; (2013) Transport, diversity and the socially just city: The significance of gender relations. In: Urban Mobility and Poverty: Lessons from Medellín and Soacha, Colombia. (pp. 23-29). DPU,UCL & Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Medellín Campus)

Levy, C; Allen, A; (2013) Urban transitions:looking back, looking forward. In: Carnall, M and MacDonald, S, (eds.) Conversation Pieces: Inspirational objects in UCL's historic collections. (pp. 70-71). Shire Publications Ltd: Oxford, UK.

Marx, CE; (2013) The spatial imaginaries of informal settlement, HIV and AIDS, and the State in southern African cities. In: Chiodelli, F and de Carli, B and Falletti, M and Scavuzzo, L, (eds.) Cities to be tamed? Spatial investigations across the urban south. (pp. 135-149). Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle.

Sandoval H., V; (2013) The gap between science and application. In: Fekete, A and Grinda, C and Norf, C and Blätgen, T, (eds.) Coping with Disasters and Climate Extremes – Challenges & Cooperation Potential. (pp. 16-17). Fh-Koeln and UNU-EHS: Bonn and Cologne.

Sanyal, R; (2013) Normalizing Exception: UNRWA, UNHCR and the Politics of Protection. In: Monk, DB, (ed.) The Post Conflct Environment. University of Michigan Press: US. (In press).

Satterthwaite, DE; (2013) Community action in informal settlements; Strategies for improved environmental health and equity in low- and middle-income countries. In: Barrera, M and Heymann, J, (eds.) Ensuring a Sustainable Future; Making Progress on Environment and Equity2. (pp. 26-47). Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Satterthwaite, DE; Mitlin, DC; (2013) Inequalities within the urban half of the world. In: Genevey, R and Pachauri, RK and Tubiana, L, (eds.) Reducing Inequalities; A Sustainable Development Challenge. (pp. 139-152). TERI: Delhi.

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Walls, M; (2013) Women’s political participation in Somaliland. In: Journeys from exclusion to inclusion: Marginalised women’s successes in overcoming political exclusion. (164 - 197). International IDEA: Stockholm, Sweden. Green open access

Walls, M; (2013) Postscript: Reflections of an International (Election) Observer. In: Paice, E and Gibson, H, (eds.) After Borama: Consensus, representation and parliament in Somaliland. (pp. 37-39). Africa Research Institute: London, UK. Green open access

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Zhang, L-Y; (2013) City Development Strategies and the Transition Towards a Green Urban Economy. In: Simpson, R and Zimmermann, M, (eds.) The Economy of Green Cities: A World Compendium on the Green Urban Economy. (pp. 231-240). Springer: Dordrecht.

Proceedings paper

Lipietz, B; (2013) Community participation at the city-wide scale. In: (Proceedings) Metropolis Annual Conference 2013: Caring Cities. : Johannesburg, South Africa. Green open access

Sandoval, V; González-Muzzio, C; Albornoz, C; (2013) Community versus State in post-disaster context: Uneven outcomes on environmental justice and resilience in Chaitén, Chile. In: (Proceedings) EJUR Research Cluster - DPU - University College London. Workshop: Resilience and Environmental Justice in the Urban Global South. : London, UK.

Sandoval H., V; (2013) Chile: Between development and disaster risk. In: (Proceedings) DAAD Summer School "Coping with Disasters and Climate Extremes". : Köln and Bonn, Germany.

Sandoval H., V; (2013) Disasters and sustainability: Development at risk. In: (Proceedings) Alumni Conference on Conservation and Sustainability: Developing an International Alumni Network. : Greifswald, Germany.

Sandoval H., V; Albornoz E., C; (2013) La producción de la vulnerabilidad en chile: Re-interpretando el PAR model con el caso de chaitén. In: (Proceedings) 1st Seminário Internacional de Investigações sobre Vulnerabilidade dos Desastres Socionaturais, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - GEDN - CIVDES. : Florianópolis, Brazil.

Sandoval H., V; González-Muzzio, C; Albornoz E., C; (2013) Community versus State in post-disaster context: Uneven outcomes on environmental justice and resilience in Chaitén, Chile. In: (Proceedings) ChileGlobal Seminars London: Disasters, Emergency and Reconstruction. : London, UK.


Frediani, AA and Butcher, S and Watt, P (Eds). (2013) Regeneration and Well-being: Stories from Carpenters Estate. (MSc Social Development Practice Student Report ). The Bartlett Development Planning Unit: London.

Ahmed, SJ; (2013) Looking at Possible Future Change: Biochar Deployment Scenario for UK in 2030. : University of Edinburgh. Green open access

International Crisis Group, ; (2013) Somalia: Puntland’s Punted Polls. (Africa Briefing 97 ). International Crisis Group (ICG): Nairobi/Brussels. Green open access

Patel, K; (2013) Provision and improvement of housing for the poor.

Rigon, A; (2013) Setting the post-2015 development compass: voices from the ground. Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD): London, UK. Green open access

Walker, JH; Majale, M; (2013) Putting People’s Plans into Practice: Final Evaluation. Practical Action: UK.

Walls, M; Kibble, S; (2013) Swerves on the Road: Report by International Election Observers on the 2012 Local Elections in Somaliland. Progressio: London, UK.

Working / discussion paper

(2013) Participatory Informal Settlement Upgrading and Well-Being in Kisumu, Kenya. Development Planning Unit

Frediani, AA; (2013) Participatory Spatial Practices: The Case of Movimento dos Sem Teto da Bahia. (ASF-International Newsletter ). ASF-International

Johnson, CA; Bosher, L; Adelekan, I; Jabeen, H; Kataria, S; Marome, A; Zerjav, B; (2013) Private Sector Investment Decisions in Building and Construction: Increasing, Managing and Transferring Risks. A Background paper for the 2013 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction: From Shared Risk to Shared Value –The Business Case for Disaster Risk Reduction. United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction: Geneva.


Hasan, MMU; (2013) Unjust mobilities: The case of rickshaw bans and restrictions in Dhaka. Doctoral thesis , UCL (University College London). Green open access

Digital scholarly resource

Allen, A; Levy, C; Lipietz, B; Marx, C; (2013) Thinking across boundaries – Planning dilemmas in the Urban Global South - SHORT. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://vimeo.com/73388376

Allen, AE; Levy, C; Lipietz, B; Marx, C; Cociña, C; (2013) Thinking across Boundaries: Planning Dilemmas in the urban Global South[http://dputab.wordpress.com/]. [Digital scholarly resource].

Boano, C; (2013) Architecture must be defended: informality and the agency of space. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.opendemocracy.net/opensecurity/camillo-...

Boano, C; (2013) DPU summerLab as a way of defending Architecture. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://issuu.com/dpu-ucl/docs/rome-occupation-city...

Boano, C; Chabarek, D; (2013) Memories of war in the divided city. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.opendemocracy.net/opensecurity/camillo-...

Boano, C; Chabarek, D., ; (2013) The Ambivalent Nature of Urban Borders: Martyrs' Square in Beirut. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.dpr-barcelona.com/index.php?/projects/e...

Frediani, AA; (2013) What is going on in Brazil? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dpublog/2013/06/23/what-is-...

Lipietz, B; (2013) The Challenges of Urban Planning - Barbara Lipietz. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1isu76NP14

Rigon, A; (2013) Changing indicators to change the world: evidence from the ground. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://cafodpolicy.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/changi... Green open access

Rigon, A; (2013) The convergence debate: more than getting an efficient process. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://cafodpolicy.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/the-co... Green open access


Cabannes, Y; (2013) Innovations in participatory budgeting: planning with social justice in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. University College London, London.

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