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Allen, A; (2011) Sustentabilidad ambiental o sustentabilidad diferencial? La reestructuración neoliberal de la industria pesquera en Mar del Plata, Argentina. Revista de Estudios Marítimos y Sociales , 3 151 - 167.

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BOANO, C; Lund, R; (2011) Disasters, crisis and communication: a literature review. In: Vos, M and Lund, R and Harro-Loit, H and Reich, Z, (eds.) Communication supporting crisis management; contributing to preparedness by authorities/. University of Jyväskylä.: Finland.

BOANO, C; Talocci, G; Wade, A; (2011) The Metropoliz Wall: architectural dispositif and “actually existing urbanisms”. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://www.abitare.it/en/city-urban-design/summer-...

Biel, R; (2011) The Entropy of Capitalism.

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Boano, C, ; (2011) The Metropoliz Wall: the architectural dispositif as (re)calibrating agent. [Digital scholarly resource]. http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/dpublog/2011/11/28/the-metr...

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Chenal, J; Laurent, F; (2011) Planend das Planen lernen – das Beispiel N’Djamena. Collage , 2011 (5) 18 - 20.


Dan-Azumi, J.J.; (2011) Agricultural sustainability of smallholder floodplain agricultural systems: a case study of Fadama areas in North-Central Nigeria. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access

de Souza, ML; Lipietz, B; (2011) The Arab Spring and the city: hopes, contradictions and spatiality. City , 15 (6) 618 - 624.


Frediani, AA; (2011) Markets that work for the ‘poor’? [Digital scholarly resource]. http://developmentplanningunit.wordpress.com/2011/...

Frediani, AA; Fench, MA; Ferrera, IN; (2011) Change by Design: Building Communities Through Participatory Design. Urban Culture Press: Napier, New Zealand. Green open access

Frediani, AA; Walker, J; (2011) Well-being and multiple identities in cities. (DPUNews ). UCL: London.


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Kindiki, M.M.; (2011) Apparel exportism in Kenya: international regimes, chain governance and upgrading. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


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Sanyal, R; (2011) Displaced Borders: Shifting Politics of Squatting in Calcutta. In: Desai, R and Sanyal, R, (eds.) Urbanizing Citizenship: Contested Spaces in Indian Cities. Sage: India.

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Satterthwaite, D; (2011) Editorial: Why is community action needed for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation? ENVIRONMENT AND URBANIZATION , 23 (2) 339 - 349. 10.1177/0956247811420009.

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Satterthwaite, D; (2011) Urban Myths and the Mis-Use of Data that Underpin Them1. In: UNSPECIFIED

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Shawash, J.; (2011) Al-Balad as a place of heritage: problematising the conceptualisation of heritage in the context of Arab Muslim Middle East. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Tovivich, S.; (2011) Architecture for the urban poor, the 'new professionalism' of 'community architects' and the implications for architectural education: reflections on practice from Thailand. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Vlahov, D; Agarwal, SR; Buckley, RM; Caiaffa, WT; Corvalan, CF; Ezeh, AC; Finkelstein, R; (2011) Roundtable on Urban Living Environment Research (RULER). Journal of Urban Health 1 - 65.

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Von Bertrab, EM; (2011) Movilidad urbana en el desarrollo de Guadalajara. In: Solís, HR and Planter, K, (eds.) Jalisco en el Mundo Contemporáneo: Aportaciones para un Enciclopedia de Época. Tomo II: Derecho, Economía y Política. (411 - 421). Universidad de Guadalajara: Guadalajara, México.

Von Bertrab, EM; Díaz Alba, C; Fisher, S; (2011) Grandes presas en México: entre la imposición y la resistencia: la lucha de Temacapulín. Ecología Política (41) 117 - 122.


Walker, JH; (2011) Evaluation Report, International Labour Organization BASIC Project: Gender Equality in the World of Work in Brazil, Angola, South Africa, India and China.

Walls, M; Kibble, S; (2011) Discourse and Intervention in Somaliland: Tensions and successes in the transition from deliberation to representation. In: Somaliland: the way forward. Ponte Invisibile: Pisa, Italy.

Walls, M; Kibble, S; (2011) Somaliland: Change and Continuity - Report by International Election Observers on the June 2010 presidential elections in Somaliland. Progressio: London.

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Walls, M; Kibble, S; (2011) What makes Somaliland's case for recognition so different? Presented at: Yorkshire African Studies Network (YASN): South Sudan and after: rethinking borders and revisiting migration after the referendum, University of Leeds. Green open access

Walls, M.J.; (2011) State formation in Somaliland: bringing deliberation to institutionalism. Doctoral thesis, UCL (University College London). Green open access


Zhang, L-Y; (2011) Foreign Direct Investment and Urban Growth in China. CHINA QUARTERLY (208) 1026 - 1027. 10.1017/S0305741011001160.

Zhang, LY; (2011) Is industrialization still a viable development strategy for developing countries under climate change? CLIM POLICY , 11 (4) 1159 - 1176. 10.1080/14693062.2011.579263.

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